Natural Joint Pain Relief

Natural Joint Pain Relief as most people think of it comes in the form of a pill.

Whether 'natural' or pharmaceutical, people in pain want 'relief'.

Doctors prescribe pharmaceutical pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxants.  To -relieve- pain, never to -fix- the problem.

There are natural options to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and relax muscles.

This page is not only about natural joint pain relievers, but about the BEST relief:  getting rid of the problem that is causing the painful joint(s).

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What Is Natural Joint Pain Relief?

In short, a 'natural' pain reliever is non-pharmaceutical and from 'nature'.  From tree bark, or various parts of a plant from root to flower petals.  It can be an oil.

The mode of delivery can be oral or topical.   Technically there are mental techniques, but that generally falls under 'meditation techniques'.  Technically it can be any of several gentle forms of exercise, but that generally falls under 'yoga' or 'stretching'.

For the masses, natural pain relief for joints comes in the form of a pill, powder, or liquid taken orally or topically (usually orally).

Examples of specific options:

  • Boswellia (oral)
  • Aspirin  (oral)
  • Enzymes like Bromelain  (oral)
  • Capsaicin (topical)
  • Epsom salt (topical, hot bath)/Magnesium (oral)

Examples of Specific Natural Joint Pain Relief Options

*  Seem more about the causes of pain and inflammation farther down the page.


Boswellia (another name for Frankincense) is research proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory.

Lowering inflammation lowers pain, so that's good.  And, in no way is Boswellia (or any anti-inflammatory a fix for the cause of the pain or inflammation).


Aspirin (the high tech version of white willow bark) is a blood thinner.  Long story short, that reduces pain, but does not reduce inflammation.

So taking aspirin for arthritis can help lower pain levels, but does not lower inflammation, and in no way is a fix for the cause of the pain or inflammation.

Enzymes like Bromelain

Enzymes like Bromelain can have several beneficial effects, including being antiinflammatory, and 'eating up' scar tissue.

That's great.  But, something is causing that scar tissue in the joints, and enzymes don't help get rid of that cause.

People tend to take enzymes thinking it's a 'treatment', when at best it's a temporary pain relief.  Not that there's anything wrong with pain relief...but it's not a fix.


Capsaicin (from hot peppers like cayenne) helps reduce pain, and mostly comes in the form of a joint pain relief cream (topical, not oral).

Research on a new product (an 8% capsacin patch) showed that it reduced pain for up to 12 weeks (which is pretty impressive).

Again, there's nothing wrong with pain relief....except that the CAUSE of the pain is still active, causing problems.   So while you aren't feeling pain, the problem is still getting worse.

That's why I think you should focus on fixing the problem instead of focusing on 'pain relief'.  

Fixing the problem gets rid of pain, but relieving pain does not get rid of the problem (and allows it to continue to get worse).

The mechanism of action of topical capsaicin has been ascribed to depletion of substance P. However, experimental and clinical studies show that depletion of substance P from nociceptors is only a correlate of capsaicin treatment and has little, if any, causative role in pain relief. Rather, topical capsaicin acts in the skin to attenuate cutaneous hypersensitivity and reduce pain by a process best described as ‘defunctionalization’ of nociceptor fibres. 

That's great, but it doesn't fix the progressive cause of the pain.

Epsom Salt/Magnesium

Hot epsom salt baths or foot/hand soaks are well known to reduce arthritis joint pain temporarily (and is smart for tendonitis symptoms too).         

The heat brings new blood to the area, and the magnesium helps muscles relax.

This relief remedy is the only one that even gets close to the realm of 'fixing the problem', as magnesium relaxes tight muscles which are compressing and irritating joints.  But there's more to it than just that, so any effective natural joint pain relief method has to effectively counter ALL the causes of joint pain, not just touch a little bit on one of them.

See:  Joint Pain Causes

Natural Joint Pain Relief Does Not Work

The problem with natural AND pharmaceutical joint pain relief products (pills, creams, etc) is that THEY DON'T WORK.

If an hour of pain relief is defined as 'working' in your dictionary, then great.

But in my dictionary, if you have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and or joint pain from tendonitis and you're not actively fixing it, then you're wasting time and dooming yourself to a future of pain.

Natural Joint Pain Relief is temporary and allows the cause of the pain to progress and get worse...which means more pain in the future...and more reliance on 'relief' products.

Again, pain sucks and there's nothing wrong with getting some relief.

Your doctors tell you there's no cure, that you're doomed, that the best you can do is lower pain levels hopefully at least a little.  But that is TERRIBLE advice (shame on them).

So people look for the best band aid they can find, and spend years and decades hurting...while their problem (and pain) gets worse and worse.

While boswellia and aspirin and epsom salt baths may reduce pain, they don't profide REAL relief, meaning, they don't fix the problem.

Same thing with Arthritis Medication.  It doesn't work.  Despite being a multi-billion dollar industry, it will never fix arthritis.

Do you want to be pain free for an hour, or do you want to reverse the problem mechanism so you have less pain (or no pain) for the rest of your life?

If you want more than a bandaid, then you may want to consider that fixing the actual problem might be a much better strategy.

Natural Joint Pain Relief That Works

The only natural joint pain relief that works is ACTUALLY FIXING THE PROBLEM that is causing the pain.

If you don't fix the problem, or at least reverse the mechanism so it doesn't get worse in the future, then you'll have pain the rest of your life (it's a safe bet, anyway).

Slapping a band aid on every day just to get a little relief from the pain.....seems like a pretty bad strategy when you can instead get rid of the cause of the pain.

If you want to get rid of your joint pain, then you need a little more information.

Start with the following three pages, and keep reading from there.

See: What Is Arthritis?  (This is far more in-depth [and accurate] that you're doctor will tell you.)

See: What Causes Arthritis?   (Again, if you are suffering from arthritis joint pain, you need to KNOW why.  It doesn't just develop for no reason, or my accident, or my magic.)

See:  Tendonitis and Arthritis  (When you have joint pain, you will also have a tendonitis dynamic ESPECIALLY if you have osteoarthritis....since the tendonitis dynamic is the cause of osteoarthritis.)

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