Magnesium Oil - Rash /Burning after Ice Dipping

Joshua, I bought a couple bottles of Magnesium oil and have been using it for a couple days.

I have been experiencing a major rash (basically my arms turn bright red with little red dots) and I also experience a burning sensation.

I read that diluting the solution with water at a 1:1 ratio fixes that problem, the burning sensation stopped but the rash stayed the same.

It seems to have a direct corelation with the amount of ice dipping I do.

Do you have any suggestions regarding this matter?


Joshua Answers:

Hi there.

When I use magnesium oil, if I have a scratch, or really dry skin (from the weather, dehydration, or a lot of icing), I notice that I get a burning/stinging sensation.

I just rub it with some water and the irritation goes away.

Regardless of whether you have Tendonitis or not, if you're getting a's probably not a big deal, or dangerous, but it is of course better to avoid it.

If there is a correlation with Ice Dipping, I suspect that the icing strips more oil from your skin than most people, which leaves your skin, if nothing else, dry and unprotected.

Experiment with stopping the icing and then try some, or vice versa. Experiment with putting on a good lotion after icing, and then adding magnesium gel on later.

Make sense?

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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