Good News!
You Don't Have Elbow Tendonitis

What is Elbow Tendonitis?

Don't worry about it. There is no such thing.

People use the phrase, doctors might even use the phrase, but there is no such thing.

Basically, it slang for a more specific problem that happens in the area of the elbow.

But they told me I have Elbow Tendonitis!

Well, they're wrong.

Maybe you have Tennis Elbow, which is tendonitis of the lateral epicondyle of the elbow (the back of the hand side of the forearm).

Maybe you have Golfers Elbow, which is tendonitis of the medial epicondyle of the elbow (the palm side of the forearm).

Maybe you have Bicipital Tendonitis, along the Biceps Tendon, that can feel like pain close to the elbow.

Maybe you have an elbow joint problem, or an elbow ligament injury.

But you absolutely don't have Elbow Tendinitis.

Elbow joint pain can also cause, or be a result of tendonitis around the elbow joint.

Point being the term is a general catch all term for pain and problem around the elbow.  It is too vague a term to be helpful.

Firgure out exactly what you have

If you have elbow pain, or pain near the elbow, and you're trying to figure out what the problem is, here is a quick, general and basic guide to help you identify the problem.

Read through other pages on this website to help give you more clues as to why you are in pain.

  1. When you use your hands, do you have pain on the palm side of your forearm? This points to Golfer's Elbow.
  2. When you use your hands, do you have pain on the back of your hand side of your forearm? This points to Tennis Elbow.
  3. When you do a bicep curl with some kind of weight, does it hurt up towards your elbow, on the palm side of your forearm? This points to Bicep Tendonitis.
  4. Does your elbow hurt because you hyper-extended your elbow? Hyper-extension stretches the ligament(s) and can set you up for future pain.

All of these issues can also set you up for Carpal Tunnel Symptoms like wrist pain and numbness. Start dealing with it now and make the pain go away so your body can be happy again.

How do I make my, *ahem*, Elbow Tendonitis go away?

First off, figure out what you have.

Then, learn How to Reduce Inflammation. It's free information that, if you use it right, has the potential to make all your pain go away.

That's not a fix per se, but it's highly effective at lowering pain levels.

To completely reverse your Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow -dynamic-, the reason you have pain and will likely continue to be in pain, get The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works. It's good for both, but only talks about Tennis Elbow.

The trick is, Tennis Elbow Tendonitis and Golfers Elbow Tendonitis are EXACTLY THE SAME THING, just on opposite sides of the elbow.

So 'The Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works' is the perfect choice for Golfers Elbow -and- Tennis Elbow.

$39.97 plus S&H.
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As you'll see below, there are a lot of other options out there. Compare their claims to how they are going to fulfill on those claims. There is a correct tool for every job. If you don't get the right tool to heal you 'elbow tendonitis', it may get a little better, but it isn't likely to get fixed.

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