Thumb and Wrist Tendonitis flare ups and losing range of motion

by Ed
(Rockville, MD)

Ed from NJ, 40 yr old

My first wrist "flare up" occurred in Feb 2010, while picking up my 2yr old son out of his crib.

Since then I have further abused my wrist by moving to another state in June. In August, I received my first cortisone shot. It was awesome for 2 weeks then pain came back, but much worse.

Saw Ortho again 4wks after shot, he suggested release ASAP, I wanted another shot but too soon.

I decided to unlearn the stupid behavior causing the pain, use more of my left hand and not bend my wrist for 4 months. It seemed to work regarding the pain but then I started losing range of motion.

So, now I'm using the wrist more, but wisely. However, the pain is returning, no as bad as before, but I fear its only a matter of time.

Will you suggested ice treatment finally cure me?

Note: I've got what feels like a bony bump above the tendons. Is it a wrist bone out of place?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Ed.

Learning How To Reduce Inflammation probably won't 'cure' you, but it WILL reduce pain and inflammation and help your structures work better.

Ahhh, forgive yourself Ed. You haven't been abusing your wrist(s). You're using them to do what you need to do in life, but you've had a decades old Tendonitis dynamic and a Pain Causing Dynamic percolating
underneath the surface of your skin.

Picking up the baby was just that last bit of irritation to an already irritated structure, thus crossing a threshold into consciously feeling pain etc.

You had as good a Corticosteroid Injections experience as you're going to have. MANY people report increased pain and or no effect at all.

Or they feel GREAT and then go out and -really- injury their body because they couldn't feel the pain signals.



Ice dip like a crazy man. Push the pain levels down. Maybe that's all you'll need. We'll see.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
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Nov 17, 2014
Tendonitis thoughts
by: Laurie Yanda Byrd

I found your page while searching. :-), I am now retired. So I thought I would share some things with you.

I am a woman that always worked in a man's world (man made stone) When I retired...I had tendonitis of the shoulder, wrists, both knees outside, and had knee surgery (dual meniscus surgery)right knee. Wish I never had it done. But let me explain.

I have a very high tolerance to pain. But when I retired I used a cane and could no longer walk up steps normally but had to pull myself up. One year later I still get flare-, but they go away in about three days. I

garden, I paint, I sew, I walk..NO cane. I was told I had Osteo-arthritis...and tendonitis. I stopped going to doctors..NONE. I take an avele if pain is high. I excerise thru the tendons were so stiff they felt like bone. I now take apple cider capsules three times a day and 2 joint care for my knee.

I am working with MY mind to learn to reuse the stairs. range of motion comes and goes with weather dips or rain. Keep moving keep doing YOU are in control of your body not your doctor. OH and keep salt to a minimum. I use sea salt.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Laurie.

I love you attitude and determination!

Positive Mental Attitude, as they say.

Life isn't necessarily easy but we have to push through. Ideally we can apply our minds and learn some things to make the push a lot easier.

Sometimes we learn sooner, sometimes we learn later, but for the most part, it's never too late (to at least get SOME benefit).

Get your Vitamin D level checked and then get it to 60-80ng/ml, and make sure you're supplementing with Magnesium.

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

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