Tennis Elbow Home Cures
Some Work
Most Don't

There are very few actual Tennis Elbow Home Cures.

Meaning, there are very few methods of treating Tennis Elbow yourself, at home.

There are even fewer that actually work. Some will reduce pain to some degree, but there are few, almost none, that you can use to actually cure Tennis Elbow at home.

You possibly could have an acupuncturist or a massage therapist or a physical therapist come to your home and work on you, but that really doesn't count as a home cure for Tennis Elbow.

What is the definition of the term Tennis Elbow Home Cures?

A Tennis Elbow home cure is something that you can do by yourself. At home.

No trips to the doctors office, physical therapist's office, or anybody's office.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? We all would like an easy simple way to make our pains go away.

Unfortunately, it doesn't really work that way!

There is no magic pill. No effortless cure.

And that's where most Tennis Elbow Home Cures fail.

What Does It Take To Be An EFFECTIVE Home Cure?

To work, to actually be a 'cure', it must not just make the pain go away, it must also make the structure healthy again.

If you have Tennis Elbow, then you have an Elbow Tendonitis dynamic.

This means that you may or may not have actual tissue damage, but you certainly have muscles and connective tissue that is too tight, poor circulation in the area, a overly defensive nervous system, and a physical habit of limited movement.

There is no pill, no cream, no potion, no single exercise, no single nutrient that will reverse and repair all this.

There is no gimmicky tool or medical utensil that will reverse and repair all this.

Most methods offering Tennis Elbow relief at home offer something of the above. And but for a few exceptions, they are doomed to fail, because they don't target all the factors that go into the Tendonitis dynamic that is Tennis Elbow.

Successful Tennis Elbow Home Cures take a small amount of time and effort. But using the RIGHT activities, you can get A LOT of results with a little bit of determined effort.

Do You Want Pain Relief
Or A Cure?

It seems obvious, doesn't everyone want a cure for Tennis Elbow?

Well, ironically enough, most people are happy with just 'some' Tennis Elbow pain relief. If they can easily reduce the pain 50%, they'll be happy with that.

Those people are really just shopping for a product that will lessen their pain. And really, it's human nature to feel a little better and then call that good. Nothing wrong with that.

But if you are willing to put a little time and effort into your self care, you can not only get pain relief, you can heal your structure.

To me, that is a cure. Actually fixing the problem.

But here's the trick with Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow. It's is going to take some work on the front end, and then depending on your activity level, it will take a little bit of maintenance over time.

And looking at the next 30, 40, 60 years of your life, the skills you will learn can keep you out of pain from -any- physical aches and pains.

In the world of Tennis Elbow Home Cures, there is no magic pill.

You are wise enough to learn the self care skills necessary to keep yourself pain free, aren't you?

So What Home Cures Help Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow Exercises, stretching and strengthening are great, and in some cases, are all you need to get your elbow in working order.

But if

Inflammation is a problem, stretching and strengthening is unlikely to fix Tennis Elbow.

Rest. NO. REST DOES NOT HEAL TENNIS ELBOW. Learn about rest. Rest is useful for about two days. Then you're just prolonging your suffering.

I just caught myself starting a long list of what -doesn't- work for Tennis Elbow Tendonitis.

There are a lot of things to use at home that don't work, or that just works a little bit.

There are a variety of options on the internet and in books. Little things here and there. The thing you need to watch out for is, "Do they cover all the factors of the Tennis Elbow Tendonitis dynamic?"

Inflammation. Tight muscles. Tight connective tissue. Overprotective nervous system. Tissue damage.

Of all the Tennis Elbow Home Cures I've seen advertised, there's only one I see as covering all the bases. Granted, it is a DVD that I created.

I made it to cover all the bases, so I know it does, I know it works, and I know it works because it's the self care I've had my clients use to speed their healing at home.

Everything that you need is on 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works' DVD.

I offer it with a no-questions asked money back guarantee so there's no risk for you to try it.

To find out more about the DVD, click on the link above. If you know it's time to try a treatment that works, here it is.

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