shin bruise from kickboxing, now unable to move ankle


Pooling in ankle bruising from shin impact

Pooling in ankle bruising from shin impact

I kickbox regularly and shin bruises and knots are not uncommon at all. However, this time I landed a kick on the front of my shin that I felt immediately throb all the way through to my calf muscle. As the day went on, my calf and ankle started to swell, I lost some range of motion in my foot, parts of the foot were numb/tingly and would feel "shocks" while walking, and it hurt to put weight on the foot (mostly to the outside of the foot).

I began icing it and heating it, as well as stretching the foot in hopes of regaining some motion.

The next morning I woke up and the pain was almost unbearable(shin so I went and had x-rays taken. They told me there were no breaks and that I had just severely bruised it and that is what was causing the swelling and numbness in my foot and ankle. They put me on crutches and told me to stay off of it as much as possible.

Well it has now been about 10 days, and while some swelling has gone down and I have regained some motion in my foot(up and down only), I now have severe bruising in my foot around the edges of it, still cannot feel parts of my foot, and it hurts at the base of my calf muscle any time I try to move my ankle left or right.

I've been sticking it in an ice bucket at least once a day for 30 minutes, using my crutches, and also heating/massaging it as night trying to get some motion back in it.

I am mostly just wondering if this require further medical attention or am I taking the right steps toward recovery?


Joshua Answers:

Hi NJ.

It's been a month or so since you asked this. Give me an update on how things are now.

My guess is that when you landed that kick/impact, there there was some shear force in the structure and you ripped/tore some
connective tissue in there.

Maybe it was connective tissue away from bone, maybe a muscle structure away from connective tissue wrappings, something like that.

That bruising in the foot is due to fluid from swelling (and possibly some blood from injury) falling south due to gravity. Elevate your foot/leg up when you can.

If you're numb and such now, it's either because you happened to compress a nerve and it's now bruised and therefore compressed and not functioning right.

I would need more description of:

1. Exactly what you did, as far as the action of the kick and the impact event.

2. Very detailed description of pain and symptoms.

If you're not WAY better, I suggest that you get an MRI.

And in general you'll want the Reversing Shin Splints ebook. Though you're going to be treating your entire lower leg.

I'm a bit worried about blood clotting (not from the event those symptoms came on too fast) so I'm curious as to how you're doing now.

Basically there's lots that could be going on, and I should stop theorizing until you update me on where you're at, what's been happening, and detailed description of symptoms/sensations/side effects.

Also, less heat, more ice. Ice Dips in a 5 gallon bucket, 10 seconds a pop, as many as you can do in a day.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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May 11, 2012
More info after kick boxing shin injury
by: NJ

Hi Joshua, thanks for the reply! I'm now about 2 months post-injury and just about back to normal. I got 95% of my range of motion back and only have a small patch of numbness. I'm considering scheduling an MRI and an appointment with an orthopedic because the numbness has me concerned a bit.

The numb spot is on the arch of my foot, mid way between the ankle and big toe. It also feels like I have a lump there but I can't really tell what it is or if it had been there prior to the injury.

Additionally, here is the info you had requested.
1)I landed a kick on someone's shin/knee directly, and the impact on my shin was to the muscle next to the tibia.
2)The pain was a sharp yet throbbing pain all throughout the shin that just got worse when elevating. Now I am relatively pain free, but the tendons in my ankle still feel a little tight when trying to rotate inward, and I also feel a slight pull in my arch/big toe when pointing my toes/pulling them back.

My guess is that I compressed a nerve or damaged a tendon pretty good and it is still healing. My main concern is that of a blood clot, but aside from the numb spot, I'm not showing any symptoms of that. And also, I never totally stayed off of my foot so I feel like I forced blood flow to the area pretty well.


Joshua Comments:

It's probably good that you stayed active on your feet. Movement is good.

Get an anatomy book or online, and find the nerves that feed that part of the food, and trace them up the leg. See if there's a correlation.

Chances are, there's either still swelling/compression there in the tissue and/or the impact caused the nervous system to clench/clamp down the muscles, so they're CONSTANTLY firing tight.

Have you done any self massage on the area?

Sep 15, 2012
Same thing happened to me in Martial Arts classes
by: C.J

Its been 10 months now since my injury.Got kicked on inside of left lower leg on side of shin,above ankle.I used RICE method for months.It helped,but I still have a discolored bruise,and pooled blood in bottom of foot,exactly like yours,its numb there too.Thought it would go away by now,but hasnt.What should I do???


Joshua Comments

Hi C.J.

How many months?

How exactly have you R.I.C.E.'d?

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