I still have foot pain 2 years after my Plantar Fasciotomy

by Miranda

Hello Everyone.

I still have foot pain two years after my Plantar Fasciitis surgery.

I don't have any complaints about the surgery itself. I didn't like it or anything, but all things considered it wasn't so bad.

After the surgery though I have a lot of complaint. I had a full two months of limping around with pain, even on the painkillers and anti-inflammatory prescriptions.

And ever since then, I've had my original foot pain *plus* new and worse pain in my foot. Some days are better than others but overall I wish that I had never gotten the surgery. They said it would help but it obviously hasn't.

I thought a Plantar Fasciotomy was supposed to be a simple get in there and cut something, but it feels like the surgeon took a cheese grater to the inside of my foot.

Plus now I have a kind of limp, and my hip and back are starting to hurt from it.

I'm 58 and as I write this I notice that I have given up on my foot ever healing. My doctor wants to do another surgery but there's no way I'm letting anyone do that again.

I'm not going to tell anyone not to get Plantar Fasciitis surgery, but I sure wouldn't if I knew then what I know now.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Miranda.

Unfortunately, Plantar Fasciitis Surgery isn't the miracle cure that we think it is.

And two months of limping around is
entirely common. You just got stabbed in the foot, at best!

Surgery cuts and damages the human body. It makes unhappy tissue even unhappier.

And when it cuts the supporting structures that support the mobile bony arch of the foot...things can go bad.

Especially when one takes into account that most of the cause of foot pain comes from issues in the lower leg.

Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms can get worse because all the causes of the symptoms were in no way fixed or helped by surgery.

Tendonitis can show up anywhere, with predictable progression and symptomology...and causes.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

Surgery does not fix nutritional insufficiency, or help an inflammation process.

Some people do feel better after they recover, true. But that doesn't change the basics of the situation.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for I still have foot pain 2 years after my Plantar Fasciotomy

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Jun 28, 2021
by: Anonymous

I had the Tenex procedure done a little over three weeks ago and am in SO much more pain than before. The pain was in my arch for two years and now my heel feels like it’s tearing with every step. Doc is baffled. Hopefully it will heal but as of now I wish I had never done this....

Jun 19, 2021
by: Anonymous

I had the Tenex procedure done almost 3 weeks ago and even though that is thought to be a short period in recovery time - the pain is SO MUCH WORSE than before the procedure. My original plantar pain was in my arch and now my heel tendon feels like it has detached from my bone. I can’t walk and I cry almost every time I try to stand and walk. I wish I had never done this....... there is a lot of "paid" information about this procedure out there and very little actual reviews or testimonies. Beware.

Feb 26, 2020
by: RCT


Sep 18, 2019
I wished I would have said NO to surgery.
by: Anonymous

I am 59 years old and also had plantar fasciotomy surgery two years ago after a last resort after doing everything that the doctor suggested that I do for the pain in my foot ,nothing has worked, I have been to PT you name it I have done it. But nothing has helped. If I had my time to go over I would have never had the surgery.

Aug 10, 2018
Still suffering after TENEX procedure
by: Lashondra

Hello I have Chronic Plantar Fasciitis and I deny through therapy, steroid injections, therapy, you name it. I’m a Medical Assistant and had to stop working due to my feet swelling, could barely hold myself up to walk. I’m 43 weighing 148 lbs.

My Dr. performed the Tenex on my right foot first, due to the MRI showed it was worse. I just had my procedure 7/13/18 and I was hoping this would be better to go back to work, unfortunately my feet are still the same with more pain to me. I have burning, tingling and this sharp pain as if someone is sticking me with sharp pins or something.

Very painful and still I cannot be on my feet no longer than 20 minutes. Now I lost my job due to my short-term ran out & I have to seek insurance I can afford to see what else can be done so I’m just jobless and still suffering with pain in both feet.

Nov 28, 2017
8 months s/p plantar faciotomy
by: Anonymous

I received injections in both feet at the medial aspect of my heels. Of course, when I had the surgery, I had a block in the medial aspect of right foot and had had a steroidal injection in right pre surgery, about 4 weeks prior.

I don't know why I feel this. I'm trying to r/o all I can think of.

My first guess would be what I originally wrote, that with the fasciotomy (unguided), I now have suffered from instability due to release of too much fascia.

I'm getting very tired of this! I am very social in my husband's and my circle and need to wear shoes that will match my beautiful outfits, if you get my drift? I don't know if this will ever happen! It's quite disheartening.


Nov 27, 2017
8 months s/p plantar faciotomy
by: Judith

I had e stim, ice, elastic therapy band exercise , using toes to pick up marbles, wall stretching, balancing, and rocker stretching. Insurance went only so long. Along the way with PT, I began with the arch pain. They knew it as I reported it to doctor and PT.

At this point, I've determined a specific area in the middle of my foot just to left of ball of right foot, where I massage it with Topricin,I get good relief.

I'm wondering if there may be some nerve entrapment and when I perform this massage it releases. At any rate, it does feel somewhat better.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Judith.

Why do you think there might be nerve entrapment? (Is that the side you got the shot in that had nerve issue afterwards? If so, please describe.)

Nov 25, 2017
Plantar fasciotomy with beaver blade
by: Judith H

Had recalcitrant PF. Doctor decided to do fasciotomy in office.

Had PT T/F for several months until insurance ended.

It's now been 8 months and I continue with arch pain and pins and needles in that foot. I feel too much fascia may have been released creating instability in the medial longitudinal arch.

Don't know if things will ever remedy themselves. I wear the best shoes available and continue with some of the PT exercises, but it remains the same. I've spent money on creams, oils, tens unit, etc.

Other foot had PF, but I wouldn't opt for surgery. Had cortisone injection given on the medial aspect of the foot.

I've had nerve involvement from that ever since. That, however, is improving. I think!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Judith.

"I feel too much fascia may have been released creating instability"

No matter how much plantar fascia gets cut, instability is what results.

It's a major support of the mobile arch of the foot. I'm not sure why doctors think severing it is a good idea.

But you're where you're at now. SO let's deal with that.

What did they do in PT?

Do you have pain in general, or just when you have weight on your feet?

Jul 10, 2017
Help! post foot surgery and pain went from 7-8 to mild
by: Anonymous

So I'm seeing a lot of your comments for pain after surgery along the lines of "surgery didn't help because you didn't fix the actual cause of the pain". So my question is - what is the actual cause of the pain and how would one go about fixing it?

I just had surgery a few weeks ago after months of trying everything - anti-inflammatories, stretching, braces, insoles, phyiscal therapy, cortisone injection, etc. For the first time in a long time I have had very mild pain (my recovery so far is going great).

I have always had a very high pain tolerance, so for me to say that I was consistently at a 7-8 out of 10 on the pain scale was HUGE. I'm really concerned now after reading all of this that the pain will come back and be worse than ever.

Please help.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

The good news is, is that there is no rule that the pain will come back/come back worse than ever. (That's just a lot of the people that end up on this site/in this conversation.)

But it's great you're asking the question.

Surgery ignores the causes of the 'need' for surgery. Pain doesn't just show up out of the blue for no reason.

The 'too tight' fascia your surgeon (presumably) severed didn't just get tight by magic, nor for no reason.

What caused your pain etc?
- too tight muscle and connective tissue in teh lower leg (and foot)
- chronic inflammation
- nutritional lack

Those three factors combine to cause:
- pain
- decreased ability to function
- more inflammation
- less available nutrition required for the body to work correctly

That's good your recovery has decreased your pain from a 7-8 to a 'mild pain'.

But I'm guessing that your prescribed self care has been very minimal (rest and anti-inflammatories).

And, the factors that caused the pain that led you to surgery are still in place. Surgery obviously causes change, and the can work out well, or ok, or not well, depending.

I suggest my Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works program. It's effective pre-surgery, and can be VERY helpful (and effective) post surgery and for a better/faster recovery.

And I suggest that because a tip or trick isn't likely to get you the results you're looking for. There's multiple factors to address, and you need to effectively address each of them.

Otherwise it's just like the things you tried pre-surgery....less than what's required.

Jul 07, 2017
3 years after surgery
by: E.

I had plantar, heel spur and Achilles done at one time.

He also removed a tumor from my ankle. This was all done on my right foot.

It's been 3yrs and I still cannot wear any of my shoes or shoes I've newly bought in a larger size.

My foot still has pain. Especially the heel. It feels like it's artificial but painful.

Why is it taking so long? Will it ever get better?

I still need to have the other foot done but I wish I hadn't gotten this one done.


Joshua Comments:

Hi E.

1. What kind of tumor?

2. Define 'feels artificial but painful'?

3. You may want to get a handle on why the first one is still hurting 3 years later before doing similar surgery on the other foot.....

Jun 03, 2017
Ongoing Pain After stepping on foot after plantar fasia release
by: Angela T

I had planters fasciitis release & a nerve release 3 weeks ago.

The pain in the bottom middle of my foot. It's unbearable. It is constant. Now it's starting to tighten. I have tried ice, elevation but nothing helps.

My surgeon says it's from where he cut the fascia.

But why is it getting worse & not better. Also I have numbness in my heel, the right side of my foot & my two left toes. I can't stretch them out to the side & the area that's numb is also super sensitive, if that makes any sense.

I fear I might be one of the ones that's experiencing the bad & the ugly of this surgery.

My incision is on the inside of my right foot & I still have staples in. I know that he extended the time frame on removing the staples because I had some tearing where I placed my foot down the day after surgery to prevent a fall.

It was a knee jerk reaction to place that foot on the ground & not fall face first into a marble counter.

I'm super worried things are not working out & I almost wish I didn't have this surgery. Feeling disappointed 😔


Joshua Comments:

Hi Angela.

"My surgeon says it's from where he cut the fascia. "

Well yeah. And all the cutting around the nerve 'release'. That's major trauma to the body.

"But why is it getting worse & not better."

Because you're:

- only 3 weeks out from major trauma to a weight bearing structure that moves in multiple ways.

- because you have raging inflammation

- because you have pain, that is telling the brain there is an injury, which is responding by turning up the inflammation process (more pain, etc).

- because you stepped on your freshly post surgery foot and had more tearing and a spike in the inflammation process.

- probably because you're short on various nutrition that would be helping your body deal with the trauma/pain/stress/injury/recovery.

"Also I have numbness in my heel, the right side of my foot & my two left toes."

That's not good. Let's hope it's because the tissue is super inflamed and thus swelling internally and compressing the nerve, or even that the nerve is bruised from the trauma of the injury, instead of that the nerve was cut or damaged during the release procedure.

"I had some tearing where I placed my foot down the day after surgery to prevent a fall."

That is/could be very problematic. If nothing else, more tissue tore (so more trauma mechanism results).

You basically freshly injured an already fresh injury.

"Feeling disappointed"


'Buyer's remorse' is an entirely different animal than 'surgery remorse'. You can take a car back, but can't take a surgery back...

You're only 3 weeks out. It's WAY to premature to be having opinions about the success or failure of the procedure, especially after the extra step you took.

Along those lines: What self care are you doing to improve your recovery?

Feb 09, 2017
Lateral Pain 1 year post plantar fascia release
by: Chris B.

I am a 47 y/o male. I work out regularly, but sit at a desk all day otherwise. I had partial release of the plantar fascia 10 months ago on my right foot. Recovery was normal (as it was describe to me before hand).

There was a point about 4-7 months post-op that I was completely satisfied and pain free for the first time in over 10 years.

At about 7 months I developed pain on the top/outside of my foot that has persisted to now. The pain is hard to locate - it feels like inflammation or bruising, but there has never been any visible swelling or discoloration. The pain is generally located on the top of my foot around the knuckle or just proximal to the knuckle of the 4th or 5th digit. Like the original plantar fasciitis, it occurs most often in the morning or after sitting for prolonged periods and then dissipates after several steps with normal use. It is a dull pain, unlike the sharp stabbing pain of the PF.

I don't walk or run anymore, but it does seem to be exacerbated sometimes by changing fitness routine (e.g. moving from the elliptical to the rower the previous day. I use elliptical, rower or bike regularly, but usually get in a routine with one for several weeks and then switch). However, the pain is daily even without a change in routine.

I can cause pain while sitting by pointing my toes, or flexing my ankle outward. Pulling toes toward the shin or flexing inward does not cause pain. When I walk after sitting the pain occurs as I roll up onto the ball of the foot and then it feels like it is not just in the one spot, but moves a little down the 5th digit. I did get an x-ray when I saw my PCM because I thought it might be a stress fracture, but he said the x-ray was clear.

I wore hard orthotic inserts for 10 years but quit when my PF felt better after surgery. I also have small wide feet- size 7.5 EEEE. I am almost certain the pain is caused by change in the mechanics of my foot. But I don't know what to do about it. I would have seen the Podiatrist who performed the surgery a couple of months ago, but I have moved since. I've finally seen my new PCM and gotten a consult to a new Podiatrist.

Curious if this is a common situation and hoping the remedy will come with time.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Chris.

Yes, it's common.

Yes, it's common to to have surgery, gets some amount of better, and then have pain/problem return.

It's common, because surgery ignores all the actual causes of the pain/problem.

You've noticed it hurts when you first stand up/move and then dissipates. Before you stand up, move your toes and ankle around, working the structures and getting them 'warmed up', to loosen up the tightness that happened while off your feet.

Which points to tightness mechanism in general. The tighter a muscle is, the less work it can perform and the less force it absorbs (and that force has to go somewhere) thus 'bad things' progress.

Remedy may come with time (here's hoping) but in my experience, people that are hoping that time will take care of it eventually realize years later that it didn't.

I'd get to work on it.

See Related: Plantar Fasciotomy At Age 34 Still Have Pain 5 Weeks After

Feb 05, 2017
Foot pain after plantar surgery told might have to live with it
by: Anonymous

I had the operation for plantar problem but I was told it may may not work and may have to learn to live with it which I am. There is no magical cure for it but trying to wear the right shoes and supports might help and I been to pain management.


Joshua Comments:

That's true, there is no magical cure for it (especially after surgeons sever a major structural support in your foot).

But plantar problems are caused by certain factors (factors that surgery ignores [but can make worse]), and those factors are reversible.

Feb 04, 2017
Concerned about progress post partial plantar release
by: Anika

After suffering 3yrs I had Tenex on left foot. My foot became worse and after 6m of debilitating pain I had a partial release on 12/22 of 2016.

It's been 4 weeks, I was non weight bearing in a splint cast for 2 weeks. Then 1 more week on crutches and in a boot.

Now I am in shoes with insoles and every step is painful. After standing or walking 20 minutes the pain is unbearable.

My entire foot hurts when walking or standing and it's weak. My original foot problems started with an ankle sprain 3y ago.

Also had exploratory surgery on ankle at the same time and have swelling when bearing weight in ankle. I am supposed to return to work next week but I can barely walk.

I see my doctor next week and I am very concerned about my progress.

Sep 27, 2016
Can plantar faciatis come back after surgery?
by: Carol

I had so much pain in the heel of my foot I couldn't walk in the morning. After trying everything I had surgery.

A year later the other foot.

Now 3 years later I'm getting sharp pain in the arches of my feet which I never had??

I'm hoping I don't need surgery again and out of fear putting off calling the Dr!! Ugh.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Carol.

Yes, plantar fasciitis absolutely can come back after plantar fasciitis surgery.

And realistically, the factors causing the symptoms never actually went away.

1. If the first surgery didn't work (or only worked for 3 years), why would you 'need' another surgery?

Would the next one fix the problem for good? Or just get you another 1-3 years (after all the recovery time)?

2. Did you have a plantar release surgery? In which case, you've greatly altered the structural support system/integrity of the arch of your foot, so it's not particularly surprising for such a 'new' pain to show up down the line.

3. If you do get surgery, ask the doctor exactly what s/he is going to cut on and how exactly that will fix the problem.

See the Quiz Your Doctor link/page in this thread.

Jun 22, 2016
Linda's Plantar Fasciitis Surgery and recovery story
by: Linda


Job standing or walking all the time. Developed pain on bottom of both feet.

I would cry from pain before I got to work & when I could take off shoes.

Soaked feet in various solutions.

Found great doctor & bad news. I'd developed Morton's neuromas and Plantar Fasciitis. Surgery required.

I'm terrified of anesthesia.

However the staff knew what they were doing & it went well.

I discovered another neuroma growing about a month later & had it removed also. That was 9 yrs ago. PF apparently grew tight again. (You need to review original problems & solution at this point)

ONLY THIS TIME.....when I first wake up in AM or middle of night, I cannot walk for about first 18 to 20 steps. Pain is unbelievable! I grab hold of the dresser edge then door knobs (lose balance at least once)pantry doors & knobs - anything that will help me get to bathroom on time.

For next hour I 'walk' like I'm wearing braces on legs from knee down. Finally after hour or so I become 'normal' again.

I am retired now & have appt with a new doc in 6 days, 22 hrs & a few minutes. If any of this sounds like you, make appt with a good podiatrist today!

I'll hope when I write next time I will only feel embarrassed & stupid that I made such a big deal out of it all.

I hope that's how I feel.......linda


Joshua Comments:

Hi Linda.

Here are some questions that might be useful to ask: Quiz Your Doctor

Keep us updated!

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Jun 07, 2016
Pain,Pain, Go Away!!!!!
by: Beverly H.

I had Plantar Fascitis surgery in November of 2015. I am in more pain now than I was before.

Most days I can't get right of bed, I have to sit on the edge of the bed before I can get up and when I do my feet hurts real bad.

I for one wish I never had this surgery really taught I would feel better.

I find myself getting very depressed at times when I wanna do things and I am limited as to how much I can do cause my feet won't let me stand to long.

To make a long story short I am one unhappy camper. My life has not been the same. So, if anyone out there is thinking about it don't do it.

May 24, 2016
My nightmare after foot surgery
by: Nay Smith

For the pass 8yrs I've been suffering with both my feet.

I had inserts after inserts, arch support after arch support which neither of those help not one bit.

Finally in May of 2014 I had a minor procedure done called Extracorporeal which last for about 6 mths and then here comes the foot again.

Finally my doctor decided that I should do the surgery since everything I tried has failed.

Had the surgery October of 2015, everything went well and recovery went fine as well. Now for the worst part.

Here I am 8mths later and in the worst pain you can every imagine...no relief what so ever...pain killers and muscle relaxer don't even work.

The pain has now moved from my arch to the heel of both my feet, my big toe goes numb now and worst of all my feet constantly feel has if they are on fire. I tried soaking my feet in hot water with epsom salt ( that doesn't work), tried rolling my feet on a ball, a cold bottle even tried a hand held massager and no relief. Honestly if i knew i was going to be hurting worst after the surgery I wouldn't have done it. I am now back on crutches.

I wouldn't recommend the surgery to anyone. Two of my family members are having the same issue with their feet and seeing what I'm going through they turned down the surgery.

My suggestion for any looking to do the surgery ask your doctor about the shock theraphy it works you just have to do it every 6mths until your good to go.

Apr 18, 2016
plaese help
by: please help

I have had planter fasheits for four years and was told to get surgery or quit my job

This is the only work i care to do before I retirement in SEVEN more years.

Guess what I had surgery and my life has never been the same with pain ever sense the surgery not just in my left foot but in both foot, legs , hips and back,neck and my legs and feet are full of water/maybe edema I hate I had surgery.


Joshua Comments:

Hi PH.

Say more about all that? Where all do you have swelling? How much swelling? Only since the surgery?

Oct 18, 2015
Joshua replies to Kim
by: Joshua

Joshua Comments:

Hi Kim.

No worries about the 'crazy rant'.

And my condolences....for having had the all too common experience of dealing with the medical industry.

At least they didn't remove your gall bladder just to 'see if that helps'. (It happens surprisingly often.)

Cancer....very frustrating. More frustrating (and extra sad) when you discover/know that:
A. high dose vitamin c is shown by research to be very effective at killing cancer/tumors.

B. Medicinal marijuana is research proven to be very effective and killing cancer.

C. Adequate levels of Vitamin D reduces the instance of breast cancer by 85% and the category 'all forms of cancer' by 33%. It' super important for the immune system.

D.Chemotherapy is highly toxic and causes cancer.

E. Surgery for cancer as a general rule spreads the cancer cells (stem cells) out through the body, which makes biopsies very dangerous.

1. Personally, I wouldn't get (a major surgery in your case) surgery until you get your body stronger/healthier and thus better able to withstand the stress of surgery/recovery/etc.

2. If you're not gluten free, you should seriously consider going 100% gluten free.

That's my nice way of screaming 'stop eating gluten!'

And cut out processed foods, and most of the sugar.

Many of the symptoms you just describe are directly and indirectly attributed to the inflammatory effects of gluten (and the pesticides used on wheat).

3. All that anxiety and other stress results in magnesium depletion. The less magnesium in your body, the more stressful things seem.

(The various flavors) of anxiety can be/are symptoms of magnesium insufficiency/deficiency.

Having kids takes out a ton of nutrition from your body, plus the lack of sleep and other stressors involved.

I'm guessing the IVF treatments (and the drugs used) have stressful side effects on the body.

Major emotional trauma as a child, you've probably gone a lifetime short on magnesium.

Oct 16, 2015
my talon :)
by: Kim g


i am starting to be very concerned that there is a reason undiagnosed for alot of my different symptoms. thanks for the confirmation about xrays being more for bones and mri more for soft tissue.

now a new problem, first off i should say that after going throug IVF in 2008 resulting in my beautiful daughter Olivia who will be 6 on 10/30, i must add that we had 2 more failed cycles afterward over the next 2 yrs before we gave up due to numerous health issues i just suddenly started suffering. they are as follows,

fibromyalgia (the go to for "i dont know wth you got"), plantars faciitis, restless leg syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, neuropathy in my legs and feet,

other illnesses i knew i had or again "the best guess is....." that is how most of my diagnosis' go and believe me i am the type that if the diagnosis seems like a flippant decision by a dr i run the other way.
costochondritis in the right upper ribs

my bood shows an RA factor yet no explanation oh wait "must be sjogrens" because my eyes were dry during allergy season,

endometriosis, which now after knowing that when my son was born 26 yrs ago, something was just not right, felt like my parts werent right, get a laparoscopy and the diagnosis "it def looks like endometriosis" here take this injection monthly for 6 months called lupron depot, oh wait it increases your risk of osteoarthritis, also puts you thru quasi menopause for up to a year, DUDE!!! I WAS 20 yrs old with EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM!!! ok here is the kicker....about 6 wks ago i could not empty my bladder, i see my gyno he says umm you have to see a urogynocollagist, (who knew they even existed) well turns out i have a cystocele or better known as the uterus, bladder and vagina are all prolapsed, FOR 26 yrs! how does this happen? how do i have the same gyno for 20 yrs and he does not notice, i knew something was not right but the prolapse was not bad enough to where it was visible outside, sorry i know TMI, but you seem like a smart guy and maybe you have some advice. anyway i am waiting for the call to make a surgery appt for full hysterectomy and bladder sling, which i was told weds by the dr that with my low immune system healing can be a major problem. this issue i am so tempted to talk to a lawyer, ivf 3 TIMES! my ivf dr has seen my lady parts more than my husband ugh!! it gets better (sarcasm) after seeing the dr which by that time swelling went down and i could empty my bladder, well on a friday i was having issues and by sunday was in so much pain from not being able to urinate my hubby took me to the er where the nurse or whatever checked me out and put in a catheter and with very little instructions or info on what to expect i was sent on my way, well imagine my surprise when the bag filled with blood, not once but 4 times and i mean full! dark! i called the hospital and was told it was normal, when i woke up the next morning the "overnite bag which is bigger" was again filled with blood just lighter. i go to a diff hospital who does an ultrasound says i am fine and sends me home to fill another 2 bags by the time i get an appt with my dr. oh the 2nd er dr told me, oh the bloodwork shows you are fine just ANEMIC! umm well after losing 1/4 of my blood of course i am. i just got a call regarding my survey on the first hosp omg i just told them i am speaking to a lawyer. at the drs appt that day i had the catheter removed, two days later i was scheduled to take a test needed prior to surgery. i had to drink 32 oz of water an hour before, i drank 40 and when doing the test only passed about 1/2 a shot glass so the nurse says i am sorry but i have to use a cath to empty your bladder so i say ok np .... she got half a teaspoon. where did all that water go? so further tests checking my bladder they find that where the urethra meets the bladder there is a cut and its inflamed, the only way it could have happened was when the hosp cathed me. therefore i now had to wait til it healed fully and redo the test needed. finally now i am just waiting for them to schedule my surgery!!!

i know we are on the subject of feet and sorry i got carried away but when you mentioned in your last post about drs not even looking for the root cause of your symptoms it just made me want to high five you!!! lol the usa is the worst, they would rather wait til a person HAS cancer than to do things to prevent it before you get it.

my dear friend Lynne (RIP) has a lump in her breast for yrs like from 28yrs old to when she was 40, they did a mammogram every yr from age 28, each and every time the diagnosis was "oh its a fibroid and they are benign and DO NOT become cancerous" this is after taking a biopsy. well fast forward 12 yrs and this beautiful woman is diagnosed with breast cancer! full masectomy with reconstructive surgery, on meds for life, then cervical, ovarion and uterine cancer along with bone cancer. basically it spread throughout her poor boady. oh that lump they insisted was fibroid apparently was not. she had to fight for yrs to get disability due to the many meds she had to take for the rest of her life, well they lived in toms river nj down the shore :), we used to go for the weekend a few times a yr and they bought a home in florida, she loved it there, we had planned to visit disney for my daughters 5th birthday and had major plans to see her and her family. well being the playful girl she still was she and her hubby were going back to their car after a romantic walk on the beach, she ran off ahead of him into the street and was killed instantly by a truck right in front of her hubby :(.

i know you are curious as to why i wrote all of this but there is a reason. i know if she did not get cancer she would have stayed in nj, her hubby is a bass player like my husband and did private lessons in wealthy areas. anyway i too have 2 lumps that since they appeared i have had a mammogram yrly since i was 32, my problem is the last time i asked why they dont just remove the lumps, i was told insurance will not pay for it, i asked how is it that a fibroid which is supposedly unable to become cancerous eventually became cancerous? the answer oh it must not have been a fibroid, then i ask well they took samples which is very painful, their reply oh it could be a tumor was inside it or behind it etc. so here i am seeing what she went thru and i get so upset going for my yrly mammogram, this will be my 14th, i also want the BRAC test and feel every woman should have it and be given the option of the surgery like angelina jolie had done. with all the money spent on yrly mammograms they could have removed my lumps and alot of anxiety and fear after seeing what Lynne went through. oh and i know 3 women who have or had breast cancer and all 3 were told those lumps were fibroids. i even asked the tech while i was getting it "if these are fibroids and harmless then why do i need to get a mammogram yrly?" i asked this while in my 30's
her answer "oh we just like to keep an eye on the size etc. these drs and ins companies and pharma companies would rather make billions on treating cancer than preventing it.
i have always wanted to get a full body scan and my opinion is every person should get one covered by ins, again it can prevent illnesses not appearing yet like brain tumors etc. i understand it cost like $8000 but still cheaper than 14 yrs of mammograms.

i have palmer pustular psoriasis on my hands and feet, psoriatic arthritis, the hands started when i was 20, it would flare up for sometimes yrs then go away one about 4 yrs after first getting it, when it came back it was on my hands and feet. after seeing numerous dermatologists even the nj institute of dermatology who are considered the absolute best, they diagnosed me with eczema. i have been on methotrexate (chemo drug) taken weekly which lowered my already low immune system causing shingles on my buttocks, so off to the infectious disease dr who again considered the best in north nj, tells me its herpes simplex which i must have been born with because its passed only parent to child, mind you no biopsies done, and he mentioned "hmm it looks like psoriasis, or maybe a staph infection but i really think its herpes simplex" oh and that i more than likely have a virus causing what i call "hot spots" where out of no where i just start itching so bad i tear the skin and it becomes a deep roundish lesion, i took humira for about 6 months til it no longer worked and now my last option which is a 2 hour infusion of remicade which is in his office every 6 wks. after my 2nd infusion and at the same time taking a bladder pain med i broke out in a rash on my torso and inside my elbow which between both drs they clain its not the meds.

PTSD from child abuse and sexual abuse trauma as a child, as well as entional and mental abuse. then from age 30-36 i was sexually harassed by the owner of my company who i filed a lawsuit with after he harassed me even after leaving. anxiety attacks whrn i worked, i had to be taken out by stretcher twice at one job, then pretty much walked out of my last job i was having such bad anxiety attacks

again sorry for the "book" i am just so frustrated with all of these crazy symptoms and i try not to see a diff dr for each issue so my rumatologist (sp) is my primary dr, he once told me "people like you keep me in business, hey at least your multiple chronic illnesses are not fatal" umm like thats a good thing, i wonder if there is a possibility of something having caused all this

thanks for reading my crazy rant

Oct 12, 2015
my talon
by: kim g

thanks joshua for the reply.

i guess since he never mentioned tendinitis i thought it was something new. with 3 yrs of seeing this podiatrist do you find it odd that not once was tendinitis mentioned, in fact when i was seen the time i mentioned after surgery he acted as though it was something new, also can you see tendinitis on an xray?

i am starting to wonder about this dr because i would think an mri rather than an xray to see tendons but hey i am not a dr so i can only go by thinking xrays are for bones. i mean i know a chest xray can show blurred masses and things like that but i woud think like when i had a tear in my knee and the only way they knew that was by having an mri done that it would be similar with my feet.

oh by the way i wish i could post a pic to show you yes i still have a talon on my left foot. all the toes except the big one are curled over i would not think it would affect anything but twice already i have had horrible swelling in that foot to the point i thought i broke it or something or sprained it.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kim.

Unfortunately, that doesn't surprise me at all.

Standard of care is based on 'symptoms that just show up out of the blue for no reason'. Which is mind boggling that otherwise intelligent people can operate on a world view that problems don't have causes.

"Oh, you have plantar fasciitis symptoms? Let's try to treat those symptoms and never ask WHY you have symptoms!"


And yes, an MRI is superior to an xray if you're looking for anything other than bone.

Oct 10, 2015
plantar faciitis pain gone now on top i have tendonitis
by: Kim G

wth??? i have suffered from bi lateral plantars faciitis for 3 yrs, had shots in both feet numerous times, they seemed to work on the left, the right i had cryo surgery it seemed to work.

well the left foot pain came back with a vengeance. i had enough and asked for surgery. so i had a release on the left foot. i was told by my dr that i struggled and they had a tough time with me flailing about and kicking my feet. i have 5 chronic illnesses so take a bunch of meds which they stated makes it tough for a light sedation?

anyway i was in alot of pain still, about a month after i notice my left foot is actually hurting on the top, between the little toe and its neighbor about 2 inches up from the web. also anattractive effect my four toes curl over like a talon. i feel like i can now catch my own dinner. this has been 2 months now since surgery.

he tells me last week oh its tendonitis. is this possible? why would i get it now? sorry i dont buy the coincidence esp since he told me they had to hold me down and restrain me.

he said my options were more shots now in the top of my foot or orthotics which the reason i just went with surgery after 3 yrs is that i can only wear some shoes and seriously its very limited and orthotics will not be able to be used with them.

i am pretty upset to say the least, if anyone knows if this is a possibility or if it happened to you let me know because at this point i am ready for a 2nd opinion. i feel he possibly harmed my foot during the restraining since it is the foot he was doing the surgery on.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kim.

I certainly understand the upset. Doctors are supposed to help not make things worse.

"he tells me last week oh its tendonitis. is this possible? why would i get it now?"

1. It is a tendonitis dynamic. It always was. That dynamic is the cause of the pain/problem, that surgery was supposed to fix.

2. So it's not that you're getting tendonitis now, it's that you always had the factors in play that cause tendonitis symptoms, and predictably, surgery made those factors worse.

I don't know if your foot was harmed by the restraining, but if the body isn't sedated enough (and pain in general) then there's a 'charge' in the nervous system, and you're stuck in some contraction.

That tightness etc needs to be reversed. Orthotics aren't going to do it, shots aren't likely to do it.

Sep 03, 2015
Foot pain for four years before surgery, still in pain with ankle swelling
by: Marie

I have been having foot pain for about 4 years before I went to the doctor. It was really bad so I went to physical therapy for 3 months.

Had steroid injections 2 times. That didn't help so The doctor told me my plantar fasciitis was really bad and I also had tears in my Achilles' tendon.

He said its like I'm walking around with a broken ankle.

So I decided to have the surgery 14 months ago.

The recovery was bad even with the big boot you have to wear. I was in so much pain I didn't want to get off the couch. I gained so much weight because I couldn't walk.

To this day my pain is now worse then before.I don't blame the doctor, he did tell me the surgery is not for everybody and it might not help.

Well it didn't. I'm in so much pain now and have a swollen ankle all the time. Still having problems walking.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Marie.

How much swelling?

Was there swelling before the surgery?

Was the doctor guessing that there were tears in the tendon, or did he do an MRI or something?

See Related: Endoscopic Plantar Fasciitis Release Surgery Still Have Heel Pain After 8 Weeks Still Hope

Aug 23, 2015
Surgery in both feet, will it help to do it again?
by: Anonymous

I suffered from plantar fasciitis for 10 years and through multiple doctors before I finally had a partial release.

For several years, I wore a variety of boots and plaster casts. I went to physical therapy more times than I can count. I had three different pairs of orthotics. I had close to 50 steroid injections in my feet.

Surgery finally happened on right foot first on Friday, August 31. Another boot and back to work on Monday. It was hard but I did it.

Second surgery happened in mid November on a friday on the left foot. Another boot and back to work on Monday. Took well over a year to walk pain free but I did.

Until about three months ago. I had 7 years of pain free walking. I went hiking. I lost 100 pounds of weight due to being able to be active again. During this time, I broke both feet multiple times due to instability and poor foot structure. But I worked through it and continued with active life. I now have the exact same pain as I started with.

Will doing the surgery again fiz my pain again?

I don't want to wait 10 years again. I have since developed gout and fibromyalgia.

What is the next step?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

What exactly is surgery going to do in there that is going to fix anything?

What is the CAUSE of all the (original and recurring) pain and problem?

Also, see: Magnesium For Tendonitis

Also, see: Pain Causing Dynamic

Jul 15, 2015
Planta facilitis release surgery
by: Anonymous

I had the operation 5 weeks ago and my pain in my foot is worse and I also got in my right foot which not had any operation.

Walking on my feet is a nightmare I got tarsel tunnel syndrome now. I can't walk no more than 10 mins and I have to rely on my family for support in helping me.

I am on so many pain killers that I don't think really touches it. I try and rest as much as I can but no improvement.

I regret the operation as I feel I turned into a cripple as lack of doing anything I use to be able to do.

All the help in steroids injection and shockwave treatment I had never work hence the operation. I looked into the operation when it was suggested and knew 50/50 whether it worked or not.

It might be early days but I feel like an invalid and it's worse and terrible.

May 23, 2015
My foot pain has changed my life completely
by: Anonymous

I work in retail, long days of standing and lots of walking on concrete floors. Last spring both of my feet hurt, so I went to see a Foot & Ankle Specialist. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet and bone spurs.

The Dr tried cremes, shots and other treatments. All to no relief. He suggested surgery, I said no, but by August 9 I was not able to walk because of the pain, so surgery was scheduled. I wasn't worried, because I had good insurance. In December my Dr said my surgery was considered a failed surgery, and scheduled my second surgery. It has been 4 1/2 months since the surgery, I still have trouble walking. I am unable to stand long enough to cook a meal or wash dishes. Today my Dr said there was another surgery. I said no.

I am fortunate my job has let me take an unpaid leave where they pay my insurance, but only for a year. What happens next? I can't work and I am too young for social security. All I know is my feet hurt!

Apr 16, 2015
Plantar fasciitis
by: Anonymous

I had the surgery one year ago and my foot is worse now.

Jan 22, 2015
had plantar fasciitis surgery 1/9/15
by: Anonymous

I have been dealing with foot pain for 2 years in both feet but my left foot was worse than right.

The first 3 days after surgery I had it elevated and iced it. I was suppose to go back to work that 1/14 but I was still in pain and when I would be up i had crutches but i took the week off instead. I am still in my walking boot.

Hopefully not to much longer. I really didn't have any pain i had Percocet but I probably only took 10 if that. I still have some pain like on a scale 1-10 its a 3.

The hardest part for me was showers i couldn't get it wet! I had to hang my foot out my shower omg my balance wasn't good at all.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

You were scheduled to go back to work 5 days after foot surgery?

That's MIGHTY optimistic (and unrealistic) of your surgeon.

Dec 29, 2014
friends foot
by: Lisa

I have a friend that had the surgery. She looks like she's going to have a breakdown at any moment because the pain is so much worse now than before.

She uses a cane, she's lost multiple pounds of weight, she looks depressed she cries a lot is there anything that can help her?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lisa.

Sorry to hear that.

And unfortunately, that's certainly a possible outcome of the trauma and physical insult (and damage) of surgery.

There is certainly help available. But it all depends on exactly what's happening with her body.

Did the surgery cut a nerve?

Did it totally sever the plantar fascia so her foot has little/no strucutral support?

Is the pain from nutritional insufficiency (that she already had going on) and the resulting systemic stress that the body literally can't deal with.

So. Tell me more about this friend.

Dec 15, 2014
frustrated 2 years after plantar fasciitis surgery and it hurts worse
by: Ann

I just had the surgery on Halloween. My foot hurts worse than before. My surgeon seemed to almost brush me off like he didn't believe me. I've been dealing with this pain for 2 years. I really thought the surgery was going to help. That was a month and a half ago... Hurts worse. I don't know what to do.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Ann.

Yes, it's a huge problem in our medical system that doctors just brush you off and literally don't believe you when you tell them that their surgery, a surgery that doesn't target any of the causes of the original problem, didn't magically fix the pain/disfunction issue.

I'd start with reading this thread and following all the links on it.

Then come back with questions.

Nov 30, 2014
Pain to plantar fasciitis surgery, and back again
by: Herlynda

Both my feet were hurting, this was 2010, but it was my left foot that I could not even step down on, so I began to see a podiatrist.

Three weeks of injections only helped for a 24 hour period, but I usually came back with the same results, unresponsive to the cortisone injections, so he suggested surgery, planter fasciitis release.

The only pain from the surgery itself was that injection, felt a sting that started under my heel, all the way to my big toe. Afterwards, I stayed off my foot for 24 hours, walked with crutches for a couple of days, a few bruises from trying to walk on it too soon, and used orthotics in my shoes, in 2011, I did my right foot, same procedure....

Fast forward to present time.....my left foot hurts so much, I'm back to almost tip toeing so I won't step on my heel, I've tried going back to wearing that boot the doc gave me but it does not help..and the site where the incision was made has bubbled up, looking swollen, and hurts to the touch.

I'm debating going back to the original podiatrist or try to find a new one, either way, it's not cheap. And I'm not even sure if anything else can be done. By the end of the day my foot feels like it's broken, horrible pain...


Joshua Comments

Hello Herlynda.

I'm sorry to hear that! Ouch.

What exactly did the surgeon do in there? How much damage was done, how much plantar fascia was cut?

Here are questions to ask if you're considering another surgery (or for anybody facing surgery to ask): Quiz Your Doctor

So, you're in a spot. What to do now? Get to work rehabbing your foot/leg as much as possible.

You have to deal with all the original factors that caused the original pain/problem that surgery totally doesn't address.

Meaning, the nutritional lack, the process of inflammation, and the too tight muscle/connective tissue in the lower leg.

And you have to also deal with the changes to your structural integrity that the surgery caused.

Time may have dialed down your symptoms some, but I'm guessing it's still an issue.

1. Give us an update on where you're at now, and what if any self care you're doing.

2. Read this thread and follow all the links in this thread.

Jun 27, 2014
Post Plantar Fasciotomy
by: Anonymous

I had the surgery 6 months ago and I still have pain. And at times it is worse than before surgery.

But, I have found that a night splint along with dry needling and lots of ice at least helps to relieve some of the pain.

May 20, 2014
Not So Good after Plantar Fasciotomy surgery
by: Tammy

I had plantar fasciitis surgery Nov. 2, 2012. 3 months later I am still in pain like i never had surgery.

I had the type of plantar fasciotomy surgery where the doc went in through the side of my heal and they cut the tendon but not all the way.

I was told to walk on the foot 5 minutes a hour as soon as i got home after surgery. I have told my doctor every time i have seen him that i am still in pain.

He said the surgery was a success. For who?

He gave me a cortosone shot after the 3rd time i told him i was in pain. That did nothing. He has said I have a hematoma under my skin and that is why i still have pain. It's been over 3 months how long does it take for the blood to obsorb back into the body?

I feel like since he has been paid that his job is done and I no longer matter.

My surgery was not a sucess. I have heal pain every single day. When I go to the store or do anything that requires me to walk I am in pain afterwards. I get home and sit with ice on my foot untill it is numb. I have purchased better shoes, I bought the insole the doc made me, and wear it at all times.

I feel I did not over do it after surgery. I do not know what to do from here. I am fed up and thought the purpose of surgery was to no longer have heal pain and beable to get back to doing the things I enjoy like walking my dog in the park or just walking at all without pain.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tammy.

Following up on this, how are you a year and some months later?

"I feel like since he has been paid that his job is done and I no longer matter. "
Yeah.....that experience is entirely common, unfortunately.

May 12, 2014
Plantar Fasciitis Surgery after 2 years of pain and treatment
by: Laura


Im now 5 and a 1/2 weeks post my surgery. I came off crutches last week. I wouldnt call what im doing walking, more limping slowly / grandma shuffle. I have quite a bit of pain mostly at the sites where they cut and a bit on the plantar fascia. Not enough pain to warrant pain meds but i certianly wouldnt attempted to walk a long distance or run!

Im disappointed that the recovery seems much longer than i was ever explained im also concerned that im still having a fair bit of pain, but from the sites ive read this is relativley normal for the stage im at.

Im remaining hopeful that with a good recovery i will be able to return to aerobics by the end of the year. I dont regret the surgery because i feel i truely exhausted every other form of treatment.

I go back to the surgeon next week for a check up and ill be interested to gauge his response to my progress. Are there specific questions i should be asking him?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Laura.

Well, plantar fasciitis surgery consists of cutting into the flesh of the foot and cutting things.

Out of curiosity, how long of a recovery were you expecting?

What exactly did the surgeon do in there? What was this 'problem' that surgery went in and theoretically corrected?

These are questions to ask BEFORE surgery. See the 'Quiz Your Doctor' link in this thread.

What to ask after surgery? (that you should ask before surgery)

1. How long until full recovery?

2. What exactly did you cut on?

3. Please explain how cutting where and how you did is supposed to fix the problem.

4. What -exactly- was the problem?

5. How did you know where to cut and what to cut on?

6. What can I do for a faster full recovery?

May 12, 2014
Plantar Ffasciitis Surgery after 2 years of pain and treatment
by: Laura

Im 29 years old and have been getting PF pain for the last 2 years. I work full time as an IT professional and instruct high impact areobics in the evenings.

Initially when i sought help for the pain in both feet i saw a podiatrist who recommended stretching, strapping and ice but to continue exercising (Just the answer i wanted to hear!) In hindsight i should have got another opinion and avoided being where i am today.

After the pain didnt go away i sought the help of a physio who blamed the PF on an inbalance in my glutes. So i stopped teaching areobics and concerntrated on low impact strengthening exercises. After 6 weeks i was still expereiencing the same pain so the physio reffered me for a cortisone injection which didnt have any effect. I then started wearing a split boot to bed for around 4 weeks (also didnt work) which i found painfull for the top of my foot and would take the boot off most nights. by now i had been resting my foot for 3 months and no progress!

I asked the physio to try another cortisone shot as 2 of my friends had both resolved their PF from them, we tried another and the pain went away only to return a month later.

I once again stopped all exercise and went back to RICE and got orthodics althogh my arches appeared normal. After a routine visit to my GP he suggested that i see a new sports doctor in town who was performing PRP injections to help PF. So i signed up, then pain was bad i was on crutches for a week then worse pain then before!

I finally saw the sports doctor of our national basketball team who sent me for a MRI, which showed moderate plantar fasciitis. His recommendation was to continue RICE for another 6 months to see if it would go away by itself but after already having 9 months away from my aerobics i made the call to get the surgery done. I did a lot of research and found the best foot surgeon in our state.

I met the surgeon 2 weeks before my surgery, the appointment gave me confidence he said the surgery had a sucess rate of 70% but beleived that i was young and fit so would likely be higher for me. He explained he'd do it endoscopically so id be in bed for 2 weeks post the surgery then on crutches for a few weeks.

The surgery went well, i was in and out quickly. Although my foot hurt it wasnt enough to warrant taking pain medication. I rested the foot for 2 weeks only getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. After the 2 weeks i went back to the surgeon who decided the stitches wernt ready to come out and instructed me to return the following week which i did.

Once the stitches came out i asked the surgeon what exercises i could start doing (still on crutches) he said floor pilates and upper body weights but nothing weight bearing for at least another month.


May 12, 2014
7 years post surgery pain worse than preop pain
by: Polo

feb. of this year i opted to have pf surgery. the doctor said everything would be fine.surgery was done and he put me in a shoe and said start walking the next day.

Well the pain was so bad i needed crutches. He schedueled therapy in his office after two weeks.i was walking with a limp because of the pain. therapy of whirlpool and ultrasound 1x per week for two weeks did nothing for the pain.i got a script for regular therapy 3x a week for 2 months. foot did not get any better.i am at witts end.

i even tryed laser therapy, not covered by insurance. did not help. new orthotics did not help.i am still waking with a limp and no solutions as to some relief.

The purpose of my writing this story: do not trust what the doctor tells you and research everything you can about the available treatments, and surgery drawbacks.

i have had plantar fasciitis for 7 years. i am worse off now than before the surgery. live with the pain if you can because surgery could make it worse.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Polo.

Sorry to hear that, that's no fun at all.

As far as 'live with the pain'....I'm more of a fan of fixing the (cause of the) problem instead of just living with it.

So I appreciate your warnings and sympathize that your doctors failed you, and I'm going to adjust your statement to: Instead of living with the pain, or getting surgery, do everything you can to fixt the cause of the plantar fasciitis symptoms.

May 06, 2014
Long Story Short, years of pain then surgery still have pain
by: CLH

I had PF for 2 years then a time of 2 years without any pain at all after orthotics were made for my feet.

A relapse last year came on my left foot with severe pain in the heel and bottom of foot. I have high arches and a high instep, my instep would be sore from my shoelaces cutting into it also. Finally had surgery after 3 rounds of cortisteroid injections, physical therapy etc.

My surgery was December 10, 2013. This is March of 2014 and my surgery went well however I am in as much pain but in my lateral ankle area and the area between the ankle and foot, possibly due to walking in a different manner, I am not sure.

Will go to a 2nd opinion soon, but possibly need new orthotics due to foot shape different. Spent 130 dollars on special shoes suggested by Dr. Did not work. Spent another 100 dollars on running shoes suggested, are not working either.

I am still on pain meds and topical gets for pain relief. The best thing is foot massage to help release the muscle.


Joshua Comments:


Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry to hear about the ongoing pain. Not much nice to say about that....

I'm curious what the 2nd opinion turned out to be.

What are you doing for self care aside from wearing suggested shoes?

Jan 23, 2014
Still Painful After PF Surgery, 3 months after right now
by: Drew

I have been dealing with PF for 2 years. On a scale of 1-10 my pain level was consistently an 8+ (very painful) Treatments have included: Taping, padding, cortisone shots (3), cast-boot for 3 months, and PF surgery to release the facia band 3 months ago.

The surgery seemed to go fine but I had more pain post surgery than I had expected. My doctor does not do a good job of setting expectations for treatment.

I am now 3 months post surgery I am back to the same level of pain (pre-surgery) especially first thing in the morning or anytime I stand up after sitting for a period of time. When I stand for more than 15 minutes I have to shift my weight between my two feet of the pain is unbearable. I ice my foot at the end of each day because my foot is really swollen.

Two weeks ago my podiatrist put me on an anti-inflamatory medicine. It did not help so not I am on a steroid (prednisone medryl dose pack). At the appointment this week the doctor said that he thinks he is going to put me back in the cast boot.

To make matters worse my left foot is now starting to show signs of PF.

I have not had a regular workout routine for 2 years due to this and have gained weight. It is very frustrating. I also have a job where I am on my feet a lot.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Drew.

The other comments/responses in this thread should make a clear picture of my suggestions.

Basically, you still need to go after the original causes of the Plantar Fasciitis pain (that surgery ignores), as well as heal any trauma to the foot from surgery (or at least adjust to the new structural reality.

Nutrition and magnesium, lower inflammation, etc.

Surgery generally IS very painful, and I agree, in my experience doctors don't tell you enough of what to expect. It is cutting into and damaging the foot. That hurts. Often, a lot.

And you're going to be putting all your weight on that eventually, and the pillars under the bridge have been damaged and/or removed....

How are you feeling now, many months later? And let me know if you have specific questions.

Less Related: 2 1/2 weeks after plantar fasciitis surgery and still hurts to walk any distance (It should! Only 2.5 weeks!!)

Jan 21, 2014
Oh Boy! (3 months after EPF)
by: Dave

I am currently almost 3 months after EPF for left foot.

Saw doctor yesterday as a follow up and the pain I am experiencing is weird. My foot will hurt in different areas at different times of the day. The heel itself is still painful if I am on my feet for hours at a time or doing some sort of exercise (impact). The outside and top of the foot hurt every morning for about 30 minutes until things are warmed up.

Doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory, orthotics and physical therapy, it's like deja vu, haven't I been here before?

Doctor says everyone responds differently to the procedure so if my arch has fallen slightly it puts more strain on other parts of the foot, blah, blah, blah.

2 months out I went to NYC for a week, bad move, in pain from so much walking, that was my own dumb fault though.


Joshua Comments:

Deja vu indeed!

And I wonder WHY the arch might fall, if a surgeon cuts the structure(s) that keep that arch from falling. I like how the doc said '..-if- the arch falls slightly.'

Take out the pillar, bridge falls.

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Oct 10, 2013
not just me
by: Lisa

I had the surgery 1 & 1/2 yrs ago. There were a lot of nay sayers who told me not to do it. At the time I had it in both feet. My doc told my he'd done hundreds and only 2 were unsuccessful. Therapy worked on the left, pain got worse on the right. It was SO painful I walked with a constant limp and once off my feet couldn't get up without almost crying.

I figured surgery couldn't be worse.Initally the pain was bad.

Doc said "you might be my #3" (failure). The heel pain eventually got much better. Now I have cramping and sharp shooting pain along the side and top of my foot so bad stops me in my tracks. And ankle weakness. I'm calling a different foot doc to see what can be done.

And yes, me too on the shoe thing. No shoe fits comfortably anymore. And yup, I'm limping again too. As a manager in retail who's expected to be on their feet all day I figure if this doesn't get fixed, I am going to be in some serious trouble in the not too distant future.


Joshua Comments:

Sorry to hear all that Lisa.

What have you been doing for self care post-surgery?

Aug 11, 2013
plantar fasciotomy
by: Anonymous

I had surgery over 2 years ago and my foot is hurting again.

May 27, 2013
wait what..
by: Jasmine

I had the surgery on my left foot last month.. I'm very grateful for it. I feel so much better. I can actually walk again! I'm so sorry to see all these epf surgeries gone bad.

Apr 11, 2013
2nd PF yesterday, in a lot of pain.
by: A sister in the Lord

So sorry to hear all these bad cases! I had my first PF 10 yrs ago and all went great after initial pain wore off. Just had 2nd foot done by same surgeon yesterday, (after trying stretching, NSAIDS, night splint, custom orthotics' and good running shoes for 2 plus yrs.) Seems I have a lot more pain this time around.

Had numb toes first 12 hrs but that is gone now. Taking Lortab as prescribed and praying for best outcome. Also praying for all of you to get relief from God our ultimate healer as these surgeons are mere men and apparently make many mistakes. I am with you all.

Mar 11, 2013
plantar fascititis surgery ruined my foot
by: Anonymous

I had plantar fascitis surgery and I feel like it has ruined my foot. The surgeon acted like it was a simple procedure, not! I still have foot pain every day, especially, not the heel, but the arch and outer foot. I can't find shoes to fit correctly or because I that foot now has NO arch, flat, and my right foot has a higher arch. I am always in foot pain.

I wish I never would have done it. I would never recommend it and I would tell someone to do not do it!!! I firmly believe it ruined my foot!

Dec 10, 2012
Still in pain
by: Glitter

Ok, so I had the Emg test which confirmed the pain was not from my back. The 2nd opinion dr then ordered a bone scan and guess what, not only do I have a stress fracture but the first dr never removed the spur and possibly fractured my heel. The evidence was on the MRI that was ordered by the first dr and he ignored it.

I now have to have the surgery again and have a biopsy of my bone. Im in pain everyday. Im scheduled this month and will keep you posted.


Joshua Comments:

Yeah....not all doctors are created equal....

Nov 04, 2012
Still in pain after plantar fasciitis surgery
by: Glitter

Hi, my pain started over 3 years ago. I had pf surgery may 2012 and am 100% worse than before. When I came out if surgery my dr said I had a bad case. My pain level was a 15 on a scale of 1-10.

I repeatedly told my dr i was in severe pain so I had another X-ray and physical therapy which didn't work. The X-ray didn't show anything. After still complaining he sent me to get an MRI. Dr told me everything was fine just fluid in the heel bone.

Im still in pain and sometimes have to use my crutches in the morning to go to the bathroom.

So I decided to get a second opinion. The new dr was a little baffled by the MRI report because the report says that i have pf.

I am scheduled for an Emg. I will keep you posted.


Joshua Comments:

Do keep us posted!

Aug 19, 2012
Havent had surgery but in so much pain
by: Kim

WOW! I am so glad I read this now! I started experiencing pain over a year ago after starting to work out and get in shape, so much pain I had to call in to work because I couldn't move.

The podiatrist suggested tennis shoes (I am supposed to dress up everyday for work...so that was weird), advil, and some kind of arch support.

When after a few months that didn't help, he gave me oral medication (I dont remember, but it wasn't steriods), then recently it has been shots in the foot of cortisone. I have yet to wear dress shoes, wear inserts, and I am still in pain.

The Dr. said we would try physical therapy. I havent called him yet as I am feeling very defeated.

I just turned 30 and don't want to be in pain the rest of my life!


Joshua Comments:

It's 'The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works' DVD (and the Quick Start Companion ebook that comes with it) for you, my dear.

The muscles that operate your foot aren't firing properly, thus they're not performing work/absorbing load like they're supposed to....thus pain.

Much of it is from the lower leg. Podiatrists, for some reason, don't seem to notice the connection between the foot and what attaches to it/supports it/etc.

Plus, nutrition plays a role.

Theoretically, a flat shoe/barefoot is FAR better at fixing a foot problem than thickly padded tennis shoes, inserts, etc. Inserts etc are fine (maybe) for temporary relief and support, but they don't fix any problem (except for Morton's neuroma, inserts work WONDERS for that, although they still don't 'fix' anything).

Jul 10, 2012
DON'T DO IT!! endoscopic plantar fasciotomy
by: Anonymous

I had EPF 2 years ago. My plantar fascia pain is gone but unfortunately I ended up with burning/shooting pain on the outside of my foot. I was stupid and after getting a second opinion that agreed with everything my podiatrist said let the podiatrist do a second surgery to release a nerve that supposedly became entrapped after the endoscopic plantar fasciotomy ...that surgery failed miserably and caused the whole foot to have this burning nerve pain.

I am a RN so I decided to talk to one of the orthopedic surgeons I worked with who hooked me up with an orthopedic surgeon thats pecializes in foot and ankle.

This Dr read the podiatrist operative report and basically told me to get ready to be in pain the rest of my life because the podiatrist did some thing that basically never should be done unless you have SEVERE SEVERE nerve damage and even then most surgeons wouldn't even do it cause it has high risk of poor outcome ABMs there is no reversing the damage it causes if done and the result is poor....

i'm 28 :/ 6 surgeries later my entire fascia has been completely removed and while i've gotten some relief from the issues the podiatrist created i'm still in a great deal of pain and require pain management.

All this from what is suppose to be a "simple procedure"...simple to screw up maybe! Good luck to everyone suffering after this surgery.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Wow. That sounds like an evil doctor horror story. I don't even want to ask how you ended up having 6 surgeries.

Normally I say that most anything can be recovered from, but if surgery gets in there and jacks things up too much it definitely can be permanent or close to it.

But I do suggest:

1. See Magnesium for Tendonitis.

Magnesium is very important for a lot of things, including nerve function.

2. Do some research into the drugs you're on for pain management. Chances are they use various nutrients and can over time leave you nutritionally deficient.

3. Look into nutrients that are required for and support optimal nerve function, specifically B6 and B12 methylcobalamin.

Jul 06, 2012
3 months post surgery
by: Christine

WOW! I wish I would have seen these comments before 4/6/12~ I am 3 months post surgery and going for a second opinion on Monday.

I can barely walk and now my original podiatrist wants me to start a heavy dose of steroids and follow with injections...AGAIN! I am just sick that I had the surgery.

I have pain from the 2, 3 and 4th toes up the top of my foot and into the ankle-I can't swim for excercise (the pressure on my ankle is unbearable) and can hardly get out of the pool from the pressure on my foot I had surgery on!

I am afraid they will want to do a second surgery, and I am so unsure of what to do! I cannot live like this!!!


Joshua Comments:

Yeah, they'll probably want to do surgery again, as it's the default holy grail of fixes. It's that or they'll give up on you.

Tough choice...an already proven to be failed therapy(s), or being given up on (or worse, blaming it on your mental state).

What are you doing for self care? Anything other than what little your docs gave you?

Oct 12, 2011
Plantar Fasciities Surgery on both feet 1 year ago
by: Terry Lee

I had EPF surgery on both feet approx. 1 yr ago, and now, I'm experiencing more pain in both feet than before surgery.

According to the Doc, both of my tendons were extremely tight, so he choose to release 3/4 of the facia on both feet. Now, I have incredible pain on the Metatarsal head areas of both feet.

He has washed his hands clean with me and cannot find any signs (either x-ray or MRI) that explain the pain. He's comment, "I don't have a clue why you are having pain, so I don't know what to do for you".

I now live on Morphine twice a day, just to be able to walk and the pain is so severe at night, I have to use a walker. I am only 46 yrs old. If anyone has any ideas that might help me, I'm open for thoughts.

From the research I have done, I am not finding any solutions for the pain. To the best of my knowledge, I don't believe that the fascia will reconnect itself, so, I guess I live on pain killers. I lost my job because of this, and are growing more and more depressed with everyday. Thanks for reading.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Terry.

Sorry to hear that.

Of course your doctor has washed his hands of this. He has now idea how to help you. He has no concept that he may have actually damaged you. He certainly doesn't offer a money back guarantee.

But he did cut into your feet and 'release' fascia. Because you had 'tight' tendons.

Well, why didn't he tell you how to RELAX those tendons? Why didn't he tell you that tendons don't tighten and relax like muscles do.

Why didn't he tell you that relaxing muscles that are connected to those tendons is what relaxes/softens tendons?

Because he's a surgeon, and surgeons have no concept of that. They make their money from cutting on you.

He did his best to help you. But his best was obviously lacking.

So, what do you do now?

1. Learn How To Reduce Inflammation. You are suffering from a significant and acute Process of Inflammation.

2. Magnesium for Tendonitis. It'll help you heal too.

3. Vitamin C. At least 2,000mg/day. I'd shoot for 4-6,000 for a while.

4. Get 'The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works'. It's the best and complete plan to rehab your feet an lower leg's.

Aug 08, 2011
still in pain after Plantar Fasciitis surgery
by: Pat

I had the plantar fasciotomy in February of 2010 and now have severe pain on the right side of my foot. I have been to numerous doctors and the MRI and exray show nothing. Everyone has washed their hands of me. I am ruined for life also. I am a teacher and am miserable. This procedure certainly is not the answer for everyone. I wish I would have not done it.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Pat.

Thanks for sharing.

The problem with surgery, as you've illuminated, is that if/when it doesn't work, you're actually worse off than you were before.

See: Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency
Magnesium for Tendonitis

Jul 23, 2011
do not have this surgery
by: jesss

me too i am very sorry i had plantar fasciotomy, surgeryi am in so much pain and now i limp.i can't find any shoes to fit my foot.if i knew before i would never have it done.somebody should tell these doctor that this surgery does not work.i am ruined for life.

Jun 20, 2011
foot pain after fasciotomy
by: sharde

I had the surgery two 1/2 years ago my right foot still hurts. Heel feels so hard the side of my foot still hurt sometimes!

I have to keep rubbing my foot to get some relief.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sharde.

Thanks for sharing.

From the little you've said it sounds like you could benefit from some effective self care.

1. How much relief do you get just from rubbing it?

2. And I assume the hard spot is at/close to an incision site?

Dec 13, 2010
Plantar Fasciotomy surgery
by: Anonymous

I just had the surgery three months ago, and I feel the same way as you! And now that I have read what you wrote, I am certain that I made a mistake by getting this surgery done.

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