Had carpal tunnel surgery and still have pain in my hands.

by Tosha Jones
(Hilbert, Wi)

I had carpel tunnel surgery on both of my hands sept 2009 and after that my hand have not been better. I am in pain with my fingers, hand and wrist. I lift things and they fall out of my hands and making my hands in pain. I also can not pull things with out massive pain in my hands.

I worked for a company that we did a lot of repetitive motion and after the surgery had lost my job due to being on restriction for my hands.

I have been to the Arthritis person and did the emg 2 and blood work. Now I can not work due to the 5lbs no repetitive motion indefinitely.

I also am on medication for the pain in my hands. The Dr says that i have to go back to my surgeon to refer me to a hand specialist. This means more money out of my pocket.

I feel that it is still work related due that i had the surgery and still was pain. They say that it is a separate issue.

I just want to work and be able to use my hands like I used too. I even have a hard time with doing dishes. I have to start and stop. Every thing that I do involves
using my hands.

This is not fair. I have to see pain management every 3 months and that comes out of my pocket.

It seems that nobody knows what is wrong with my hands and they just want to put you on drugs and not find the problem.

I totally agree with you.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Tosha.

Well. That sucks.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis can be bad enough, and then the sharp objects of surgery get plowing around in there....it can get worse.

As you've experienced.


What are you doing other than pain medication, self-care wise, to decrease symptoms?

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Had carpal tunnel surgery and still have pain in my hands.

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Mar 30, 2019
Pain pain Pain
by: Sharon

Hello I'm Sharon , I have CT in both hands, surgery done on left already, this pain is horrible, all I do is cry, gabapentin does not help,afraid to get right hand done, I feel like a dam ginni 🐖,

Sep 08, 2018
Open carpal tunnel surgery good Initially then Bad
by: Charles

I underwent open carpal tunnel surgery 6 months ago.

At 3 months I was doing pretty well. Most of numbness was gone and I had nearly normal strength in my hand.

However, the heel of my hand was sensitive to pressure, and I could feel a thickening below the skin in that area (scar tissue, I guess).

About 1 month ago I started to experience numbness in the LATERAL portion of my hand. I'm aware that this region is ennervated by the ulnar nerve and shouldn't be affected by carpal tunnel surgery. The numbness is now there all the time (24/7), and my ring and little fingers have lost significant strength. They are VERY weak.

Even more depressing is the fact that my other fingers have also become significantly weaker. My entire hand has become a lot weaker. When I use my hand to any extent, I also feel pain in the distal portion of my forearm, near my wrist. I'm very discouraged with the present situation.

I play a brass instrument in a community band, and I'm losing the ability to depress the valves with my right hand. I'm very worried that the situation is going to get even worse.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Charles.

Well, once one is at that stage of the game, 'get worse' is very common.

The good news is, even though things might seem/feel drastically bad, the mechanism is pretty simple.

A. the ecology of the entire lower arm is the area of 'the problem'.

B. There are three main factors involved: too tight muscle and connective tissue, chronic inflammation process, and nutritional insufficiency.

Reverse those factors, things get better (work better, less compression of the nerve, more healthy/functional nervous system and more functional muscles and thus less weakness/return of normal strength and agility, etc.

Probably I'd get The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works program. It deals with the entire lower arm (so elbow end and wrist end will benefit), and shows you how to help the carpal area itself, and how to deal with compression at the neck if there is any).

Let me know if you have any questions.

May 04, 2018
Shoulder Tendonitis
by: DaNielle

It's me again. I found out that I have one shoulder lower than the other one. I believe this is causing the problems in my shoulders.

I have one leg longer than the other one in which I believe that is making my shoulders uneven. I still need to talk to the doctor about this. I tried once before, but he wasn't listening to me.

It was the chiropactor that noticed my shoulders not being even.

I didn't even notice it until he pointed it out. My hair hides a lot of it. When I mentioned to the orthopedist about the chiropractor notice my shoulders....... It's like he didn't hear anything after I said chiropractor. Or he was just too busy to listen to what I had to say. I'm trying to get referred to another orthopedist.

But anyways, will your techniques in your book help me with uneven shoulders?


Joshua Comments:

Hi DaNielle.

The Reversing Shoulder Tendonitis program isn't designed to help with the uneven shoulder thing.

Having said that:

1. Uneven shoulders, and 'long leg'/'short leg' are due to hip alignment and/or spinal curve/alignment issues.

Almost nobody actually has a leg bone shorter than the other leg, it's just 'up higher' because of what's happening at the pelvis.

If the spine is curved (which usually goes along with a high/low pelvis) then the shoulders aren't going to be the same height.

Hopefully the chiropractor can/will help with that. A really good PT could help. A really good massage therapist could help (if they know how).

Orthopedists -SHOULD- know how to fix that, but...well......

May 03, 2018
Feels like broken glass inside my hand
by: Manuela

I had carpal tunnel release on both hands. The right hand was done one month ago and the left six weeks before that. Now it feels like there is broken glass in the area where the nerve has been cut. Hopefully that pain will subside in time.

The good part is that I don't have the tingling or other symptoms that I had prior to the surgeries.

Apr 17, 2018
They finally figured it out
by: DaNielle

Hi Joshua,

It me again. They finally figured out what is wrong with me. I have tendinopathy in both of my shoulders.

I didn't feel pain in my shoulders until later when I tried to keep working. They have been making cracking sounds for years, but it didn't hurt, but now they hurt really bad. My shoulders hurt all the time now and the more I do the more they hurt and the weaker I get. The orthopedist said surgery will not fix it, it will get better on it's own. It's been almost a year and a half now and still not better.

I now have loss my job of 25 years, cannot work, and losing everything I worked hard for. If I would of known it was going to end like this I wouldn't have worked so hard. This all started with the overtime. Slowly,got worst and worst over the years and of course L&I denied it and the L&I doctors said nothing is wrong with me and I can work, and I can't. I can't write or type for long periods of time. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, driving, showers, etc. It all makes my pain worst. The more I do the more it hurts. All the way from my shoulders down my arms and into my hands.

I have to pick and chose what little thing I can do for the day.

People look at me like I'm fine because they can't see the pain I am feeling and family is saying stuff like you just need to work thru it. I did that for years and now my body is worst to where it can't do it any longer. The pain is way more than it was before, and it is not going away. The more I do the worst it gets. I am really hating my life right now.


Joshua Comments:

Hi DaNielle.

Sooo....they 'figured' out that you have tendinopathy in your shoulders?

What does that mean? How does that help you?

And why in the world does the doctor(s) think that it's just going to go away on it's own?

Anyway, those were rhetorical questions...in no way did they figure out what was wrong with you, they just gave you a diagnosis and sent you on your way.

"is saying stuff like you just need to work thru it."

The problem with that (aside from all the obvious problems with that) is that you literally can't 'work thru it'.

Your body isn't working correctly. Making it work harder isn't going to fix the problem.

Nor is Rest Rest doesn't fix the tendonitis dynamic.

Which is most likely what you have. A tendonitis dynamic: too tight muscle and connective tissue, inflammation process, and nutritional lack.

What do you do about that? You get and start working with the Reversing Shoulder Tendonitis program.

You might have other things going on too, but the above three factors are DEFINITELY in play, and life will get better when you dial them down so your body can start working correctly again (right now, it sounds like you're stuck in a downward spiral, and the body can't fix itself).

Apr 15, 2018
Carpal Tunnel Surgery Nightmare
by: David A.

To make a long story short 6 months ago I had surgery CTS and 4 trigger finger releases (all but pinky). Diabetes for 32 years hypothyroidism for 5 years.

All procedures at the same time.

3 weeks after the surgery I started feeling nerve pain like crazy. Hasn't gone away can't work and have to apply for disability which really sucks cause I love my job. I have major hand tremors and mind you this is my dominant hand.

My left hand needs the same procedures but all fingers need releases, but too afraid to do the surgeries. Gabapentin don't work or lyrica, medrol shot didn't help either so no relief. Sorry guys can't type anymore pain kicking in. THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE!!! Thanks to all for reading my story. David A

Jul 21, 2017
Carpal Tunnel Release success: for 2 years till shoveling snow
by: Mallory

Pre op I had right hand numbness, severe pain, and lived in a brace. I'd had this for approximately 8 years and finally had the release surgery in 2015. All was well until last winter (2016-2017).

We had record snowfall and I was shoveling huge amounts of snow daily; sometimes multiple times. Since then (7 months now) my wrist has had TERRIBLE pain, from the pinky side to the elbow. My grip strength is decreased and any activity aggravates it. I'm back to sleeping in a brace because it aches so badly.

I am thinking about going back to the orthopedic surgeon, but wanted to know if there were any other options. Has anyone had a similar issue? Any tips would be appreciated!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mallory.

What are you thinking that the surgeon is going to be able to do?

Feb 02, 2017
Had CTS surgery 4 years ago still have pain.
by: DaNielle

I had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands 4 years ago. I still have pain in my wrists, but all my test say that they don't see anything wrong.

I have limited my normal activities which includes every normal kind of life things.

I used to do my yard work, but now I pay a person to do it.

If I had enough money to pay someone to clean my house I would.

I have been watching how much I do so I can still work (accountant on computer all day.

Now my wrists are getting really bad again. I am not able to work because of the pain right now.

MRI done on neck. No pinched nerve. Just had EMG today everything good. I wake up in the morning with no pain. As I go thru my day my pain gets worst depending on what I do.

Even on pain pills I am still hurting. I hurt the most with smaller objects. My the end of a work day I can not write with a pen it hurts too much. I can not floss my teeth. I can't puck my eyebrows. I can't cook dinner. Driving hurts really bad. I am getting as weak as a 9 year old. I can't open jars. At times I can't open a pull tab can of soup and I try very hard to try to do it.

Why are they not finding anything? God I need help. They are looking at me like I'm crazy. The neurologist said she didn't see anything that would cause increasing pain through out the day.

Ok, then why is this happening. It doesn't make sense. I don't know she said. Arthritis? They already tested me for that. I just started crying my eyes out right there. I couldn't help it. If they dont figure out what is causing my pain, they cannot fix it. I have been working at my job for 24 years. I like my job. I want to retire from there. I like my paycheck. I am the only income in my household. This has to get figured out and fast and from past experiences I know it won't go fast and I'm scared they are not going to figure it out again. I'm scared. I am going to lose everything I worked hard for.

Can anyone help me?


Joshua Comments:

Hi DaNielle.

"Why are they not finding anything?"

Because they don't know what to look for.

Because they don't understand the cause of the pain and other symptoms.

Because they have a very limited tool box, and it's full of the wrong tools.

Because they were taught a certain way, so they think a certain way, and that way doesn't include figuring out how to help you nor to understand what the cause of the problem is.

"Ok, then why is this happening."

(Presuming that they didn't nick the nerve during surgery) this is happening because of the Tendonitis Dynamic.

The Tendonitis dynamic consists of multiple factors all working together to cause pain and problem including carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

And the Downward Spiral of increasing pain and tightness and problem progresses.

CTS is one flavor of the tendonitis dynamic...all those factors working together in a certain way with your certain body to cause symptoms that doctors labeled as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Probably the prescribed you rest and anti-inflammatories etc, and when that failed, surgery.

Unfortunately, surgery ignores all the actual causes of the symptoms. And can and does make those symptoms worse for a variety of reasons.

If there was no damage to the nerve during surgery, you should be able to recover 80% to 100%, but you're going to have to do the right things, and enough of the right things, to push your body mechanism(s) back towards a happy direction.

I suggest that you get and start working with my The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works program (DVD and Ebook combination).

It contains what you need to do to decrease pain and restore function. And there is no 'tip' or 'trick' that is going to help you like you need, you would be best served by a complete plan.

Dec 03, 2016
Hi Tosha
by: Amy

I have been having the same problem as you!

My surgeries on both hands have been almost a year now and my right hand is starting to hurt again with same symptoms of CT.

I can not grip onto anything for a long period of time without it hurting. I just got finished painting a room and it's killing me now.

I also see a pain specialist and I agree with you. Instead of fixing the problem they'd rather put you on drugs.

Apr 21, 2016
7 days post carpal tunnel surgery
by: Sanoba

I fell at work and the fall triggered carpel tunnel.

I have been off for months and just had cts seven days ago. My arm is still really sore I can barely pull my own pants up and do my hair.

The pain and numbness seems to be worse.lots of bruising and I keep getting what fells like shocks in my thumb.

I am not a happy camper.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sanoba.

I'm sorry to hear that.

How exactly did the fall cause carpal tunnel syndrome? What exactly did the surgery do?

Did they test to see if the carpal tunnel symptoms were coming from the wrist or from up at the neck?

Sep 27, 2015
I am in the same boat
by: Anonymous

I had both hands done plus a thumb release. It has taken care of the numbness but not the pain.

If I dust then my hands will ache the rest of the night. They are so weak that pealing potatoes is hard to do.

I can't flatten them out when putting weight on them. Like when I have to get something out of the bottom cabinet. I have to use them like a monkey. I use my knuckles instead of palms.

There is no way I can play a game on the computer.

I have had shots in my thumb which help for a little while. I have tried Icy Hot, hot packs and cold packs. I have also tried wraps but after a while they don't work.

Dec 11, 2013
Pain after Carpal Tunnel surgery
by: Tommy from NY

Being a Ford Mechanic and not wanting to stay out of work any longer then possible, I had both hands done at the same time. NOW months later I get these shooting pains in my hands. I did find the relief. Aspercreame. Yup! Aspercreame work almost instantly. I just want to know what is the pain from.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tommy.

The pain, unltimately, is from the Pain Causing Dynamic (which surgery made worse, if anything).

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