I won't lie, my Nerve Conduction Test WAS NOT PLEASANT, I have actually had this test performed 3 times.

by Kelly
(Midwest US)

Hi :) I am 38 year old female and an artist. In the early 90's I started dropping things and maybe did not even know my hand had released...they sent me for Nerve Conductivity and an EMG...everything was normal. Things would progress and wane...sent again this time the results were ABNORMAL CTS and my non dominant hand was actually worse than the dominant hand and at the time I was not doing art work or working outside of the home, my house duties were being greatly reduced by a loving and supportive husband.

My neurologist was quite confused and he, my regular doctor and the Orthopedic Surgeon I went and saw did not think there was any point to surgery for the type I had.

I again went in 2008 and had a full neurological work up and had the Nerve Conductivity and EMG done down both sides of my body including my face to my feet. Various levels of reduced sensitivity were observed and this time I did get a positive for carpal tunnel but it was very slight in their opinion.

MY infant son who has a genetic annomalie at 13 months was also tested with EMG and Nerve Conductivity which is what rushed me for my third test hoping they would find something in mine and then elect NOT to do his...no such luck.

So why am I telling you all of this? BECAUSE I have been there, it is NOT pleasant, I passed out one time before having blood drawn at a much earlier test so that goes to show you I DO NOT LIKE this type of thing.

I have two medium sized tattoos and that was more bearable and YES I was completely sober for them. I have Hashimotos thyroiditis disorder, autoimmune disease and full panel of allergy skin tests done twice, have had numerous blood draws due to these conditions and allergy shots, Gestational diabetic both pregnancies and had initially planned to use Lamaze for the delivery of my first child but we ended up with a C-Section and complications...SO I have had my fairshare of pain and needles and medical tests.

BUT what I am going to suggest worked REMARKABLY WELL for me the last two sets of tests I used the breathing that they use in Lamaze prior to and during delivery...TAKE a deep breath fill your abdomen cavity full of air right prior and then Slowly release that breath through the test at each site...It did NOT remove all of the pain or discomfort but did reduce it greatly.

Also I found out many of the Doctors who are preforming this test have NO idea
what it feels like for they have never done or had this done to them for a reference...my last tech had though as part of her certification SHE thought the breathing/lamaze breathing was a great idea and planned on having her patients do this in future testing.

SO HANG in there it YOU WILL survive and try to relax as best as you can...I am a self confessing control freak so I know HOW hard relaxing can be. Some techs or doctors will let you listen to headphones also so ask when scheduling your test to see if they will allow them.

BEST wishes to you and your test results.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Kelly.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Two other things.

1. What did they mean, exactly, when they said you had 'Abnormal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'??

2. You, my friend, have severe Gluten Intolerance.

This accounts for the auto-immune issue, and quite possibly the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.

It can also cause Leaky Gut, which among other things, causes nutrient malabsorbtion, which causes all sorts of problems, including Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.

This also makes it incredibly likely that your child is also Gluten Intolerant to some degree or other.

The only accurate test for this is to go off ALL gluten for two months and see how you feel. And then have a pizza, and -then- see how you feel.

If you don't know anything about Gluten Intolerance (it's clear that your doctors don't), check out my Kerri's website www.easy-immune-health.com. She works with people with auto-immune issue and chronic pain/fatigue, and gluten intolerance is a MAJOR factor.

Unfortunately, your experience that your doctors have no idea what they're doing...is an entirely commone experience for people that put themselves under doctors' care for things like auto-immune issues (and tendonitis issues too, unfortunately).

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for I won't lie, my Nerve Conduction Test WAS NOT PLEASANT, I have actually had this test performed 3 times.

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Aug 05, 2015
Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis and Hashimoto's
by: Tina

Is have tenosynovitis in my left hand, all my fingers and cant bend my thumb for 4 months. I have Hashimotos, had plantar fasciatus many years ago bilaterally. More recently , 2yrs ago both forearms tendonitis, followed by left frozen shoulder.

Also had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands 23 years ago. I am a very active person. Lost a lot of strength in arms following repetitive issues over past 2 years.

My GP's solution is to send me to a plastics guy to have a shot of cortisone. I am beginning to follow an Autoimmune Paleo Diet which has helped many of my aches and pains and gut issues.

Did a2 yr stint of antibiotics for my skin when I was in my 20s, now in my 50.Not keen on the first solution to be cortisone. Would like to know the cause.

Is this likely another autoimmune issue? Solutions


Joshua Comments:

Hi Tina.

YOu didn't leave your email or check the notifications box, so I hope you find this.

1. Yes, Hashimoto's in an autoimmune issue.

2. Autoimmune issue is primarily caused by gluten intolerance (that leads to) Increased Intestinal Permeability, and/or poor gut health from antibiotics, inflammatory diet, and Leaky Gut (slang for increased intestinal permeability).

3. Chronic Process of Inflammation eats up nutrition and pain. Inflammation and pain eats up nutrition. Leaky gut results in decreased nutritional intake.

That all results in a Tendonitis dynamic, and a Pain Causing Dynamic.

Or said another way, yes, what you describe totally makes sense for all over tendonitis.

See: Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis In Multiple Joints What Can Cause This?

Sep 07, 2018
Something evil in that emg test
by: Lynn D.

I had an emg test back in March due a fall I took. Had no idea what to expect nor was I given any perperation whatsoever. I was very nervous the day I had it done.. do to the fact that I have autoimmune hashimotoes.

I lost two brother's to autoimmune issues. The lady who gave me the test told me it would be fine if I took a muscle relaxer before she got started.

I was reading after the fact that you should not be taking muscle relaxers 3 to 6 days before the test. Anyway...the test was horribly painful and when the taser hit the back of my leg's(especially behind my knee's) it floored me and about sent me through the roof.

After the test later that evening I had weird sensations in my head. Started out like creepy crawling..burning..numbness and hot needles poking me in the head. I went to the hospital and they ruled out anything visible.No rash..no bug's..ect. Than seen a neurologist doctor about it for a whole 5 minutes who told me I had an wild imagination. I was highly offended. (Some doctor's I guess are trained heartless) also the first few day's it almost felt like I has ms sypmtom's that have gotten better over a month or so... although from time to time i have inter trembling when I'm trying to sleep. It's a horrible feeling!!

Now here it is almost 4 months later and still suffering. I am wondering now if I had an autoimmune response( trigger) because I feel like I went from low thyroid and spilled over into hyperthyroidism. That test hyperstimulated me big time. I haven't been right since.

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