wrist tendonitis & tennis elbow in left side and tendonitis in rt wrist

by Adi
(Puyallup, WA U.S.)

I'M SO HAPPY TO FIND THIS SITE! Have been on L&I for nearly a year diagonsed with tennis elbow & wrist tendonitis on the left and tendonitis in right wrist. My personal doctor is not familiar with L&I claims or this type of injury which is probably part of the reason this has gone on so long.

I was given only 3 months of physical therapy but no X-rays or MRI's were done. PT put me through a few stress tests in the beginning and at end of PT.

PT did ultrasound, massaging, parafin (sp.?) and weights which helped because when the 3 months was up, my ending tests showed improvment and at that time I was not experiencing pain, HOWEVER PT could not simulate the actual movements I would be expected to do at work while on modified duty.

I returned to a 4 hour a day work week in another department and was having a lot of pain.

By the third day I could not work because I was hurting too bad - I tried to stay by taking IBUPROFEN and icing on the job but the swelling was quite noticable. My doctor said many people work with pain and for me to stick it out but I could not.

Soon afterward I went for a medical assessment which recommended that I see a specialist. The specialist ordered X-rays and then an MRI but only on the right wrist - I told him that the left wrist always hurts more than the right.

When he ordered the MRI, he mentioned surgery may be needed. The MRI showed I have a ganglion cyst with tendonitis wrapped around it on the right but said he can't do anything surgerically.

He gave me a DOLFALAC (not correct sp.) perscription and on next visit gave me a cortisone shot - only in the right wrist.

I don't understand why he just ignores the left??

Then he says I'm released to work with PERMENANT work restrictions - DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? PT says one can recover from tendonits but it takes months - (obviously more than 3!).

Does it make sense to just cut me loose with PERMENANT WORK RESTRICTIONS when I could be healed instead?

I can't go back to my old job and now I'm laid off and have to find a new job. I feel this limits me - I have a 14 yr old daughter to raise and jobs are hard to come by - I don't want to be a burden on a new job if and when this comes back and cause me problems!

Can tendonitis and tennis elbow be healed with PT?


Now that I've found your site, I will try what you've outlined. Have to see specialist the 29th of July to express my concerns.

Not sure if specialists believe in PT as a healing benefit so if he denies me, I will be unhealed, limited and pretty sure it won't be long before major pain is back. I've been off of work for nearly a year - doing only daily duties and still experiencing sudden stabbing pain in both wrists and achiness in both forearms
- ESPECIALLY after moving to a new place to live.

I would love to buy your DVD and greatly appreciate the info you have given on the website and the opportunity to communicate with you - you've given me hope that was waning. If I can come up with the extra money needed for the DVD, I will get it.

L&I doesn't pay much - don't imagine company insurance would pay for your DVD? Do you know anything about that?



Joshua Answers:

Hi Adi. Thanks for all the details. That helps a lot.

1. Your doctor doesn't know anything about L&I?? Washington has a great insurance system (compared, for instance, to California where I moved to from Seattle) and doctors should know what's up.

2. Your doctor doesn't know anything about Wrist Tendonitis or Elbow Tendonitis? Most don't.

3. Find a new doctor.

4. Depending on your situation with L&I, I would find a good doctor that will give you a prescription for Massage Therapy.

I know great people in Seattle, and can probably find someone good in Puyallup or close to it.

You may need to see a good chiropractor that knows how to play the L&I game. Again, my people know people....

Doctors tend to go to PT. Chiro's tend to go to Massage Therapy.

Granted I'm biased, but you need a skilled Massage Therapist.

And, there's A LOT you can do at home, AKA my Tendonitis Treatment DVDs and this forum.

5. Why does your docs ignore your left side? I just don't know.....I'd guess it's because they have no idea how to help you and the right has less going on the the left.

This also explains the 'permanent disability', as they have no idea how to help you.

6. Can PT cure Tendonitis? Sometimes. Not so much in my view. Unless you have pain due to weak muscles, exercise isn't going to really help Tenodnitis. And, it depends on all the factors that have you hurt.

In your case, I think it's clear that PT can't cure your elbow tendonitis or your wrist tendonitis.

7. Company may pay for the DVD, it's cheap, and you'll probably have to make a special request. It's worth a shot.

And for you I recommend The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works DVD, and we'll fine tune it for what you need.

We've got to break the dynamic that is at the core of all your pain.

You've seen it. Start ICE DIPPING like your life depends on it. Dial down the Inflammation Process.

I have a bit more to say, but it's getting late. Respond to this, and I'll respond back.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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