Tendonitis In Foot Started With Pain Like A Deep Muscle Bruise.

by Dan

When I stand on it the pressure hurts the dotted line and then moves up to the solid line and the pain stays. The solid line is also where the bubble used to be.

When I stand on it the pressure hurts the dotted line and then moves up to the solid line and the pain stays. The solid line is also where the bubble used to be.

A dull gradual pain (almost like a deep muscle bruise) started in my left foot about a year and a half ago. I suspected from the change in my sneakers. I basically ignored the pain thinking I was just suffering from sore feet from the change of shoes.

About two weeks of me keep using it, I realized it was getting worse. I also notice that it looked swollen in the area. Then out of no where I got a severe sharp pain (about a 7 1/2) in the arch of my foot closer to the heel.

I don't like going to the doctors or using prescription medications. Everything I use is homeopathic and I take Dr. Wallach supplements (Vitamins and Minerals) everyday. So, I tried self diagnosing by using the internet. I had originally thought that I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Thinking that, I bought myself a night brace and stayed off my foot. (Information that I was told to help with that kind of injury)

I believe I had stayed off my foot by bracing and using crutches to get around (which just wrecked my back) , for about 2 weeks.(Which lessened the pain about 50%)

I also went to my local health food store and got homeopathic pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. (Just took the edge off the pain)

Also to try and bring down the inflammation I elevated it. (Which made it feel weird/uncomfortable. Pain about a 2 )

I tried applying an ice pack to it. (It really did not like it. Pain about a 5 )

I applied heat. (It made it feel good. Pain 0)

After about 4-5 months of pain I bought a conformer diabetic boot because it was soft to walk in because any pressure on that part of my foot was painful. Pain varied from day to day. (3-5)

5-6 months I bought memory foam sneakers. Along with that I tried shoe insole inserts. I tried shoe lifts. (Pain 3-5)

After nothing was working I decided to do some more research because I was trying to cure plantar faciitis and nothing was helping. My pain just always kept coming back. More research later I seen that my pain wasn't really in the plantar region it was more up on the arch so, I concluded that I must have tendonitis in the tendon in that area.

After about 9 months of trying everything (Pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, crutches, a plantar faciitis brace, a diabetic walking boot, lift, insoles, elevating it, pain relieving gels, heat, ice, and totally staying off of it) I finally bought a Drive medical knee walker. Just to be able to get around and totally stay off my foot.
(Pain 0)

After almost 12 months, I found some forms of people with my same problem and how their doctors
can't help them. One man said that he got so sick of the pain, staying off this foot and not being able to go to work, he wrapped it really tight with an ace bandage. After trying everything I tried it. At first it hurt to wrap it. So I cycled the wrap on and off. Finally after a little while (A day or 2) it actually started to feel good wrapped.

Also after about a week the swollen bubble that was in that area (arch, closer to heal), completely went away. In that time of wrapping it, I was also able to walk with minimal pain (0-1)

I've since kept wrapping it, but my pain has never fully gone away. Pain now is 1-4 on any given day. Sometimes I'm able to walk and sometimes it hurts too much to continue walking and I have to sit and rest for awhile.

How can I fully get rid of the pain?

I read your page and I tried you advice with the ice water and dipping my foot. And it made my foot feel good (Pain 1). But my pain always comes back.

-Dan Kaufman

*I've included a picture. When I stand on it the pressure hurts the dotted line and then moves up to the solid line and the pain stays. The solid line is also where the bubble used to be.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Dan.

I have a variety of thoughts, but some questions first.

1. How old are you?

2. History of previous foot pain or injury?

3. How long did it take to go from 'no pain' to 'dull gradual pain' to 'so bad I can't walk on it'?

4. If you stay off your foot for a week, A. does that leave you pain free and B. getting back on your feet and walking around, how long does it take to go from pain free (after being off it a week) to pain?

5. Swollen bubble? What? Say more about that. (Bubble??)

6. Any bruising or discoloration?

7. ONLY the left foot? Other side is completely fine?

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Tendonitis In Foot Started With Pain Like A Deep Muscle Bruise.

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May 14, 2015
My foot hurts :(
by: Dan

Hi Joshua

1.40 years old

2. Never

3. No pain to dull gradual pain was about a month
Dull pain to severe pain was about a month
(2 month slow build up of pain, to the point where I couldn't walk on it)

4.If I stay off my foot for a week, during that week of not using it my foot sometimes hurt and sometimes it doesn't. Ex. I'll be sitting on the couch off my foot and out of no where it will start hurting (pain about 2), like it comes in waves. After being off it for a week, I can walk for about 3 days pain free and then it comes right back like day 1.

5. Bubble- when my foot was relaxed it looked like the tendons(muscle group. I'm not sure) looked swollen and pushed out. My definition of bubble. Haha you were probably thinking I was talking about like a boil or something.

After about 2 days of wrapping with the ace bandage it went away.

6. Yes. Around that area (the bubble) was always really tender and sore like a bruise and a faint purplish-bluish color. The discoloration went away (not sure when) but the bubble stayed. Then I started wrapping it.

7. Yeah only the left foot.

I can walk on it now, with full weight bearing but I still and restricted to certain motions, like running, pivoting, flexing it in a weird way etc.

Ex. Today May 14th.
I woke up and it was fine. I went about my dailies and after about 3-4 hours of being on it, it started to feel sore and basically telling me I need to go and rest it. (If I don't then it will continue to get worse and really hurt) Then I went and did the ice dipping again and it allows me to walk for about another 3-4 hours.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Dan.

That's not usual to have a spot of bruising like that (in conjunction with the rest of your description/scenario).

It makes me wonder if you have a tear in there. That would explain things.

If that bubble isn't a usual functional thing for you, maybe it's like a hernia (tissue pushing through a tear in a layer of connective tissue).


1. It might be worth it to get an MRI. Looking for a tear, or a bone spur. There's a big difference between those two (bone spurs aren't necessarily responsible for pain/problem).

It might be worth it to rule out anything actually 'bad'.

2. It's possible to have the pain you describe with no actual rip/tear injury. But it would be worth ruling that out because if it's a big tear then the self care you/we do may be helpful but ultimately wasted time.

It's good news that ice dipping is so effective. That points to that something is pumping out a lot of pain enhancing chemical.

That can happen with or without rip/tear injury.

It also shows that your body is responsive to responding to ice dipping. That's good.

3. I would ice dip the crap out of it, intensively, for the next several/many days.

Let's see what happens if we get a lot of pain enhancing chemical out, and see how long we can keep it out (and how fast it floods back in).

There's other things I'd be doing, of course, (see 'The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works' DVD and the Quick Start Companion ebook that comes with it.)

But ice dipping intensively like that will give us some good information.

Maybe you're just stuck in a pain dynamic (no injury). Maybe you have something like an injury (rip/tear).

Depending on how fast you want to turn this around and get functional again, it might be worth an MRI. I'm not particularly a fan of doctors either, but there are some things they/the technology is very good at/useful for.

If it gets visualized and it turns out there is no tear/bone spur/joint injury, that's really good information.

Note: You can get an xray too, but don't -just- get an xray as that will still leave you blind to what's happening with the connective tissue.

May 17, 2015
Thank You
by: Dan

Thank you very much for the information. I am going to go through the ice dipping for a week and I'll see what is does. I will report back then.


Joshua Comments:

Great, please do.

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