Trigger Thumb, Now Getting Trigger Finger Too Despite Corticosteroid Injections

by Brenda
(Alexandria, AL)

I had trigger thumb a while back and my doctor put shots in it.

Well that was painful and now I have it again in the middle finger and the opposite thumb.

I really hate to get the shots. Is that the best way or is there something I can do.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Brenda.

I'd wager that you still had Trigger Thumb even after the doctor put shots in it.

I hate shots too. I don't mind pain in general, but something about a needle in, and then fluid injected weirds me out.

Personally, I wouldn't classify cortisone injections as a treatment for Trigger Thumb, much less a good or effective treatment.

Having said that, it sounds like the original thumb still doesn't hurt?

I'm happy to give you my best way of dealing with it.

1. Make sure to read the pages Process of Inflammation, How To Reduce Inflammation, and Trigger Finger.

2. Then answer these questions.

A. Describe your Trigger Finger symptoms in as great a detail as possible.

B. How long has this been going on?

C. Has the original thumb that got the shot started hurting again? How long ago was the shot?

D. Where exactly are you experiencing your new Trigger Finger symptoms. Opposite hand finger and thumb? Where exactly?

E. How 'bad' is the pain and movement limitation, if any?

F. Diabetic? Any other health issues?

The more clues I get, the better I can help you.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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