Pain after twisting and turning wrist while grouting bathroom. Is it Tendonitis?

by Brad
(Denver, CO, USA)

I grouted some floor tile three days ago - lots of twisting and turning of the wrist. Wrist is still sore where palm and wrist connect below the little finger. Most pain comes from turning the hand as if to look at the palm. Please advise.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Brad.

Is it Tendonitis? I don't know. Techinically 'tendonitis' is a diagnosis given only by a doctor (since they're the only ones' that can legally diagnose.

Is your structure irritated? Sounds like it. Would that produce pain and other symptoms? Yep.

Did you damage something with all that twisting and turning of your wrist? I can't tell from here. If you're wrists are 'in shape', then probably not, probably you just irritated them more than your body can happily compensate for.

Tendonitis is all about the Pain Causing Dynamic. Things get tighter and tighter and worse and worse over time.

Then one day you do too much, and you feel it.

First thing to do is learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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