Ongoing De Quervian's Tenosynovitis, Doctors Want Me To Have Surgery

by Erin
(Williamsburg, VA)

After 2 years of pain in my right wrist ( i am right handed, therefore complete non-use of my hand and wrist for work is not possible) upon overuse - In August, pain in my wrist became so unbearable that I could not touch the skin on my hand, wrist, or forearm, swelling became noticeably present, and the use of my hand and wrist became very weak - therefore, I decided to see an orthopeadic surgeon.

My first visit I was diagnosed with DeQuervian's with just X-rays and a physical exam...I was told my symptoms were mild. I didn't call that mild, but OK.

At that point he told me to take about 400mg of Motrin 3x a day and wear a splint - if it hadn't improved in 2 weeks - Surgery was my only option.

2 weeks later I was in the same situation and at that appointment he was adamant about surgery, I refused and he gave me a cortisone shot despite me telling him about recent experiences with Cortisone (i received one to help with Carpal Tunnel - at that point I realized that i had a reaction to them). The cortisone shot as expected cause increasing extreme pain and 3 weeks later after the crystals dissolved, no pain reduction was felt.

At that point after being dismissed when i called to tell the office that the cortisone was causing extreme pain, I started doing my own research. I discovered that chiropractic care was often helpful in cases of tenosynovitis and tendinitis.

Since 1st of Oct. I have been under the care of a chiropractor with specialization in sports medicine. Trigger Point Massage, manipulation of the wrist joints, Ultrasound, Ice and Heat therapy, and the Graston technique have been used.

The pain has subsided but has since stopped subsiding - the pain has went from a 10 to a 8 in a matter of 6 weeks. The chiropractor seems to think that it should have improved more and keeps asking when i want to see the hand surgeon he wants to refer me too.

Should this have improved more after
being treated for 6 weeks or should i continue with the chiropratic treatment.

I'm just not comfortable with the idea of surgery after failed carpal tunnell release. Could this be in relation to the carpal tunnel?

At this point I am beyond frustrated and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I hoping you might be able to give me some idea on how to proceed...


Joshua Answers:

Hi Erin.

I'm happy to help. had Carpal Tunnel surgery that didn't help, and later had other thumb/hand/wrist pain that a different doctor called Deqeurvain's?

True? False?

And fyi, x-rays don't diagnose Tendonitis. So the doc was just ruling out fractured bones etc.

And wow, that doc went right from Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen and a wrist splint to surgery?

**shakes head in dismay at the vast majority of doctors having no clue about how to -effectively- treat Tendonitis**

I agree, let's keep you away from surgery. What would they cut on, anyway?? How exactly would that help?

I have a lot more to say, but first, some questions:

1. Tell me about the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Details details details.

2. Tell me more about the Dequervains. details, details, details.

3. Where are you at now, symptom wise?

4. What have you been doing for it to help it?

5. What's your overall food/dietary intake look like?

6. Age.

7. Overall health.

8. History of accident or injury?

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Ongoing De Quervian's Tenosynovitis, Doctors Want Me To Have Surgery

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Dec 13, 2010
Re: Ongoing DeQuervian's Tenosynovitis
by: Erin

Oh wow, you do have a lot of questions...I hope you have a lot of time. Yes, you were correct I did have Carpal Tunnel Surgery (that after further research not sure I actually needed, I'll get to that in a minute) and then a different doctor called Dequervain's and now may be Intersection Sydrome. Actually the orthopedic surgeon didnt go from Anti-inflammatory drugs and a splint to surgery, the first visit when i was diagnosed he said he was doing a dequevian's surgery on another woman that week and could squeeze me in - I found that to be a little SCARY!! When I kept refusing the surgery he was forced to try something else. I've been told by the chiropractor that 400mg of motrin wasnt nearly enough to reduce any inflammation in a 2 week period - I would have needed 800-1000mg 3X a day for about a month to reduce that much inflammation.
To start the problem, about 3 yrs ago or better (age 22 at the time), I started feeling pain in my wrist whenever I overused it, then all 5 of my fingers started falling asleep to be reawakened when i'd shake my hand. So i made a trip to my PCP to find out why - he sent me to the only orthopedic surgeon that my insurance at the time would allow (an orthopedic surgeon that i now know what not very respected in the community, nor anywhere else for that matter - I wont mention names) The orthopedic surgeon sent me straight for a Nerve Conduction study and placed me in a splint...The nerve conduction study results stated mild carpal tunnel in the right wrist(which i have recently just seen the results of)...with the results i was told by the dr that carpal tunnel surgery had to be done with the state of my nerves or i would loose complete feeling in hand (who wouldnt have surgery when your told that). I have just recently gotten the records from that dr (which took me over a month to find)and am appalled by what i have read - most notes make me feel that he thought i was nuts and all the symptoms of pain that i described were not even mentioned it was all about the numbness. According to alot of drs and chiropractors in the area he was the KING of CARPAL TUNNEL RELEASE. Nice to know now. That dr dissappeared after he took out the stiches. Continued....

Dec 13, 2010
Continued Re: Ongoing DeQuervian's Tenosynovitis
by: Erin

From there....I ignored the remaining pain, which slowly increased to the point it is now. To the point where a new wrist would suffice, cause i'm about to point where I would cut this one off. Numbness in 4 of my fingers has only returned on and off but the numbness in my thumb remains. I was laid off work for a yr and then had to wait another 4 months after i found a job for insurance then that's when i decided to see another orthopedic surgeon, which the insurance company suggested. I was told that the pain the radiated from the tip of my thumb down my forearm ended shortly before the elbow was dequervians'. Currently I am still under the care of the chiropractor, who has managed to reduce the visable swelling with ultrasound and trigger point massage. The pain has its day's both good and Horrible. It never drops below at least a 5 on 10 scale on a good day. The bad days, the pain is so bad my skin hurts and prefer to curl up in a fetal position and cry. After chiro. treatments once a week a get a few good days. The chiro has referred me to a very respected Hand/Wrist specialist in the area, whom i see on the 21st.
Other than a severe sprain of my right arm and wrist at age 5, no other accidents or injury that i know of. I did play softball for 4 yrs in high school, I don't recall injury then. Other than being an asthmatic with severe seasonal allergies and a few food allergies (Processed OJ, Cows Milk, and Peanuts) my overall health is pretty good. I, like most consume alot of processed foods. I do however consume a little more fruits and vegetables than the food pyramid requires in a day.
I hope that has answered most if not all of your questions, I look forward to your response...after you get done shaking your head.


Joshua Comments:

Yeah, I shake my head a lot reading people's stories about their doctor experiences.

So, basically, I suggest that you get my The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works DVD and Quick Start Companion that comes with it.

It doesn't particularly matter that you've had surgery, though that may complicate things a little bit. It doesn't change the basic components.

You have to get your nutrition covered. Much/some/all of your symptoms could be due to being VitB6/B12/Magnesium/Vitamin D insufficient/deficient.

Also, you have to consider how much of that numbness is coming from up at your neck. Hand surgeons don't take that into account.

'True' Carpal Tunnel is super easy to deal with, if you know the RIGHT info. Nutritional components, and CTS symptoms from other systemic sources, can complicate things.

I don't know where you fall in the spectrum of things, but the DVD and ebook is a complete plan to get yourself out of pain.

There's plenty of (free) tips and info on this website, and if you just do those that can do a lot.

Point being, what you have, from what you said, sounds reversible.

Feb 19, 2015
My dad has intermittent severe thumb pain
by: Gen


My dad can get severe sharp shooting pains that run up his thumb.

He is 65 and works in construction. He has been to see arthritis specialists and it isn't arthritis. He has been to see chiropractors and so far had no luck.

The pain is intermittent but severe; he will go to pick up a mug by the handle and get severe stabbing pains so he has to put the mug down, he can rub his hand and then pick the mug up again to see if it happens again and no amount of picking up the mug will bring on the pain again.

Even activities that don't really require much thumb action, like flicking the indicator with the little finger whilst driving can cause this pain, or changing the gear stick without gripping it. He has had scans on his hand and his neck also as he has some degeneration of a disc within the brachial plexus region but nothing is showing up.

No one seems to know what is wrong and if this keeps progressing the way that it is he will lose the use of his hand altogether.

If you have any ideas I would be very grateful.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Gen.

I don't have enough to go on, but my first suspicion is Tenosynovitis. Read through that and see if it looks familiar.

Is there any 'catching' or 'jumping' with movement? That would point to a Trigger Thumb component to the tenosynovitis dynamic.

See Related: Acute Episodes Of Tenosynovitis Involving Multiple Joint Pain

Feb 04, 2017
Thumb pain for 10 years, brachial plexus avulsion
by: Cheryl

Hi. Hope you can help. I fell from the second floor to the concrete below . My arm was broken in several places and they had to put in metal rods.

They did this at the top of my wrist and underneath. After the cast was removed is when the pain started. Pain so bad I wanted to die or cut my thumb off. They gave me traditional opiods which provided some relief. They did a nerve conduction test and said I had a brachial plexus avulsion.

They started giving me nerve blocks 2 week then 1 x week for a month. Did not work.

Also tried the stimulator but wouldn't stay in place but didn't work. I also received steroid pain shot directly in the area of pain in my thumb. This did not work. Btw. I have no feeling on the top side of my arm and feeling underneath.

You cannot touch the bottom of my hand at all. The pain in the thumb shoots from the fingertip to the base of thumb. Stabbing and shocking right down to the bone. The q veins test does not cause any pain.

Please somebody have an answer. Could it be carpal tunnel from the rods they inserted and took out or brachial plexus ?

Please I need help.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Cheryl.

Ouch. That sounds terrible.

Have you been experiencing this level of pain/problem for 10 years??

Brachial plexus avulsion happens when enough impact/overstretch happens such that the nerves of the arm are pulled so hard that the nerves are actually yanked out of the spinal cord. "

That of course can happen 'a little' or 'completely'. Your scenario doesn't sound like 'completely'.

"Signs and symptoms may include a limp or paralyzed arm, lack of muscle control in the arm, hand, or wrist, and lack of feeling or sensation in the arm or hand. "

Are you lacking any muscle control?

Significant muscle atrophy?

1. How/why exactly to the doctors think you suffer from a brachial plexus avulsion? Have they done an MRI or equivalent?

2. If you went back into a cast/split, do you think you'd still have all the pain?

3. Is it movement that causes the pain?

4. Where were the bones broken?

5. Do you still have metal in there?

6. What happens if you Ice Dip (10 second dips in arctic cold water) once or 20 times in a day?

7. Do symptoms get better/worse if you raise your hand/arm over your head towards the ceiling while standing?

8. Do the symptoms get better worse while doing that same action while laying in bed (hand over your head towards the headboard, resting on the bed/pillows)?

Feb 08, 2017
Oh yes 10 yrs
by: Cheryl

Hi. Yes it's been ten years of pain. They did MRI and c5 c6 c7 t1-2 pulled. Nerve conduction showed almost full avulsion and I suppose that's why I have feeling on the bottom of arm and hand only. My arm is small from muscle atrophy. Arm only moves in one direction. They did take all the wire out. Found out via a recent MRI shows wrist is still at a fractured stage. I totally was shocked. Yes I can raise my hand and pain stops Also when laying down. What does that mean.? I hope we can find an answer.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Cheryl.

Well, there's a HUGE difference between 'nerve avulsion', where the nerve is cut/severed/broken, and decreased nerve conductivity due to compression of a nerve.

When you say the MRI shows those nerved 'pulled', what does that mean, exactly?

As far as the bone still being fractured 10 years later, that's not good for a variety of reasons, and could be due to various reasons..

Related, what is your vitamin D level?

Feb 08, 2017
Oh yes 10 yrs
by: Cheryl

I believe a combination of broken pulled and compressed.

I also just had a osteoporosis test and I'm good. Not sure about bit d levels. I don't take a supplement.

Can I ask why you asked if the pain stopped when arm was lifted over my head. It stops the pain and I thought it was weird.

My wrist if I pull down on my hand crackles and pops.


Joshua Comments:

Well I hate to say it, but that to the extent that your nerves severed, there's no good news there, aside from getting your body working as well as possible so symptoms are as limited as possible. can lift your arm over your head, so those nerve are working.

So that tells us something (they are connected and working).

If pain got worse going up (in a normal scenario), that would mean the muscles doing the lift were compressing nerve (basically).

But the pain gets better, so that tells us that when your arm is up, that's putting nerves (and everything else involved) in a shortened and eased position (and that when your arm is down they're getting pulled on unhappily).

It stops the pain because it's removing tension (on structures that are very unhappy about the tension/pull).

In general I'd get a Vit D test and makes sure your level is between 60-80ng/ml (40-60ng/ml) is ok.

Feb 12, 2017
I found the problem
by: Cheryl

Hi. I believe this may be solved. Besides the fact that I have a brachial plexus injury. ,Four weeks ago I had pulled on my left arm to stretch it. This is the arm with almost no movement. I heard and felt a loud pop. It was after this that the nerve pain became unbearable. I believe I have messed up my rotor cuff . I have also put my arm back in a sling so it's not hanging and pulling. No more pain. At least not like before.

Will update .

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