Disabling Achilles Problems Including Bone Spur and Small Tear

by Brian

I've been suffering from Achilles Pains for 12 weeks now, with most of the time on crutches.

I started out with a biking injury in Sept 09', resulting in achilles pain where it attaches to the calf. After some weeks of self-rehab, I began exercise. Mid Nov 09', I woke up with a lot of pain in my achilles (at the heel bone). It got worse and worse, and eventually landed me with the Dr and Physical Therapy, a month later, seemingly doing better I took a turn for the worse.

At this point I wore a boot the Dr gave me (which had no heels lifts). A week or so into the boot and now I'm in extreme pain and my time with crutches start.

I now see a Specialist, who diagnosis (ultrasound) with Heel Spur, Tendonitis and a small Tear in the achilles. I was given a different boot (with lift), but still I would rest for a week, feel better, then walk in the boot for 2-3 days, and pain would return. The pain I suffer is not with movement, but just a building of inflammational type pain eventually to the point that any touch causes pain.

The Dr just wants me to wait longer, but can't understand why I can't walk in the boot. After all this, I decide just to try walking in shoes, and by Superbowl I felt great, walked a ton, figured I'm cured.

But then the pain returns (rubbing on back of shoe?)... anyway now I can't seem to get healthy to walk again, first I feel almost like a small tear on the side of my achilles at the bottom which gets worse with stretching, and now I suffer from what feels like a bad calf pull that started when I tried to walk again.

What am I doing wrong.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Brian.

You didn't leave your email or click the check box for notification. I hope you find this response.

What are you doing wrong?

While it's great you got back to walking etc, here's a concept that you're missing.

The Achilles attaches to connective tissue and muscles of the back of the lower leg.
It's all too short and tight (or there's specific parts that are too tight) and it's putting too much tension on the Achilles attachment.

Since the musculature is too short and tight, it can't do it's job, which is to absorb force. All that force has to go somewhere, and it's safe to say it's going to the non-flexible heel attachment, and it's obviously pulling away from the attachment.

No amount of Rest is going to cure or reverse your issue.

Traditional stretching is no good. It just pulls on it more.

Wearing the boot, and heels, are horrible, because that just shortens the structures. Can take pain away because it shortens and thus removes the tension which causes the pain sensation. But connective tissue shrinkwraps and muscles shrink to match the new shortness.

Walking got you..well...walking again because it fired and lengthened the structures and you body compensated...for a while until it couldn't win the battle anymore, and thus pain is right back.

You HAVE to open up the structures of the back of your lower leg.

Granted I'm biased and think that you should get my Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook. It's got a complete plan and bigger explanation than I'm going to do here.

But basically you have to knock out the inflammation process and open up the tight/short tissue.

Do you know How To Reduce Inflammation?

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Dec 10, 2016
Tendinitis and severe swelling elbow to wrist
by: Anonymous

I went in the hospital for swelling from my elbow to wrist. My hand was perfectly fine. Hours lady when my rings were pulled off, that's when my fingers started swelling. There was no pain in my hand even with the swelling, I just couldn't make a fist due to the swelling, nor did I complain of any pain in my hand.

The dr asked if I could stay overnight to see the hand surgeon because it wasn't normal to have that much swelling even with all my test coming up normal. He said waiting for an an appointment in his office may take a week or so. I agreed. I just wanted to use my hand again.

Next morning a dr comes in and. Tried to move my arm and the pain in my elbow at that point was too much to handle. The tears poured out my eyes. He then said I got your last results. You have fluid in your wrist and elbow. We will remove it and send you home With steroids and you will be fine.

I was relieved, was feeling a lot better once given medicine since I had refused everything because if my test were normal. I kept saying why do you keep trying to give me this strong medicine if everything is normal. I want to be coherent if and when you find out the source.

Well I had surgery. But the doctor cut open my hand as if it were a carpel tunnel surgery. Said he took fluid, test for infection, you name it, he did it. Problem is. He did an unnecessary surgery and later, he kept blaming me. I went to almost 17 plus visits In his office. 2 rounds of physical therapy. Now in P.T. She hooked a tense unit to me and turned it up high and shocked me. She said something was wrong.

Oh did I mention my 3rd and 4th finger doesn't open up. This doctor never spoke to me after surgery either time.

Second surgery had to take place because his nurse took out too many stitches. He said some wasn't well enough to take out. Well she felt a few more were. Infection set in and he said it was something I did. He asked me. Why didn't your surgery work??? Today I can't use my dominant hand and if I could show you what it looks like. You would be shocked.

I was told I could have gone to get a second option before this surgery took place. Now he has diagnosed me with tendinitis. It's sad when a dr mess up and other doctors tell you they did and why aren't you trying to see help.

Will a dr really side against another doctor? I figured not unless it's their friends or family.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Doctors tend to stick together like judges in the legal system stick together.

That you were blamed for an unnecessary and unfounded surgery not working, and resulting infection, is kind of just par for the course.

You could fight it....but it's likely to be a fight.

1. What is your Vitamin D level?

2. Do you have swelling anywhere else?

3. History of fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Cipro, Levaquin, or anything ending in 'floxacin'?

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