My Husband's Constant Pain After Shoulder Surgery on Bursa and pinched nerves

by victoria
(hemet, ca USA)

This is actually not about a tendon surgery problem.

My husband had surgery on his right shoulder in September for a bursa and pinched nerves that he had.

It is now December and my husband is still in agonizing pain.

The doctor had prescribed him medications from vicodin to percocet and absolutely nothing helps.

My husband also received an ice and heat machine and a muscle stimulator that also does not help.

He attends physical therapy 3 times a week and even the physical therapist says his condition seems to be worsening.

His pain is now migrating into migraines.

We have even been to the E.R. due to these conditions and the doctors would give him strong narcotic injections for the pain but they still have not subsided.

Every time we see his orthopedic surgeon, which is every six weeks he just responds to this by saying it takes six months to a year to heal. Which is understandable but is the pain supposed to be this uncontrollable and extreme?

We really don't know what to do for the pain.

Does anybody out there have any suggestions????

If so please HELP!!!

Thank you


Joshua Answers:

Hi Victoria. I'm going to leave this submission here in this section because it seems that you didn't leave the right email address, so I don't think you're going to get notification of my response.

I hope you check back and find this.

So I have some questions, but I'm going to save them until we connect again somehow.

1. Tomorrow, get his Vitamin D levels checked.

2. Get your
husband on Magnesium, PRONTO! Go to this page Magnesium for Tendonitis and then my Kerri's page Magnesium Dosage.

If your husband is on Statins, that will be an important bit of information.

3. Read this page on Shoulder Impingement. Read all the shoulder pages connected to it too.

I would probably win the bet if I bet that your husband needed his underarm area worked on, NOT his topside area surgeoned on. The top side pain is a SYMPTOM of something, not the problem.

Thus he is still in pain, and more pain. That doctor is smoking crack if he thinks (hopes) that the pain will just go away in 6 more months. He could have not done the surgery and told you to wait it out another 6 months, if that were the case.

Again, I hope you find this. It sounds like your husband needs some good help fast.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for My Husband's Constant Pain After Shoulder Surgery on Bursa and pinched nerves

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Mar 18, 2015
Reoccurrence of shoulder pain after bursa removal
by: Sandra

I had my right bursa removed around 8 years ago due to long term issues/pain; in addition I had some bony spurs removed from the shoulder joint. After lots of physio & exercise I was back to close to 100%. All good.

However all this time later I have pain again. In the same spot on my right shoulder, it is a sharp pain when I lift my arm up. I also feel I have some nerve impingement around the elbow. Pins and needles wake me some nights.

I swim 1.5 km 4-6 times a week, and at times this is quite painful. I don't like taking pills so rarely take painkillers etc. I do stretches after swimming.

I also have issues with Achilles tendonois in my ankles, which, again, I just ignore as much as possible; stretch after swimming/walking, and carry on as usual.

My question is: can I have a repeat of bursa issues when I no longer have one? Seems impossible. Yet the pain is definitely very familiar. Any suggestions as to what else it may be - thank you :)

I feel I am just an inflexible person who gets tendon issues - but what to do about it?!


Joshua Comments:

Hi Sandra.

1. "can I have a repeat of bursa issues when I no longer have one? Seems impossible. "

Absolutely. 100% possible.

The only thing that surgery did was to remove the irritated tissue. It didn't do ANYTHING to help the factors that were causing the irritation.

The bursa wasn't the problem. It wasn't the cause. It boggles my mind that doctors/surgeons can't figure that out. Everything's a nail when you're a hammer, I guess.

So removing the irritated tissue, the spot that constantly had too much pressure/force rubbed onto it, didn't fix anything.

Things felt better for a while because the irritated tissue was no longer there.

But the chronically too tight muscle and connective tissue, the Process of Inflammation, and the nutritional insufficiency were left untouched.

So predictably, pain/problem is returning, and worse and/or bigger than previously experienced.

The causative factors have continued to progress, but now the geography is a little different as surgery rearranged things.

2. "I feel I am just an inflexible person who gets tendon issues"

Some of us are more flexible than others. Some of us never try to touch our toes so we become inflexible.

Other factors play a role, too, like nutritional insufficiency.

For instance, if you don't have enough magnesium in you, muscles literally can't relax. See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

3. "but what to do about it?!"

I'm biased, but I'd get my Reversing Shoulder Tendonitis program.

It shows you how to reverse the too tight structures that are compressing the area where the bursa should be (and the entire shoulder structure), the inflammation, and the nutritional insufficiency.

4. If you're clever, you can apply everything you learn to your lower legs.

Personally I'd stop ignoring the pain and do something effective to make it better.

Tendonosis and/or Achilles-related pain exists for very specific reasons (the same reasons, actually).

See Related: Shoulder Bursitis

See Related: Discouraged After Shoulder Surgery And Bursitits

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