Wrist Tendonitis Carpal Tunnel Suspicion From Video Games or Piano

by Nicholas C, Glass
(Medford Oregon)


My name is Nick I'm 22 years old and I've been suffering from chronic pain in my left wrist.

I don't know how to upload pics but, i don't think its carpal tunnel cause i don't have any numbness in my hand(i don't want to dismiss anything though).

The pain is primarily in my wrist just below the palm on the the bottom side of my left arm(i don't know if it matters but It's in the middle of the wrist).

The pain is very sharp and sometimes is throbbing, it rarely moves anywhere else in my arm but, sometimes it moves a hair lower on the arm or goes up into my hand right on the palm closer to the thumb rather than the pinky. I don't have any burning type pain which a lot of people seem to have.

OK so here is a little bit about me and my lifestyle, I have never been an out of shape guy and have always kept active. I'm an eagle scout, i dirt bike, i rock climb, basically i love the outdoors. Working out and sports have always been a passion of mine.

My nutrition could be a problem, i try to stay away from fast food and processed sugars but i am also very low income and eat things like ramen noodles and pasta a lot.

I do what i can with vitamins and i even buy the vitamin water stuff a lot. I don't ever really get sick and i would say I'm in pretty good shape and i recently quit smoking cigarettes(which i smoked for 4 years).

Now to what could be causing this(what i think anyway), to summarize me i do EVERYTHING with my hands. Not just what you have to do to get the day by but every passion, every dream, everything I've ever imagined myself doing relies solely on my hands, including my two favorite pastimes...playing video games and playing piano.

Piano is what i really think i should do with my life so i hope its not that. Those are the only two things that i do so much that i think it could cause this pain. I usually do both everyday, but i max out on piano in about 2-3 hours a
day and video gaming can sometimes go to 4-5 hours. Because of how much i play and that the pain can almost feel like the thumb sometimes, my finger is pointed at video gaming.

Since this Discovery/pain i have basically quit doing video gaming and piano, i play both very seldom and for a very short time. I try to do your ice dip as much and possible, and I've been taking a bunch of multi vitamins to try to get my balanced out.

It's been almost a month and i still feel the pain like it was day one, it comes and goes and it's almost like nothing seems related and i can't even tell if the ice dips are working.

I'm saving up to try to go to the doctor but not having insurance sucks. I was hoping that some of your advice could spare me time and money.



Joshua Answers:

Hi Nick.

Well, video games, piano, rock climbing, dirt bike, and ramen noodles and pasta....those are some good clues.

Tendonitis is the end product of a variety of factors.

Of video games and piano I'd point to video games as a source of thumb pain. It's all connected of course.

Eggs are cheap sources of good protein (cheap eggs aren't great, but they're better than pasta). Eat more. Lots more.


1. What happens when you ice dip.

2. How exactly, and how often, do you ice dip?

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And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Mar 07, 2011
Reply - Wrist Tendonitis Carpal Tunnel Suspicion From Video Games or Piano
by: Nick Glass

I ice dip once a day and i dip my arms once every 10 minutes, so 6 times in an hour and 12 in two. When i ice dip it feels better while its going on, but afterward when my arm is warmish again the pain comes back and its usually worse. I don't know if that just part of the process or if I'm doing something wrong. I think I'm going to do ice massages very soon, and i was wondering if any sort of normal massage or exercise would help. Thanks for the advice and I'm going to have eggs every morning now.


Joshua Comments:

Yes, keep at the ice dipping. Sometime it gets worse before it gets better. That's just how it works.

Eggs, yes!

Ice massage, yes!

You could massage or exercise, but basically ice dipping and ice massage is doing that.

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