I have foot tendonitis and have to wear a boot for support

by melissa
(framingham mass )

I found out I have tendonitis in my right heel and foot.

I have to wear a boot for a week is the boot for ankle tendonitis the right thing for tendonitis or is it hurting it more should I just ace bandage it and keep on going with daily activities.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Melissa.

A boot for a week probably isn't a bad thing. The boot doesn't heal tendonitis, but if you have a minor problem removing ongoing irritation might help settle things down for a while.

I need to know a little more to better understand what you have going on.

1. How bad is your foot tendonitis?

2. Is it more the foot, or more the ankle?

3. Describe the pain, and where it's located.

4. How long has this been going on?

5. What activities do you regularly do on your feet?

6. Is there noticeable Inflammation or swelling?

Answer my questions about your Tendonitis and I'll be better able to answer yours.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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