Wrist Tendonitis, sore neck and rib, much pain all up the arm

by Derek

Hey there,

First, thanks for the site. My wife has a lot of pain in her wrist all the way up into her shoulder.

A rib was sore too as well as the neck. The chiropractor has told her she has tendonitis, and so has the doctor. The doctor wants to give her shots.

We have started the diping method and dixi cups.

It has been two days and she is no better yet. (I know... can take up to 4 days) She also sleeps on that side... on that shoulder. She should probably avoid that... yes?

Also, she worked in an office for a living. Very responsible job, with a fair bit of typing.

If she does her job, and is intentional about breaks and rest, will typing cause further damage as she employ's your healing methods.

If so, when will she know it is ok to go back to regular work functions.




Joshua Answers:

Hello Derek.

How's your wife feeling now? Stuck with the dipping?

What did the doctor's say the tendonitis was? Or at least, where? Neck? Wrist? Elbow? Hand? Shoulder?

Tendonitis is a dynamic, and it sounds like hers involves neck to hand, as it so commonly does.

It remains to be seen whether she has any damage or not. There Are Two Types Of Tendonitis

Personally, I would rather
her be intentional about Ice Dipping, Ice massage, light stretching, self massage, etc.

I'm not such a big fan of Rest. Breaks are nice, if one fills them with the above activities.

I believe that it is possible to stay active at one's job and/or hobby even if you have pain. -IF- you do all the right things, and enough of them, to overwhelm the negative factors at play.

So that was a kind of general, first attempt at answering your questions.


1. What exactly does 'pain all the way up her arm' mean? The more details, the better.

2. How long has she worked in front of a computer?

3. How long has this been going on?

4. What helps, what makes it worse?

5. Describe all symptoms, in as much detail as possible.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Nov 01, 2009
PART 2 - Answers - Wrist Tendonitis, sore neck and rib, much pain all up the arm
by: Derek

Hey... Thanks

She has been behind a computer for a couple of years. Her wrists hurt the most, but so does her shoulder and wrist.

Since starting dipping her left wrist has started to hurt has well.

The pain was severe, but now has downgraded to ache and burning sensation. She has no finger tingle, but does have loss of grip pressure.

Doc did a bone scan... Nothing. He did not call it tendinitis but soft tissue damage due to repetitive strain. He called for shots and pain killers. We said no. Chiropractor called for rest.

My wife is afraid of making the pain worse.
Her office just asked her to take 2 weeks off to try and get better as she is less efficient.

Very active responsible job.

She has been dipping 40 times a day and goes to massage and chiro. We were unimpressed with physio.

And other advice? How long of a recovery do you think? Typing is ok now? In a couple of weeks?

I bought the books on back pain you recommended and the neck stretches have helped as well.



Nov 02, 2009
PART 3 - Wrist Tendonitis, sore neck and rib, much pain all up the arm
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

So I wonder how shots and painkillers are supposed to reverse damage, or heal damage, or keep it from coming back?

Your wife may or may not have damage, I certainly can't tell from here.

However, everything you say points to the predictable symptoms of being at the far end of the spectrum of a Pain Causing Dynamic.

Things get tight. Things don't work very well. Things hurt. Then Doctors don't provide anything to reverse the dynamic, because their training tells them that it's all about damage, with little to no understanding of what the damage is or how it actually developed.

And you are left with pain, with questions, and with fear.

And really, she should be afraid of making it worse. Keep doing what she has been doing, it will get worse.

Do the right things and it can get better.

It will take some work and some time and some motivation, but if she is like the vast majority of everyone else, it's absolutely reversible.

Maybe you already have but were you I would get The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works (yes, even though her wrists hurt).

The DVD will start to help with rib and neck, and it's the bulk of what you need to know and do, and it's a base we can work from to fine tune what she is going to need.

I would make sure her Vitamin D levels are up. If you don't know her levels (or yours), it's worth finding out. Even without, it's safe to take a winter's worth all at once. And one of the Vit D deficiency symptoms is pain.

I would supplement with Magnesium

Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency. It's totally awesome she's dipping 40+ times/day. And if she's Vit B6 deficient now, she -has- to get her level up or the pain is unlikely to go away.

Same with Magnesium.

Same with Vitamin D.

All are low cost supplements and if she's deficient, supplementing can help A LOT.

This dynamic has been progressing for a good long while. I suspect the nutritional aspects are playing a huge role.

Heck, I'd even recommend a gentle yoga with a skilled teacher.

Overall, there's a lot going on. Rest absolutely will not end this, even if she takes a year off, it will return when she gets back to work.

This will be a learning experience, like it or not. She's going to try things, trial and error, and find out what works and what doesn't. Whether something works or not, that result is a VALUABLE clue for unraveling the mystery of why exactly she is hurting.

Makes sense?

Nov 03, 2009
PART 4 - yep - Wrist Tendonitis, sore neck and rib, much pain all up the arm
by: Derek

Yep that does make sense,

She has supplemented magnesium, and is taking a multivitamin and calcium with D3... you are saying B6 as well... and should she take D on its own as well. (I read other posts and got her on magnesium and calcium).

How long does it take to get the dvd here (to canada). Is there an electronic version?

It will take several months for her body to repair by the sounds of it. Nevertheless, she can work... yes?

Sweet... will keep you posted.



Joshua Comments:

No electronic version yet. Working on that.

The dvd ships tomorrow, will be there....weds thurs or fri.

She can work. She's not -damaging- herself. But she will be irritating the pain causing dynamic. The more ice dipping and self care she does, the more that will counter the new irritation, and then the more it will start to reverse the process.

The bad news, work may cause more pain and symptoms. The good news is, it's not like cutting your arm with an axe. It's just TOO TIGHT and thus working poorly, and continually getting irritated.

Watch the DVD when it gets there, spend a week doing that intensely after she gets home from work, and at work, and first thing in the morning.

Ask questions and we'll fine tune along the way.

She's at the far end of the spectrum. It will take work, patience, and motivation.

Nov 05, 2009
PART 5 - Ok - Wrist Tendonitis, sore neck and rib, much pain all up the arm
by: Derek

By the way... my wife is having a great day today. She has spent much of the day pain free! Dipping 40 a day... ice massage and supplements... things are looking up!



Joshua Comments:


It works. One does have to keep at it though.

The more you do on the front end, the better and quicker one's results will be.

Also, yes, Vitamin D3 on the side.

Check out my Kerri's Vitamin D pages at www.Easy-Immune-Health.com

Vit D is VITAL to so many levels of health and function it's crazy.

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