Pain in left arm and shoulder 1 month after receiving the H1N1 flu shot

by Diane

When i received the H1N1 flue shot instantly my neck and arm hurt very much, they said it would go away and its normal, which it did after 2 weeks, i took some advil.

Then i started gettting pains in my shoulder and my left arm (upper part arm) shoulder is constantly aching especially when i am sitting,its at the top to middle part of shoulder, I am not sure if its something to do with getting the h1n1 shot or if its a pinched nerve, i have been taking advil but its not working and this is a daily thing i cant take it anymore..

Any ideas on what it might be...


Joshua Answers:

Hi Diane.

While we expect flu shots to be safe and problem free, such is not always the case.

There is a lot of foreign material (contaminants) in there that your body may or may not overreact to.

It sounds like your system has kicked in a response to whatever in the swine flu shot it doesn't like.

Time and massage and icing of the area is all I know of to make the pain and reaction go away.

It's -possible- the needle actually hit a small nerve, and that
can mess you up, but that's kind of like finding a needle in a haystack.

But for the most part, you got stuck with a tiny weapon filled with potentially toxic ingredients. Many bodies are just fine with this. For whatever reason, yours really didn't like it, and hasn't yet relaxed about it.

Ice pack it, self massage it, drink extra water to help move things through, make sure your Vitamin D level is up, and all that will speed up the body realizing it's ok to dial down the defensive measures.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
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Comments for Pain in left arm and shoulder 1 month after receiving the H1N1 flu shot

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Feb 04, 2010
H1N1 Reaction
by: rondo320

It's been over 5 weeks since I've received the H1N1 shot.

The first night my shoulder started aching and then it spread below the arm and on the side of the chest and down the arm. About two weeks later my hand started tingling.

If I sit, the symptoms are extreme. Driving is extremely painful. When I'm walking or standing the symptoms alleviate. I had an EKG to rule out heart problems and an MRI and EMG.

The doctors I've seen have dismissed the idea that the H1N1 shot had anything to do with my troubles. They say its a bone spur in the spine that is compressing a nerve.

The neurologist even diagnosed Carpal Tunnel syndrome and has me in a splint but the tingling in my hand is only associated with the shoulder and arm pain (when seated) so I don't have much faith in his diagnosis.

I never had any pain or troubles with my upper back until the night of the flu shot yet the doctors have dismissed any idea that the flu shot had anything to do with this.

I now have zero faith in the medical profession and I guarantee I have received my last flu shot.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Rondo320.

Yeah, it's just kind of weird that you were fine, and then you had the shot, and immediately had pain and symptoms.

I can imagine why doctors would dismiss any correlation between pain and the H1N1 vaccination, but still, that's a pretty obvious cause/effect.

Thanks for sharing. The more people that have reactions, the more people can see that the shots aren't as safe as the gov't and the pharmaceutical/medical industry are promising.

The only thing I can think of as far as why the pain/tingling is worse when you sit is that, for a variety of reasons, your scalene muscles (on the front of the neck on top of the nerve that feeds the arm) is extra tight from all the irritation, and something about your sitting posture makes them clamp down even more, which compresses your nerve.

I suggest frequent and gentle neck stretches that lengthen the muscles and connective tissue on the front and front/side of your neck. If it's extra tight/painful, that's a good clue.

Feb 18, 2010
H1N1 flu shot adverse reaction in 82 year old
by: Anonymous

Hello all, my mother had the shot and 2 days later her neck and across both shoulders in the back were so bad, and then it traveled down her front chest muscle to about where her breast starts.

She was in so mush pain she could hardly move, so we took her to the dr. and he said it was probably from coughing so much..(she just got out of the hospital with pnemonia, thats were they gave her the shot) her right arm was also very bad from it, she said she could shoot herself.

She is 82 years old and very spry, dr. gave her tramadol but it dunged her out too much so she is back on the advil.

That was 2 weeks ago and is still in some pain today but she told me it is feeling a bit better than it was.. thank god.

It is the h1n1 shot that caused it we think.

Thank u.


Joshua Comments:

Thanks for sharing! I hope she starts feeling better soon.

I HIGHLY suggest that you get her Vitamin D level tested and then makes sure she gets the level up with D3 supplementation. Vit D is HUGELY related to overall health of the body and immune system and a host of other factors like reducing the incidence of 'falling down' in the elderly.

She's still spry, adequate Vitamin D levels will help keep her that way.

Feb 25, 2010
continued pain in shoulder two months after H1N1
by: Karen

I received the H1N1 shot on January 7th. I immediately knew when the pharmacist jabbed me high up in the arm that something was wrong. I got home and within an hour my upper shoulder was throbbing.

I continue to have pain, have trouble finding a comfortable position in bed and wake up in the middle of the night from the discomfort. I am very frustrated and doubt I'll get this shot again (I'm 59)since it's effecting my daily activity also.

Mar 05, 2010
very strange
by: Anonymous

It's hard for me to believe that the H1N1 vaccine could cause this pain but I also have experience very painful left shoulder and arm with tingling and numbness six weeks after having H1N1 vaccine.

Is this a strange coincidence or might all these incidents be related? One reason for doctors to be in denial would be that they are reluctant to suggest a problem with the vaccine, unless they have some concrete evidence that the vaccine is responsible.


Joshua Comments:

Personally, I have no problem believing that vaccinations of any kind can cause harm. There are all sorts of additives and such in vaccinations, like thimerosal. And even worse lots of vaccinations, when found to be harmful/tainted are then sold to/given to/shipped to third world countries.

There -is- proof that people have been harmed by vaccination. It just takes a small amount of time on google to find all sorts of verified evidence.

Though, as you say, the key is 'concrete' proof. "I had the shot and two hours later had X symptoms." is not considered concrete by the medical community.

My point being, I have no faith that the population is guaranteed to have safe, effective, harmless medications provided to them.

So. Can it be a coincidence? Yes. Can all that be from reaction to the injection? Yes.

Sorry, not a very concrete answer.

Mar 08, 2010
1st Flu Vaccination was the last for this 70 year old
by: Anonymous

Its way after midnight and I can't sleep for the pain in my left shoulder and arm. I had my shot some weeks ago, within 6 days I came down with severe flu symptoms and a severe chest infection followed.

Each winter I brag that I never get colds or flu but since this swine flu shot I have not been at all well with pain in the left shoulder and arm, constant colds and flu like symptoms. I am 70yrs old and have had open heart surgery 18months ago--of course with this pain I was worried sick I was having a heart attack or angina.

I will never again have shots of this unproved type.

The medical profession and drug companies especially stand to make a great deal of money so push these 'treatments' upon us.

I shall be glad when the warmer weather comes and we can get some sun on our bodies and have some 'natural' medicine!!!


Joshua Comments:

Well said. Unfortunatley is sometimes takes things goign wrong to have us really start questioning the status quo.

And, there's no need to wait till summer to get your Vitamin D levels up! Most every story has Vitamin D3 supplements for sale.

Apr 27, 2010
swine flue adverse reactions in shoulder
by: Robert Mullin Ireland

dear sir/madam,

I received the swine flue jab (pandermix)in november 2009. I expected to be unwell for a few days, however it is April 2010 and I have spent the last 6 months going to my doctor Des Woods and a shoulder specialist DR. mullett to find why since I received the swine flue jab i have been unable to sleep.

I wake in the middle of the night with a severe pain in my left shoulder, this has only occurred since the swine flue jab.

I used to play golf 3 times a week for the last
20 years I cannot hit a golf ball since. I feel so unwell at times I feel like shooting my shoulder off, this comment comes from a man of 59 years old who has had 4 bypass and 12 stents over the last 20 years.


Joshua Comments:

Ouch Robert.

If you're having cardiac issues then you are on Statins, yes?

One thing that may be playing a role is that Statins (long story short) limit the production of enzyme CoQ10, which (long story short) creates 'cell energy'.

So your cells may, literally, not have enough energy to fight this thing off.

Read this page and see if it relates at all. Statins and Muscle Pain

Symptoms can vary a lot, as there are A LOT of variable factors. The shot could have done something funky, your body gets stuck into a protective mode (which ironically often makes things hurt). Due to the Statins, you body may not have the ummph to push back against the invader/response to the invader.

I would also get my Vitamin D level up between 50-80 PRONTO.

I would also Suggest you get up to at least your tolerance level of Magnesium. Click that link and read that page to the bottom then follow the 'magnesium dosage' link.

And might as well try high dose Vitamin C. Vitamin C is necessary for connective tissue and wound healing, among other things.

Time -probably- will (hope so) make the pain go away. But it sounds like you're tired of it -now-, so consider it a quest and a learning opportunity.

There's no known cure for this. Doctors don't even know what causes it, really. You're going to have to experiment and put some effort into it.

Keep up updated, and ask questions.

May 20, 2010
pain in left arm/shoulder after taking H1N1 injection
by: sherry

I had that same problem after taking that injection at work. I had to have surgery yesterday (5-19-10) I had a lot of adhesions.

The pain started in the muscle I got the H1N1 injection the last week of November and it just got worse as time went by.

I couldn't raise my arm and if I tried it hurt so bad. I received the injection at the hospital I work at. Now after being off work for a couple of weeks they are going to have a meeting with me as if to keep me there or not.

I think they should compensate me for all that pain and time off work.

I really and truly believe that the injection caused it but I don't have enough proof.

Joshua Comments:

Hi Sherri.

Yeah, that's the tough thing....proof.

As far as I know, there is no 'proof'. And not many people that actually believe a shot can be harmful either. :(

Sep 05, 2010
Same problem, different area.
by: Doug

I had my first flu shot two days ago, I'm 17 and have been allergic to eggs since birth and my pediatrician felt it wasn't safe to give me the vaccination. I've since grown out of my egg allergy, and the doctor felt it would be safe for me to have the shot.

Two days later, I woke up this morning very early in the morning with an excruciating pain in my right shoulder. I decided that since it was too uncomfortable to lay down I'd get up and start my day, but the pain has persisted and even moved up into the lower right area of my neck. It feels slightly swollen and is very warm. I've a slight fever and after reading the other comments I really can't stand this for the next 6 months. (The area where I received the shot is swollen and painful)

Extra info: My seasonal allergies have been acting up, and I've been suffering from congestion for awhile.

P.S. The main reason why I'm confused about this is that I had the shot on my upper left arm, and the pain is originating in my right shoulder.


Joshua Comments:

So where you got the shot is swollen and painful, and the other shoulder is painful too? I think that's what you're saying.

1. Assuming you drink milk, stop. Milk causes congestion etc.

2. You may just be having an immune system response to the vaccination. You were injected with the flu, essentially, and it's not uncommon to get flu symptoms after the shot. Thus achey, swollen, muscle pain, fever, etc.

Check back in a few days, let's see what happens.

Oct 27, 2010
Help, pain still 1 month after H1N1 flu shot
by: Anonymous

Seriously, i got the flu shot last month with H1N1 and I am suffering ever since. My shoulder, neck and upper back on the side of injection are really hurting.

After I got the vaccine the lymph nodes by my clavicle were swollen. that has gone down, but the pain and tingling are still here after a month.

Jan 05, 2011
flu shot pain in arm
by: Carol CraftAnonymous

About 2 months ago I got my flu shot and ever since I can hardly sleep or drive. It feels like someone hit me in the arm with a big rock and I can only raise it half way up without saying a curse word.

I hope it goes away and I am struggling just to do normal everyday things.

Jan 18, 2011
Similar situation but with Tdap shot.
by: Anonymous

I received the Pertussis vaccine (Tdap) 2 months ago. I had immeadiate pain in my left shoulder that I assumed was normal because tetanus shots are usually more painful than others. After the first week the pain turned into a constant ache and was even worse when I slept.

I also have a lot of pain when I put my arm up over my head, like trying to put shirts on and off. I have been taking ibuprofen all day every day.

My doctor says it is a deep tissue hematoma and I just have to wait for my body to fight it off. This was the first time I have ever gotten a vaccine for anything as an adult and the only reason was because I have a 1 year old.

I am sure now that I would much rather have chanced getting the "whooping cough" then ever have to go through this pain again!

Feb 24, 2011
Still in Pain
by: Anonymous

I received my flu shot in Oct. 2009 and have had arm, shoulder and neck pain ever since. After two orthopedic visits and an MRI, nobody can diagnose the problem. One surgeon stated that he has seen patients who are complaining about arm and shoulder pain after the flu shot but could not determine why. I firmly believe my problem is a result of the flu shot and don't know where to turn next.

Mar 31, 2011
Shoulder pain 6 months after H1N1 Flu shot
by: Judy

I received a flu shot in Sept of 2010. Went to the Dr and he said I had frozen shoulder. I told him I thought it was because of the flu shot, he said he had heard a couple of other people say the same thing.

So here I am 6 months later and my my arm and shoulder still hurt and I dont have very good range of motion. I did their exercises for a couple of months and that loosened it up some but I still cant reach behind my back or extend my arm over my head and its still painful.

If I had known this was going to happen I would never had the flu shot!

So here's fair warning for anyone getting the flu shot - Beware!

Jun 04, 2011
loss of use/ three fingers left hand after flu shot
by: Anonymous

after getting the flu shot by a person at my doctor's office, a person who shot me in the arm as I was walking, to return a magazine to the wall rack and return to my seat, for the shot,she shot me at random.I started having sharp pain on my arm,that night radiating to my neck,up my shoulder,my back,and my breast,few days later,my middle finger and the next finger were numb now my baby finger is also numb and useless.I STILL HAVE PAIN AND SWELLING.Went to the neurologist, he said it was due to the shot, after he did the EMG,he said it was due to arthiritis.Was he confused or is it a cover-up---use of my left hand after the shot is not coincidence. I am 83 yrs. old


Joshua Comments:

A 'cover up' requires a rational plan. Usually what happens in the medical world is people just have no idea.

They don't think flu shots could hurt anyone, so it -must- be arthritis. There's no way to test for or 'proove ' that your symptoms are from flu shots, and arthritis is an easy scapegoat diagnosis.

So they're off the hook, you get no help. It IS a coverup in my book.

Sep 19, 2011
HELP!!!! -- Pain in left arm and shoulder 1 month after receiving the H1N1 flu shot
by: Jules.01

I had the H1N1 flu jab around Oct 2009, still my arm, neck and shoulder is aching, i've shooting pains in my arm my neck and shoulder and shoulder blade seems to be in constant lumps and spasms, there also seems to be a very small bit of fluid like build up around site of injection in arm (basically I can still feel the exact point where it was injected) never had this issue before the jab, had a bad reaction for a few weeks, site of injection swole up and I was unable to use arm it was so soar!!!

So doc put me on Lyrica (nerve killing tablet) as he thought i had a trapped nerve in my neck but mri's came back clear, and that helped a little, i've been through MRI's, Rhematologists, Neurologists (waiting results on mri from brain and cervical spine if they come back clear they are discharging me), Pain Management so many different painkillers i'm sick taking them!!

and i'm still back square one, feel as though i'm hitting my head against a brick wall but i'm telling you now this injection has caused this despite everyone's efforts to say it hasn't, i'm so glad to have found this site to know i'm not alone,

Does anyone know any new steps that I can take to try and get better i'm in so much constant pain?
Thanks for reading, hope this is helpful.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jules.

You're definitely not alone.

The best I have for you is on this thread. And of course if anyone else has anything helpful to offer (something that actually reduced/eliminated flu shot complication side effects and symptoms), please do feel free to contribute.

Oct 19, 2011
shoulder pain from flu shot
by: Rose

I received my flu shot 9/2/11 & started sever shoulder pain that went down arm to elbow that night. MRI results showed partial tear in subscaoularis, partial longitudinal split involving intraocular component, sever tendinitis of intraarticulat & supraspinatus, inflammation & other minor issues. I have never had shoulder issues & do not exercise or lift anything heavy. It was first time going outside doctor office for shot (Kmart) & fist time shot given so high up arm & I swear I heard a pop when needle being removed. I am convinced I got injured from shot being given wrong. There has also been a report from department of health & human services that have findings that shoulder injuries to improper vaccination techniqu.

Nov 02, 2011
Pains after flu jab in the UK
by: Anonymous

I had a flu jab 2 weeks ago and am experiencing similar pains to everyone else. After about 3 days I had severe pain in my shoulder and down my arm with tingling in my fingers.

GP said it was co-incidental, I had mild fever and it would go away. It hasn't and a visit to a physio today confirmed a trapped nerve although she couldn't see where it had originated. I am looking on the bright side and hoping her treatment will help !


Joshua Comments:

1. How convenient that it's 'coincidental'.

2. Confirmed a trapped nerve? What?? That makes no sense. Well....maybe as a secondary effect of muscles tightening up in response to pain and inflammation.

Having said that, let me know how it goes.

Nov 02, 2011
Only comfort is finding I am not alone
by: Anonymous

I am into my 3rd week now with extreme pain in my left shoulder and arm to include a numb index finger and semi-numb thumb and loss of strength mostly in my tricep as well as some throughout my entire arm. All of this started after my flu shot as well. After doing nerve conductivity tests, they have narrowed it down to what they call a Left C-7 Radiculopathy and are ordering up an MRI to see what they can see.

They are not sure how a flu shot could go along with this diagnosis so far, but they have not dismissed it. If I have more info, I will post again.


Joshua Comments:

Here's how they're related.

1. LOTS of people have disc degeneration, bulge, and rupture but NO symptoms of any kind.

2. For whatever reason, the shot has jacked up a Pain Causing Dynamic that has tightened muscles up to 'guard' and increased pain due to the pain enhancing chemical released by the Process of Inflammation.

This causes muscles to compress joints, etc, which an MRI will prove is the cause. Meaning, they'll blame your symptoms on a joint issue, but never ask what CAUSED the joint issue in the first place.

Let us know what happens.

Nov 03, 2011
Shoulder issues after the flu shot, swelling and pain
by: Judy

I received my flu shot last Friday afternoon, my 10th year in a row. This one hurt like crazy and I bled afterward. That night, my arm throbbed badly.

Saturday morning after my shower, I noticed a baseball sized lump on my back at the shoulder and my shoulder hurt something awful. I went to the ER to get checked out. After a series of x-rays, they thought I sprained my shoulder or my rotator cuff in my sleep. They prescribed a sling and pain meds.

Last night I saw my doctor who said "that is not a sprain, that is from the flu shot". He said they nicked something and the fluid settled in my shoulder. I have no idea how long it will take to clear up, I just know it hurts.

I was at the hospital today for an unrelated test and the technician told me she had the same thing two years ago and was still having issues.

Nov 07, 2011
Sore arm from flu shot at Walmart 3 weeks ago
by: Russ

I had a flu shot at a Walmart 3 weeks ago. It hurt the instant I got it. That night I woke up completely wet from night sweats. I am still having a sore shoulder and I have trouble lifting anything without severe pain.

I am 51 and had flu shots for many years and never like this. I'm glad I am not alone in my pain.

Nov 09, 2011
Continuing Pain After H1N1
by: Grunwaldt

I had the first flu shot of my life in February 2010. Today, in November 2011, I am still experiencing dreadful pain in the area around the injection site.

My doctor prescribed an antibiotic in March of 2010 because of tenderness and heat in my arm. The antibiotic took care of that, but the throbbing pain continues.

I've since asked my doctor what could cause this, and he is stumped. My sister heard me complain, and she is convinced that it sounds like nerve damage. I agree with her.

Dec 17, 2011
pain in rt. shoulder & arm going downto baby finger
by: gerry pickford

I had h1n1 shot & shortly after I started with sharp pain in my back like stabbing knifes in my back.

I went to chriopractor for 7 days with no relief,so went to emergency room & it took me 3 trips to emergency & finally. they said i had infection in my back so they started on a stong antibiotic by intervenus for 7 days.

It seem to clear it up, but the pain moved to rt hand shoulder & numbness in my rt. hand side arm & baby finger.I have been to my family docter & he does not know whats causing it,& puzzled. The doctor in emergency was the same way & told he did't know what it was & to go my family doctor. I mentioned it to both Drs. & they just ignored the question about the h1n1 shot.

It seems very funny that this severe pain started shortly after the flu start. I don't know what to do. If it can be proved it was the flu shot maybe we should advertise the problems that can arise from this shot.


Joshua Comments:

Yes, it would be -great- if there were some way to prove the correlation.

I'm 'infection' in your back...what would that be, exactly?? Did they say? What exactly was infected?

Jan 06, 2012
pain from flu shot 10/11/2011
by: Anonymous

I received my shot 10/11/2011. My arm and shoulder were sore that night. The pain went across my chest and under my arm. I had a golf ball size bump at the injections site and it was warm to the touch.

I saw my dr 2 weeks after the shot and he said that I just needed to stretch the muscle and it should go away. It is January 6, and I still have pain down my right breast and underarm. It doesn't hurt to touch, but it hurts when the skin stretches.

It feels like a muscle sprain, but in that area?

Feb 10, 2012
Pain in my Left arm, sholder, raidaiting to my hand
by: Lyle

Two years ago I received the H1N1 injection, Shortly after, I experienced pain in my arm radiating in my back. My back pain has subsided, however, My shoulder has bothered me constantly, I have lost mobility in my arm and the nerve must be damaged. My fingers tingle and I have experienced problems with my fingers locking up.

I can't sleep at night or sit with my arm to my side. I have a very tender spot on the center and top of my shoulder. If I reach up quickly I have searing pain in my entire arm.

I have visited the Doctor and they don't know what to make of it. This has gone on for over two years.

Please, anyone if you have any ideas please let me know.

Mar 02, 2012
6 months in after bad flu shot
by: Anonymous

That website is for injury from vaccines to help people get compensation.I am considering applying if I continue to experience pain.

I had a flu shot shot too high in my shoulder and has caused severe pain to were I couldn't raise my arm over my head for months. It has been 6 months now. I still have burning pain in my shoulder that goes down to my elbow, my muscles are mushy from not being able to move my arm without major pain.

It is getting better slowly but there are really bad days and my range of motion isn't normal. The doctors opinion is that she shot it too high and either hit nerves or tendon. She injected it about 1/2" from my shoulder.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Thanks for the link! Great.

It's either the needle hit a nerve (possible but very unlikely) or your body didn't like a toxic agent in the shot.

Just hitting the tendon wouldn't do anything. Injuring a nerve certainly would.
Poor reaction to toxic agents in the vaccine certainly could, including on/close to a nerve.

Mar 21, 2012
Severe pain in left arm - Pain in left arm and shoulder 1 month after receiving the H1N1 flu shot
by: Lynda

Hi all, I had my flu jab in September 2011 and it was slightly painful for a couple of months. In December the pain increased and started to get unbearable. Now I cannot lift my arm and my husband has to help me dress/undress. My movements are now so limited and the pain so intense that I struggle to do a lot of things.

The only way I can describe the pain is that it is like a vice is clamping my muscles and I get shooting pains throughout the day, as if receiving an electic shock. I cannot sleep properly due to the pain.

Over the past few months my GP has had to increase my painkillers and I am now on the maximum dose of various painkillers. Had various tests and GP and Consultant are convinced it is due to the flu jab.

Having read all the comments it is too coincidental and it has to be as a result of the flu jab but, apart from painkillers, the Dr's do not know how to treat the problem. I fear that this may be permanent and I am seriously considering alternative treatments.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Lynda.

So sorry to hear that.

What have you tried so far to make things better?

Mar 23, 2012
Achy arm after flu shot
by: S Irvine

I received my flu shot about 2 months ago and my arm has been sore ever since. It's a muscle issue...I think. A dull ache exists al the time. Sometimes I notice it more than usual and I'm sure Ibuprofen would help but I don't want to take that everyday. My guess is that my Dr injected it into the wrong area. I know it's normal to end up with a sore arm but for this period of time? There is no redness or visible signs like inflammation ...just achy.


Joshua Comments:

Did the person administering the flu shot give the shot in the wrong spot?

See the last post from Deb on that topic: Chemical Tendonitis From The H1N1 Flue Shot

Apr 28, 2012
Me Too ...
by: Tony in Australia

I too have had a flu shot, the 2012 version here. Around 5 days after the shot I had incredible pain at the location of the shot and then the pain spread into the shoulder and back of my neck.
Prior to the shot I had no symptoms of anything, and in the 5 days after the shot did nothing physical that would cause such pain.

Like many others on this and other sites I suffered so much pain that I would wake up at night in agony and have to spend the night either under a hot shower or just walking around. I could not even try to sleep on my back or the side where the shot was given because of the pain.

I have severely reduced arm movement. I have been for an ultrasound and MRI, and guess what, nothing is showing as wrong.

I purchased an Inferential machine ( similar in concept to a tens machine, but better ) to relieve the pain, and this gave some relief.

It has been around 7 weeks now and at last the pain is reducing and I think things are on the mend. My doctor says my condition after a flu shot is almost unknown although he did have a similar case a while back.

I did get the swine flu and that was nasty, but at least I could sleep, which is something that I couldn`t do properly after this flu shot.

For me now I`m not sure if this is a one off reaction , maybe I now have some allergy to something in the shot, but I won`t and can`t take the risk of something similar in the future, so for me now No More Flue Shots.

Oct 03, 2012
UPDATE from Nov 2, 2011 Anonymous post
by: Sonya

Well, we finally wiped out the pain about 1 1/2 months after my original post. The cure that worked for me included constant stretching and movement (like a sprain, don't keep it stationary too long), 3 10day rounds almost back-to-back of Prednisone, Ibuprofen every 6 hours, Codine as prescribed, and Skelaxon as prescribed. All of which I was taking for most of those 2 months except the Skelaxon. Once they added that to the mix, my pain started to decrease rapidly. I slowly stopped all but continued the Skelaxon as needed any time my muscle seemed to tense up and the pain never came back. I do still periodically get muscle spasms, but I stretch lots and if bad enough, take a Skelaxon that night and it all seems to be fine.

The source of the pain in my case was a pinched nerve in the base of my neck that was being held there by swelling. So I constantly focus on neck stretches and ways to keep my muscles relaxed in that area. Slow side-to-side neck stretches, full back stretches, bend over and let my upper body hang loose for 2 minutes at a time, and/or 10 min. on my inversion table are my daily routine.

Hope this can help someone out there. So many of you sounded like you were experiencing the exact some symptoms I had. Thanks for your help. I sent a link to this site to my doctor on his request.

He really got to the bottom of it for me :)

Nov 14, 2012
2 years later and still pain.....
by: Anonymous

2 years later and my arm on my left side.....where they pricked me hurts like you know what. It feels like a weird sensation. It feels horrible and I hate going to sorcerers that tell lies (doctors). Yeah I know not all of them are in on the big plan to hurt us. But I trust no one these days.

Anyhoos, just hope my arm doesn't fall off. But it seems like someone is pinching inside my arm. Agh! I wish I did not get that lie of a shot.

Dec 05, 2012
h1n1 flu shot on 2009 and left arm is still very sore to touch and feels like there is a knot or bump in there
by: Anonymous

I had h1n1 november/december 2009.because i became a grandmother and to visit my granbaby who had extened stay in hospital due to other issues..but it was a requiremwent back in 2009 and if i wanted to visit him i had to get shot.

well since i got shot it first swelled up and was very very painful and it was also hot around the area of sometimes doesnt bother me,however if i go to touch or press on the area where they injected me it is very painful and it feels as if there is a knot there.

i am afraid to press to hard not only because of pain but what if its an infection i dont want it going theu my blood.i discussed it with doctor when i first had it done and they said it was normal..i no longer go to that doctor either..has anyone heard of it becoming infection ?

i am hesitant to ask my new doctor because they will just dis,iss the fact..any ideas???

Dec 09, 2012
Tdap vaccine and idiot Doctors
by: James

In Feb 2011 my Doctor decided to give me a Tdap vaccine, I "trusted" the expert as she said it was to prevent illness, 21 months later I am still suffering the horrific reaction.

My whole system went haywire, I could not work or even drive, I spent most of my time in bed, long story short my legs hurt like hell, a tight feeling in my hamstrings that even now as I type is still with me, I kept on mentioning this tight feeling but all they did was keep sending me off for blood tests and MRI scans, I have been to see a specialist and again complained of the tightness is my Hamstring area,to add insult to injury they said I was delusional. I am an honest hardworking person, If I say my hamstrings are tight since the Tdap vaccine then you can take it to the bank.
Another specialist did the nerve test and muscle test, both came back OK, yet NONE of these experts mentioned it could be my tendons!

After so long of my legs feeling tight my problem has now gone to my Achilles tendons, I cannot even walk without a cane. Beware of "experts" with vaccines, when it goes wrong they are quick to blame others and have no clue how to repair the damage.

I hope this makes someone, anyone STOP and think before allowing them to treat YOU like they did me.

Feb 15, 2013
Pain in shoulder after flu shot
by: Humberto Flores

Pain after Flu shot is spreading to my right hand specially in shoulder area when I lie down.

At first pain was a number 2 of 10 but now has slowly increased to a 8 or 9. Over 2 months now.

Pain patches help a little but not much. Can not sleep on right side.

Any Help would be appreciated. Doc said it should go away but it has not.


Joshua Comments

Sorry to hear that Humberto.

Unfortunately, the doctors don't offer money back guarantees...

Read through the thread. What answers we have are all in here.

Jul 08, 2013
by: Diana Lee Peery

Nov 2009 I had an H1N1 injection that began a rampage in my body of inflammation.

I had limited range of shoulder motion, and affected my ankles, knees, hips and neck. The damage can be reversed. After three days I knew I would again regain full use of every part of my body.

Nov 22, 2013
flu shot caused throbbing up and down my shoulder, numb fingers and tingling
by: Anonymous

It has been a month since i have received the flu shot, i have lots of throbing pain up and down my arm and shoulder, numb fingers and lots of tingling especially when my arm is rested, can't get a goodnite sleep.!!!!!

Dec 27, 2013
shoulder and arm pain from flu jab
by: Anonymous

Had the flu jab two weeks ago and my arm was awful thenext day now i cannot move my arm my shoulder is in so much pain what do i do ive been up all night in tears and now have the flu too .

Jan 05, 2014
I feel your pain, Help!
by: Alton Young

I want to share with everyone that I also been having the same problems after the 2013 flu shot. I never wanted to get the flu shot, but the constant hounding from doctors I caved in and did it. They push the flu shot so hard that it is like going to a car dealership.

Over a month now and my whole arm, back, chest and shoulder have been cramping up so tight it hurts even as I am typing this. My arm will get cold and my hands tingle like it fell asleep. Its driving me nuts that I can't sleep. I've been now popping pain killers like candy just to hold my sons in my arms. I'm pissed and never should have got the shot. Please someone tell me how long this will last.

Jun 01, 2014
Pain from Tdap shot
by: Anonymous

I received a Tdap shot in Jan. as my daughter was delivering a new baby. I feel they gave me the shot too high. I didn't even feel it where my husband had stinging immediately and sore arm for a few days.

Two days later I had terrible pain in my shoulder. I still have it and get little sleep at night as it is worse at night.

I have tried therapy and now my chiropractor is working on me. He has made it better during the day but nights continue to be horrible.

I'm thinking a cortisone shot might be the next move. I will be very hesitant to get the flu shot next fall!

If anyone comes up with a solution I would love to hear it!!

Dec 04, 2014
Pain in left arm and shoulder after 7 weeks from receiving Flu shot
by: Anonymous

I had the flu shot in a doctors office and the moment she gave me the shot it hurt different than any other shot I have ever received.

Ever since then I have had throbbing pain in my left arm, left shoulder. I have weakness in my left.

At first I thought maybe I am having a heart attack but then I realized that I have pain right in the area where the shot was given. I cannot believe the pain that receiving this shot has given me.

I am a medical person, in very good health and I have taken pain medicine, massaged the area, iced it, heated it and put topical creams on it all with no relief.

I went to my PCP and he said she must have hit a nerve when she injected me. He said give it a few more weeks. YIKES!! Its been 7 weeks now.

I just hope the pain and the weakness goes away. I will never get another flu shot after this.

Oct 07, 2015
Much pain from flu shot
by: Anonymous

Had gotten my flu shot last Wednesday today is a week had to go back to the doctors as I had gotten a very bad cold with name it..

I have bad pain in my arm that goes to my shoulder and hand.. I found out that when the nurse gave me my flu shot she hit a nerve so this is why I have such pain.... Also on strong antibiotics !!

Never again will I get a flu shot!!! Rather take my chances!!

Feb 04, 2016
by: Anonymous



Feb 19, 2016
left arm pain after pnuemonia vaccine
by: Anonymous

It,s over 4 months now since I received the pnuemonia vaccine.The injection itself was extremely painful,I asked for the needle to be removed,but no attention was paid by nurse.

The pain in my left arm from about 2 inches below shoulder,to elbow and into wrist is unbearable.

Also I have pins and needles shooting down my arm, hand and fingers.

After several visits to Doctors and different painkillers, nothing is helping. I had absolutely no pain in this arm before this vaccine.

Strangely I can move my arm, but sitting still it is excruciating. Ultrasound scan shows nothing but a little bursa.

Does anyone else have these odd symptoms?

Oct 14, 2016
Same symptoms as Diane and still in pain
by: Gina

I'm experiencing the same thing as Diane exactly. Over a month and trying all of the above mentioned and still feeling the pain. It's like my arm is gonna stop moving soon . So weird . I'm never getting this shot again .

Dec 08, 2016
Pain in arm and shoulder 5 weeks after flu shot
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem it's been five weeks since I got the shot and I'm having extreme arm and shoulder pain I don't know what to do I've been putting heat on it and taking Motrin.

Feels like my rotator cup is torn I did nothing to hurt my arm or shoulder only thing was the flu shot I told my doctor about it last week and he said sometimes if you move when you're getting the shot it may kick you in the muscle but eventually go away is that the truth.

Jul 24, 2017
Shoulder pain, pins and needles related to H1N1 virus
by: John in England

Not quite the same, but I suffered from H1N1 Type A influenza ("Swine Flu") in March 2016 to the point where it was nearly fatal.

I had never had a flu jab beforehand (I will now though!!!). Two lasting effects have been pins and needles in two fingers of my right hand, and constant ache/pain in my left shoulder, even now after about 16 months. I am seeking answers as to what happened, and what I can do about it, but find little relevant information available.


Joshua Comments:

Hi John.

So, you got swine flu and then got a flu vaccination that left you with the pins and needles and shoulder pain?

Or you got the vaccination and then the near fatal swine flu and pins and needles and shoulder pain?

Jul 31, 2017
Response to Joshua
by: John in England.

I got the near-fatal swine flu, and ended up with the shoulder pain and pins and needles after the illness subsided and I had recovered as far as I was going to. (I had Tamiflu whilst afflicted with the swine flu, but I don't know if this would have the same effect as a flu jab as is being discussed?) I did have a flu jab six months after I recovered, but had the pain/ P&N before and after that so don't see that as relevant in my case.


Joshua Comments:

"I got the near-fatal swine flu, and ended up with the shoulder pain and pins and needles after the illness subsided and I had recovered as far as I was going to."

So you got the flu, got right shoulder pain and pins and needles (in what two fingers of the right hand?) and 6 months after the flu got a vaccination shot in the shoulder that didn't make the shoulder pain/P&N better or worse?

If so, that's kind of weird/surprising. The swine flue gave you shoulder pain and P&N (in the shoulder) just on one side/one shoulder? "

I'm now trying to figure out how to determine whether that's just coincidence or not.

Were you coughing a lot etc while sick? Or just felling terrible?

May 10, 2018
Flu shot
by: Beverly

I got the flu shot around 6 months ago.A couple days ago my arm started hurting in the exact spot where i got the shot it feels like i just recieved the shot my arm is really sore i have been getting the flu shot since 2011 and this is the first time i have had this problem.

Nov 28, 2018
Flu shot
by: Anonymous

I’ve been taking the flu shot for many years and I never had any problems but this year It’s been more than a month that I took the flu shot and at the time just a few minutes later my left arm started to hurt, they said it was normal and it would go away . After a few days I couldn’t elevate my left arm above my head , it was very painful.. it’s better now but it still constantly hurts when I move it around or lay on it. I never had any problems with my left arm before the flu shot.

I don’t think I’ll be taking the flu shot next year.

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