Wrist tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel, had a corticosteroid shot & pain is back

by Heather

Basically last yr. I started waking up in the middle of night with pins & needles in left hand & wrist,it got worse & worse, kept thinking I was sleeping on it & since I am in early 30's now maybe I have to change the way I sleep (arm under pillow usually).

But it got worse & worse, from numbness to pain, to weakness.

When I got out of bed would sometimes be hours before the numbness feeling went away & I could even feel my hand, then it would be either pain or just completely weak, my hand was USELESS.

I was so worried I would be like this forever, started wearing a brace & changing sleeping patterns until finally going to ER it was so bad(was in middle of just getting medical insurance-reason I didn't see a Doc right away).

THE ER did x-rays-FINE-and bent my fingers & wrist in certain ways & asked me my level of pain & saw how far I could bend & said they thought it was carpal tunnel & they sent me to a hand specialist & gave me a better brace to wear.

I was confused by "carpal tunnel" since I right handed & I USED TO be a secretary & type a lot years ago but in current years I have done nothing strenuous that would make me get carpal tunnel out of the blue like this.

The hand specialist was VERY QUICK TO DX it as "tendonitis" he ran NO TESTS, only bent my wrist all of 3-5 minutes & fingers around-saw me for & was getting a "shot ready for me.

I was scared & asked a lot of questions "any side effects? what if it's not tendonitis? why am I getting a sot with no tests done first?"

He assured me I had nothing to worry about getting ONE SHOT, that people get side effects when they get multiple shots but I had nothing to worry about & either it would work (cure me) or not work (worse case scenario as per him) and then I would come back for another "cure".

Seemed like backwards medicine but I trusted him and got the shot and IT WORKED, within a day or two my hand was back to it's normal working self, but then I started noticing over the next month or so a SINKING LOOK in my wrist, and a bluish white color, basically my wrist & arm looked 80 yrs. older THAN ME.

I found out from another doctor this was called "atrophy" & was a result of the shot, I was very angry I was never warned of this but never went back to that doctor, since pain went away and what could I do now?

I also had many menstrual problems the next few months (I never put two and two together until recently reading up on this). Here I am now a little over a year later & last two nights I have been waking up with that numbness (how it started back then) I am praying it does not get worse again as what do I do then?

If I get another shot my arm will deteriorate, the first shot already
made my arm look SO BAD.

I am not doing anything with my left hand that I know of that should be causing this and then I find out MY SISTER just recently got the SAME PAIN, she is 2 1/2 yrs. older & they dx her with radial palsy but her symptoms are same AS MINE.

They told her to wear a brace. WHAT DO I DO.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Heather.

1. Well, you just described exactly why I'm not a fan of the medical establishment for dealing with issues like Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

2. Radial palsey?

A. What does that mean, exactly? And what pharmaceutical was she prescribed for it?

B. How exactly did the doctor come by that diagnosis.

C. Seriously all they did was tell her to wear a brace?? How is that going to fix anything?? (rhetorical question)

Good for you for asking questions!

Always Quiz Your Doctor. Smart smart!

3. It seems like another Corticosteroid Injection would not be a very good idea...

Corticosteroid injects are well documented to be able to cause connective tissue damage and other fun things. And it's a hormone, so your body could very well respond to it in other systemic ways as you mentioned.

And for the record that doctor was smoking crack when he said that you couldn't get any side effects from just one injection. Look around my site, people write in sharing that they got all sorts of side effects from a single shot.

And regardless of that, how does a corticoid steroid injection 'cure' anything? (that's a rhetorical question) All they do is, at best, knock out pain for a while.

4. It's a safe bet that when you were working, and in the time since then, you've been ongoingly developing all the tightness, connective tissue constriction, and poor posture that leads to Carpal Tunnel.

That's the way the Tendonitis dynamic and the Pain Causing Dynamic work. It adds up over time, and sooner or later you start feeling it.

5. Most of your issue is coming from up at your neck, I bet. Sure you have tightness etc in the wrist and forearm, but I bet that the numbness etc is coming from up at the neck.

Granted I'm biased, but I suggest that you get my The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works DVD. Included with that is the Quick Start Companion ebook.

Together they contain a complete plan to reverse all the factors going into your pain dynamic.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Wrist tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel, had a corticosteroid shot & pain is back

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May 02, 2015
re:re: Steve
by: Anonymous

Well I did have emg done and yes I do have carpal tunnel syndrome in left wrist now and all symptoms that were not present before de quervains extensor release but still getting pain in forearm and yes top and bottom side of forearm.

Apr 20, 2015
re: steve
by: Steve

The Dr. did nick the radial nerve and have the numbness from that and had an emg. done and yes now have carpal tunnel and have the numbness and tingling at night when I sleep which I did not have before surgery.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Steve.

Well that's not good news. If the nerve has been nicked, then you're going to have nervy symptoms until it heals.

Nerve heals VERY slowly, so let's hope that it was a small nick.

For the record (from what you've said so far) you don't have carpal tunnel syndrome. You have the predictable side effects of nerve damage from a surgeon's very sharp tools.

Well, you have that and you -may- also have a carpal tunnel syndrome dynamic, as the muscles and connective tissue have tightened up more, inflammation has caused swelling, and nutrition has gotten used up, which is to be expected from the A. trauma of surgery and B. trauma of nerve damage.

Apr 18, 2015
Can you have wrist tendonitis and carpal tunnel and DeQuervains?
by: Steve

Can you have both tendonitis and carpal tunnel and or de quervains?

I had extensor relief surgery for dequervains and since the release I have had the numbness and tingling.

None of that was there prior to the release surgery was Oct. 22nd 2014 and in feb was diagnosed with carpal tunnel. I do manual labor a lot of repetitive work .


Joshua Comments:

Hi Steve.

Yes. It's all part of the same dynamic of muscle/connective tissue tightness, chronic inflammation, and nutritional insufficiency.

Surgery can turn up the dial on all of those.

Or the surgery could have nicked a nerve.

Or the swelling and inflammation from the surgery could be causing compression of nerve tissue.

Or the stress of it all could have eaten up magnesium and left you lacking more than you had already been lacking and so your muscles tightened up even more...compressing the nerve(s), etc.

What exactly did they do during the DeQuervain's release surgery?

Apr 09, 2015
Possible wrist tendonitis or carpal tunnel/ both??
by: Melissa

Hi, I have been suffering with wrist pain for the past three years. I was on bed rest following hip surgery and I was doing a lot of knitting to keep myself occupied and this was when it all began.

I get an intense feeling of pressure and pain in the 1 inch strip across both wrist joints and it often feels like it is burning as well. Once when the pain was exacerbated I had temporarily numbness and tingling through my thumb and index finger. At other times I just get a shooting pain in the wrist when I have done too much with my hands.

I had a nerve test which showed no impingement but have been told that it was both carpal tunnel and not carpal tunnel. I'm so confused! I'm a young mum with two small children and it really gets me down that I can't chop food for them and sew for them like i used to be able to.

Any help or guidance would mean the world to me, thanking you kindly in advance,



Joshua Comments:

Hi Melissa.

I prefer to look at the CAUSE of pain and problem.

You've given me some clues:

* two young kids
* hip surgery (Which could be from a car accident or something but my first guess is that it isn't).
* three years of chronic pain

One MAJOR factor that I suspect that you need to deal with is nutritional insufficiency/deficiency.

1. Pregnancy and children deplete nutrition, big time.

2. Stressors eats up important nutrition. Pain and kids are both stressors, and I bet that's not the only stressors in your life.

3. You're short on Vitamin D. That's a safe bet because pretty much everybody is. Yes, even if you live in sunny places, for a variety of reasons.

4. Chances are, your dietary intake has resulted in an inflammatory dynamic, and that eats up nutrition (as well as a bunch of other negatives).

Learn How To Reduce Inflammation. Do some ice dipping intensively for a few days and see what happens.

If it helps, or doesn't help, that's good information.

You can have numbness and tingling from compression at the wrist, forearm, elbow, and/or shoulder/chest/neck. And it can come and go.

You can also have it from nutritional insufficiency.

For instance, Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency.

Ultimately, Wrist Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are nearly identical dynamics, with CTS usually having involvement up at the chest/shoulder/neck.

Personally, I suggest a complete plan of attack, either Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook or The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works DVD and the ebook that comes with it.

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