Treatment for Golfer's Elbow Tendonitis pain in most of my right arm

by Bob

I have pain in my right arm following overdoing it when weight training a week ago. Problem has occurred before when trained arms too intensely.

Arm was fine when rested but problem flared 2 days later after golf driving range.

Pain is mainly on inside of forearm to elbow joint- burning sensation. Recovers when rested but flares again when try to play golf or weight train.

Burning in forearm into elbow joint and bicep.

Also slightly in shoulder and arm feels weak.

Slight strain on outer forearm.

How can I treat.

Should i just completely rest, use ice and wait to heal?


Joshua Answers:

Sounds like you have Golfer's Elbow with an acute Process of Inflammation. (That's the burning pain when you use it/activate the dump of pain enhancing chemical.)

Plus like most people posture-wise, you have some compression of the nerve that feeds the shoulder/arm/hand up at the front of the neck and chest/shoulder.

Because the vast bulk of what you need is on there, I suggest that you get 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works'.

Just apply everything it says to the side of the forearm you are describing.

Other than that, yes, Ice. Lots and often. The more the merrier.

I'm not a fan of Rest for Tendonitis issues. Rest won't heal you. Keep it moving, but not so much that it irritates anything.

Avoid irritation, and ice a lot, and depending on where your Pain Causing Dynamic is at, that may or may not cure it. It will reduce the pain though, and that -may- be all you really need.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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