Wrist Pain In Guitar Player - Wrist Tendonitis and or Intersection Syndrome??

by Gary

Hi Joshua

I have had a chronic low grade pain in my left wrist for about 8-12months.

I play guitar also but not excessively. I never noticed the pain whilst playing and i wouldnt stop playing because of it, but would have a feeling of slight tightness in the lower forearm and wrist all on the top side of the limb(ie back of hand side) immediately after stopping but only for about a minute.

The only time i would notice pain would be if i loaded the wrist whilst flexed at 90 degrees, like a press up. The pain occurs at the wrist in line with your first finger on the top side of the wrist at the wrist-hand junction where you flex up and down. I have no thumb pain (although a little tender in parts of the thumb pad) and dont test positive with a finkel test.

The pain has progressed over the last 2-3 months to an intermittent discomfort like a bruised feeling and i started to have to wear my watch on my right wrist.

The location of this discomfort is approx 3 inches behind the wrist on the top of the lower forearm(where your watch would sit)and favors the thumb side of the arm.

The pain fits the location i have found on the internet of intersection syndrome. I stopped playing the guitar for about a week now as that was the only activity that i found actually caused it to hurt/ache-but not a sharp pain( i even did digging in the garden and i had no pain afterwards!) the only other time i would get a proper sharp pain would be holding up a heavy mixing bowl in the kitchen to scrape something out of it, this causes a sharp pain more so in the first compartment of the wrist ie slightly more toward the thumb and in front of the pain i get with the pressup position.

I have purchased your Reversing Guitar Tendonitis program and have started.

What do you think of my symptoms and
will this book cover an intersection syndrome type presentation, ps i experience no pain on the flexor side of the forearm.

Many thanks

Great website!!


Joshua Answers:

Hi Gary.

Thanks for all the details. That very much helps.

FYI, guitar tendonitis doesn't have to be on the flexor side.

In general, Tendonitis can show up anywhere. Said another way, if you have, say, Wrist Tendonitis, that could show up anywhere on/around the wrist.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

Do you have intersection syndrome? Maybe. A syndrome is just a label for a collection of possible symptoms.

Do you have a chronic Process of Inflammation?


Chronic tightness of muscle and connective tissue?


Do you have a specific dynamic where playing guitar causes irritation?


Do you have any damage? Probably not. Are you rather stuck in a spot in a Pain Causing Dynamic? Looks like it. Let's get it before it gets any worse.

The ebook will describe, overall, what you need to do. It will also speak to how you need to find and then OPEN the connective tissue where you're stuck (which may or may not be where you feel pain).

Conceptually, it doesn't matter whether you have 'tendonitis' or 'intersection syndrome'. Either way you have to get the inflammation out, deal with any connective tissue constriction, and make sure nutrition isn't an issue.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Mar 07, 2011
reply for Josua - Wrist Pain In Guitar Player - Wrist Tendonitis and or Intersection Syndrome??
by: Gary (Ireland)

Hi Joshua

Thanks for the reply. Its now day six since receiving the ebook. I have followed it exactly and also started supplementation with Magnesium, Vit D3 and B6. My wrist definitely feels looser and the sharp pain I would get with the wrist when flexed at 90 degrees has also reduced a bit also.

Im starting to get a bit of clicking in my wrist where I get the sharp pain in the flexed loaded state. The clicking happens intermittently throughout the day, could this be due to a relaxation of the specific tendon/connective tissue sheath of the wrist?(Im not playing any guitar and dont do press ups-I do one as a test to assess the pain etc) I know I didn't obtain this injury overnight and thus don't expect it to go away over night, but I have definitely felt an improvement since starting the regime.

I hope it continues to improve and Im looking forward to week two of the regime, is there anything else I can do to aid the recovery process? . Ps- A cheap plastic baby bath is perfect for ice Dipping!!



Joshua Comments:

Don't worry about the clicking. Things are changing and adjusting in there.

And yes, keep at it! The self care gets results. Some people respond slowly, some quickly, it just all depends on a variety of factors, including if they do the amounts suggested in the ebook, or do more than that, nutrition, etc.

Basically, it goes like this: You hurt. You do self care a little or a lot. Symptoms decrease. The more you keep at it, the more you keep getting results. When you're happy with the symptoms level, you'll stop. Or you'll keep at it for a while to continue to help your body up the Upwards Spiral.

The more you do on the front end, the less you'll have to do on the back end.

Apr 02, 2011
update! from Gary! - Wrist Pain In Guitar Player - Wrist Tendonitis and or Intersection Syndrome??
by: Gary

Hi Joshua,

Just a quick update, I completed the guitar tendonitis ebook and found that my pain levels decreased. Unfortunately the pain started to return about a week after I stopped so I have started the ice dipping etc again.

One thing I have noticed is that I am starting to get pain in my hands(both) at the top of the v formed by the thumb metacarpal and first finger metacarpal on the back of the hand.

Also I am getting a sharp and tender focal muscle pain in the muscle between the first finger and thumb. The pain is mid way along the first finger metacarpal and directly beside the first finger metacarpal on the back of the hand.

My left wrist still pops a lot at the scaphoid-radius junction and sometimes burns for a second, sometimes the cracking sensation radiates toward the V of the thumb and first finger metacarpal and sort of feels like its popping there too.

At times I am a little tender in the anatomical snuff box on my left wrist- ie thumb base/scaphoid/radius. These hand pains started after I initiated the first wave of treatment and I put it down to imbalance in my hands related to changes happening from the treatment.

I also think I have a milder version of my initial complaint in my right hand/wrist/forearm which is why I treat it also- like you advised.

One last question- Can tennis elbow cause pain in the wrist. I have found that I have tender spots in the region for it yet experience no elbow pain.

I apologise for all the questions but just when I thought I was winning I feel I have taken a step back and now with a few additional aches and pains to deal with this time.

I am still taking my supplements also

Many thanks for all your help, I look forward to any input you provide.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Gary.

2 steps forward and 1 step back is a normal part of the game. It's all part of the learning process.

Can Tennis Elbow cause pain in the wrist? Absolutely. Tight forearm muscles (and connective tissue) turn into taut tendons that attach to the wrist.

There are two stages to dealing with Tendonitis. The first is to decrease pain levels. That means the ecology is happier, but doesn't necessarily mean the structure is 'better'. Usually we stop when we don't feel any more pain.

Which is why I say in my products to keep at it, even once the pain is gone. Continue to soften muscle and connective tissue, etc.

You need to start massaging/ice massaging deeper. Don't hurt yourself, but get in there and open things up.

More questions, more answers.

Apr 04, 2011
What about the hand pain?
by: Gary

Thanks for the swift reply Joshua

Have you any thoughts on the hand pain- both the muscular and bony pain at the metacarpal junction of the thumb and first finger??




Joshua Comments:

At this point, I'm going with that there's too much pain enhancing chemical from inflammation constantly being produced.

Get in there deeper to open things up, which will remove tension and have the nervous system relax the whole dynamic.

Also, start rubbing those painful spots on hand/junctions. Pain enhancing chemical gets stuck in dense connective tissue.

Ice dip more, rub more, get in there deeper. Update me in a week after a serious week's self care.

Oct 11, 2015
Severe wrist pain when bending it near scaphoid bone and thumb cmc joint
by: Henrik


I have played guitar for many years and this is my first injury because of that. I got this about 3 months ago and it wont go away.

I have tried all but surgery and I dont wanna do that. I can play guitar a little with wrist straight, but the pain comes when I try to bend it!

I would be grateful if you can help me!

Thanks in advance!


Joshua Comments:

Hello Henrik.

1. Read this thread, and follow the links.

2. Do the same for Professional Guitar Player With Mild Pain In The Wrist

3. Do the same for Pinkie Pain From Playing Guitar

4. I will of course point you to the Reverse Guitar Tendonitis program.

5. If you're really considering surgery, here are some questions to ask: Quiz Your Doctor

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