Is my knee problem tendonitis or something else?

For years now, both knees would get sore occasionally, but nothing very bad.

About a year ago, I played basketball after not having played in a long time.

Afterwards, my knees were VERY sore. They also felt kind of wobbly and sometimes felt like there were loose things floating around in there. I was going to talk to my doctor, but it pretty much went away after some rest.

Now I walk about 2 miles to and from work every day, and walk while playing golf. My knees are frequently sore, but they don't bother me much while walking - more so after. I decided to try to strengthen them, so I started running this past week, but this made them hurt more.

Is this tendonitis, or something more serious?


Joshua Answers:

Hey there.

Right off the bat it doesn't sound like Tendonitis.

Could be some of that in there, but when you say 'floating around in there' that is a big clue for other knee issues, for instance like bits of cartilage floating around between the bones/patella.

Was the 'wobbly' feeling just from your muscles being fatigued after years of not playing and then jumping back into a game?

Getting back into running: I would start with very short distance. Very short. And slowly build up.

If walking leaves you might even want to hit the weight room before you start running.

Running can be tough on the knees, so it's better to strengthen your supportive muscles before you go pounding the pavement with your knees.

certainly could have some knee tendonitis from playing basketball. It follows the pattern of a big exertion, pain, rest until no pain, then start up again and have pain issues.

But it sounds like you're dealing with a bigger area, and just doesn't sound like true Tendonitis from what you have described.

But there is definitely a Pain Causing Dynamic in place.

I would ice intensively for a week or two, while you strengthen your leg muscles.

I would also immediately start on my favorite natural tendon and joint strength supplement, Bone Broth.

If you do have floaties getting in the way of your joint movement, that can get annoying and quite possibly limiting.

That's worth a trip to an expert knee doctor to see if there are floating objects. Though at this point, it doesn't sound bad enough to draw a whole lot of attention, and the advice you will get will sound something like 'rest, ice, anti-inflammatory meds, come back when/if it gets worse'.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Sep 05, 2012
Tendonitis in the Hamstring
by: william

Hi I pulled my hamstring back in january and it's still giving me problems. When I flex my leg i get the sensation of a pull feeling that runs from the back of my knee to my hamstring.

Like for and example if I took a chair and sat in it with both feet on the floor I will take the sore leg and drag it across the ground simulating running and I feel that dull sharp feeling in the back up my knee to the top op my hamstring I tried stretching massages salt baths ice pain relieve inflammatory medicine an nothing still work.

Please help me the doctor said he could not give me an xray because too many is not good for me but when i ask for a mri he turn me down and said To just take the medicine and i should be ok but im not ok I hurt daily and im tired of it i need solution for helping fix the problem.

Remember it only hurts when i sprint behind the knee up to the top of my hamstring is it tendonitis or something else wrong.


Joshua Comments:

I have no idea what it is, could be lots of things.

-Probably- it's just a function of the Pain Causing Dynamic; muscles too tight, connective tissue too tight, inflammation process is dumping pain enhancing chemical, and you were short on and are not more short on magnesium.

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

If you're short on magnesium, muscle doesn't operate properly, and muscle can't relax, and the things you tried can't help because the muscle doesn't operate properly when short on magnesium.

I'd start there, then do more massage and ice massage.

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