Therapy For Tennis Elbow
What Does It Take To Actually Work?

Are you looking for the best Therapy for Tennis Elbow?

There are many options available on the internet and from various professions for the treatment of Tennis Elbow. There are lots of products, gimmicks, advice, and information out there. It is easy for individuals suffering from elbow pain to get overwhelmed and confused about which options are best.

The Tendonitis dynamic consists of three factors that must be addressed for any kind of Tennis Elbow Therapy to be effective.

It is important to understand that Tendonitis issues like Tennis Elbow follow a predictable, progressive pattern. The vast majority of treatments and therapy treat this kind of elbow pain as a site specific issue, a singular problem with a tendon. Such is not the case.

There is an entire ecology, a bigger picture that must be considered if you want to help your body make the area happy and healthy again. Knowing the three factors below will help you choose the best treatment for you.

How do you choose an Tennis Elbow therapy that works? Effective Therapy for Tennis Elbow Must Target 3 Factors. When searching for an Elbow Tendonitis cure, make sure all three factors are able to be taken care of by whatever option that you are looking at.

Factor #1 Muscle Tightness and Connective Tissue Constriction

Long before you feel any ache or pain, the extensor muscles whose tendons attach to the Lateral Epicondyle of your elbow were starting to get tight, and starting to stay tight. When a muscles is tight for a period of time, the connective tissue that is interwoven through every muscle fiber in our body starts to shrink wrap that muscle.

Over time, the muscle gets constricted by a tightly wrapped complex of connective tissue. This forces your muscles to stay constricted, tight, and short of circulation.

It also puts constant tension on the tendons. The tighter a muscles is, the more pull it puts on the tendon. Muscles get tight and stay tight. That's extra load and tension and torque on your tendons all day, and all night while you sleep. Can you can have Tendonitis, even if you don't have any actual damage to a tendon?

Constant strain on your tendons can eventually cause a pain dynamic. Which makes muscles tighter. Which puts more constant strain on the tendon.....see a pattern here?

This progression of increasing muscle and connective tissue tightness must be stopped and reversed if you want to have lasting relief from your elbow pain.

Check to see if your therapy for Tennis Elbow option can successfully do this.

Factor #2 The Inflammation Response

A Therapy for Tennis Elbow option CAN'T work unless it can defeat the Inflammation Response.

Anytime your body is injured or even just -thinks- that it is injured, it kicks in a Process of Inflammation.

Inflammation traps fluid in the area (this is how you get a swollen elbow) and releases chemicals that increase your sensitivity to pain (this is why you can barely poke the area with your finger and have it HURT!).

Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen reduce pain temporarily because it temporarily dulls the Inflammation process. But as soon as the drug wears off, the pain and full force of Inflammation will come right back.

If you want to heal your Tennis Elbow, the therapy you go with must effectively knock out the Inflammation Response. If you only do a little, the Inflammation Response will win. It is a constant tide that you must overwhelm, and there’s only one way I can think of to effectively do this.

My point is, any therapy for Tennis Elbow must be able to win the battle against Inflammation, or it will not be effective.

Factor #3 A Nervous System On The Defense

The therapy for Tennis Elbow method you pick must deal with the nervous system if it is going to work how you want it to.

One of the top jobs of the nervous system is to protect you from harm. It is ever vigilant and always watching out for potential threat and problem.

Pain is a problem. Your body was fighting the progressive changes caused by the Tennis Elbow dynamic. Then it started to lose the battle.

Your nervous system doesn’t like that. To protect you, it tightness up your muscles to guard the area, and it lets loose the Inflammation Response. Every time it feels pain, it makes things tighter and turns up the inflammation.

The nervous system does this with the best intention of protecting you from future pain and injury, but unfortunately the way it does that actually makes it worse.

Make sure the therapy option you choose has the ability to dial down the nervous system’s panicked, over protective defense mechanism.

Picking A Therapy for Tennis Elbow

Good news/bad news, there are a lot of choices out there. It can be confusing. Half the battle is knowing what to look for.

Now that you know what a Tennis Elbow Therapy -MUST- do to heal your elbow, now you can start looking for the Tennis Elbow Treatment option that actually -DOES- all those things.

After watching the market for a decade and not finding anything that can heal Tennis Elbow as well as I think it should, I made a DVD product that has everything and -only- what you need to get yourself out of pain and help your arm get healthy again.

The DVD is called 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works' and I look forward to you using what it will show you to do, so you can get back to a pain free life.

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