Tennis Elbow Diagnosos, Doctor said time will heal it, You're so far away, can you still help me?

by Heidi
(Kailua, Hawaii, USA)

First off, I'm 44 years old and I've been having pain in my right elbow since mid August. I thought it might be arthritis, but no amount of meds or bengay would take the pain away.

I went to my doctor and he said "you have tennis elbow. I could prescribe you a brace, but that won't really work. We'll let time take care of it."

So here we are, Sept. 21. The pain is less, but not gone. I am still restricted in what I do and am definitely not a happy trouper.

What can I do?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Heidi. Absolutely I can help you, no matter what the geographical distance!

Kudo's to your dr. for knowing that a brace won't really help. Points lost for leaving it to time to heal Tennis Elbow Tendonitis

A Tennis Elbow Braces can reduce irritation to the dynamic by preventing movement, but doesn't reverse the problem at all, or functionally help heal any negative variables.

So, assuming that you do have a Tennis Elbow dynamic, and not an issue with the joint itself, here's your options.

1. You could have a Phone Consultation with me where we would, among other things, make sure you have Tennis Elbow as opposed to anything else.

2. You could get 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works'.

If you have Tennis Elbow, this is generally my top suggestion. It has information and activities necessary to understand what's going on and to make it go away.

Read through the site and end up on the How To Reduce Inflammation page. Start Icing as described.

Now, probably I should have asked you some questions first, but it's likely I would still have given you the three options above.

Here's the questions, just to give me a better idea of exactly what you have going on.

1. Describe the symptoms, where exactly?

2. How long has this been going on?

3. Pain anywhere else?

4. What activities do you do with your hands/arms?

5. Did the pain start because you did something and suddenly had pain, or did it slowly come on over time?

6. How limiting is it, and how is it limiting?

7. What have you done for it other than give it time?

And, if this has just been hurting you since August, that's good to get to it while it's relatively new. It sounds like it's pretty acute though, yes?

Kudo's for not waiting.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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