Left hand pinky finger tendonitis in piano player

by Bart

I play piano, 11 months ago I over practiced my hand, and due to the wrong pinky finger position my tendon started swelling and was inflammed

since then I have inflammation about every two weeks when I try to play the piano my pinky and 4th finger shake and they do not have enough strength to hold the key so I do not play anymore,

if I try to force the finger on the key afer 15 minutes it is all fine and I can play but still feel the pressure on the finger, and usually after 3 days I have another inflammation and so on,

so what should I do ?

thank you



Joshua Answers:

Hi Bart.

I think you should do so self care and get your body working correctly again.

Read these pages:

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Process of Inflammation

Tenosynovitis (You want to AVOID this!)

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
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