Plantar Fasciotomy 3 months ago. Tendinitis is KILLING me! I want to exercise!!

by Susan
(Houston, Texas)

I'd had plantar fasciitis off and on for at least 15 years.

I'm 46 years old and overweight, which is the major contributing factor, I'm sure.

I'm a schoolteacher so I'm on my feet a lot. I also live in Texas where it's hotter than heck so I used to wear flip flops a LOT! I discovered Vionic flip flops and they were fabulous!

Last spring my pf came back with a vengeance. I was limping even with tennis shoes and orthotic inserts. Steroid dose packs would lend fleeting relief., and 4 ibuprofen did nothing.

Some nights I couldn't sleep because of the pain. I tried night boots, but too cumbersome. I wanted to cut my feet off! So I had surgery in July.

Surgery was a breeze. Recovery was more intense than I expected. I just didn't realize how physically and emotionally taxing it would be.

Thank goodness I was out of school! I was in my boot a month and then in tennis shoes with power step inserts per my doc. Not easy to make a "fashion statement" in only tennis shoes! So I found some Skechers slip ons I could fit my insets in that wouldn't look hideous with pants for work!

All seemed to be progressing, I thought. Right before school started I bought a new pair of asics to wear on fridays w jeans. After the first time I wore them I had bad pain on the outside of my foot. I thought just new shoes.

After a few more times wearing them I realized they were the cause. Doc said they may cause my foot to pronate too much. So $ down the drain and back in other tennis shoes. The tendinitis got a bit better.

October 3 was the day I could come out of tennis shoes and back in regular shoes. Couldn't do it! Hurt too bad! Pain on outside of foot and on top where foot bends near ankle.

He said that's perineus brevis tendon. Told me to get ankle brace so I did. Made it worse. So I'm back in boot for a few weeks but limping as much as post surgery, but just for different reason.

I want to get back to walking or doing Zumba....something! At this point I wonder if I'll ever walk normally again. I know I would tiptoe around after surgery to go to rest room or kitchen instead of putting boot on. I'm thinking this aggravated tendons.

I crave being able to put full pressure on my right foot and have a normal gait! Please say this will get better! I've got too many years left to be limping around! Cold weather is coming and I'm wondering what kind of shoes I can wear. Very frustrating!


Joshua Answers:

Hi Susan.

Maybe tiptoeing around instead of putting a boot on made things worse, but it's too late now, and there's no way to tell if it did or not, and ultimately, you're where you're at now, and the only (good) way forward to to get your lower legs working better.

'Working better' means better healing and better function.

Plantar Fasciitis is a form of Tendonitis that happens to give you symptoms in your feet.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

Doctors don't ask why you have pain in your feet, they do what is on their one-page play book: plantar release surgery.

Tbe plantar fascia is a structure that basically holds the arch of your foot together, and provides structural stability.

Your doctor just cut that partially or completely.


1. You have lost structural integrity of your foot/arch mechanism.

2. You have inflammation and all that comes with it (pain) from the ongoing pain and surgery.

3. Possibly most importantly, all the factors that gave you foot pain in the first place are still in play and getting worse.

That's the Pain Causing Dynamic

Your doctor basically gave you no post-surgery self care.

It's now time for you to go heavy into that self care, and put some time and effort into it, to lower pain levels and help your body to actually recover (from the original plantar fasciitis and from the surgery).

As you need a compete plan and not a suggestion or a tip or trick, I recommend that you get and start working with Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works program.

Dropping pain levels will come quick. Then it's (probably) a slower progression of increasing the function of your foot and lower leg (the lower leg gets most of the attention as it's mostly the cause of your historical foot pain).

The better you can make your function, the better and faster you'll heal/recover from the surgery and get back to being on your feet.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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