1st time mom with debilitating Tendonitis from holding new baby

by Larissa


I had a baby 5 months ago. 2 months ago my Chiro took one look at my shoulder placement on my left arm, then my wrist and said I have tendonitis in my forearm from holding my daughter. He said it would get much worse than it is. Well, he wasn't kidding.

Even after icing regularly, using a brace and switching the side I hold my daughter, I write this in pain. My fingers go numb, my forearm is black and blue (all on it's own), I cannot move my wrist without pain, cannot hold anything with my hand unless my wrist is perfectly straight and hanging down, can't tie my shoes, grab my bag or do a button without pain.

Today the Chiro said it's probably going to get worse. He did some electrotherapy (and told me ahead of time that it will only help relieve the pain for a little bit but is not a solution- and he was right on the money).

What can I do? When will this end?

I should stop using the arm all together but that is impossible with a 5 month old. I have to be able to dress, change and pick her up... which requires 2 hands at the moment.

What are the long-term effects of tendonitis and how long does it usually last?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Larissa.

In no particular order.....

1. No, you should NOT stop using the arm!!! Rest does not fix anything.

2. Wrist splints and braces don't fix anything either.

3. When will this end? It won't end until you fix it. The Pain Causing Dynamic is a Downward Spiral of increasing pain and tightness. And as far along as you are, it's unlikely that it will get better all on it's own.

You're not injured, but your body is trapped in a pain dynamic.

4. Is this your first child? Regardless, you need to look at your nutritional status. Pregnancy takes
a lot out of a mother's body, and depending on how well you eat, etc. You absolutely need to know about Magnesium for Tendonitis.

Your forearm is black and blue??? Say more about this.

5. Your numbness etc is likely coming from up at the front of the neck and chest.

All of a sudden you've been picking up and carrying around a bowling ball, it's a constant workout, and your muscles have gotten too tight and are A. not working optimally and B. stuck tight and stepping on the hose of the nerve.

6. You have an overall Tendonitis dynamic, as opposed to having Wrist Tendonitis AND Shoulder Tendonitis AND Carpal Tunnel Syndrome AND Tennis Elbow.

It's all just a function of your muscles and connective tissue being TOO TIGHT, a chronic and increasing Process of Inflammation, and a freaked out nervous system. And predictably some nutritional deficiency.

What to do about it?

I suggest that you get my The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works DVD and the Quick Start Companion ebook that comes with it.

It's a complete plan of attack to deal with the nutrition, causes of numbness, combat inflammation, etc. And you can apply the concepts to the shoulder as well.

I know it hurts and is debilitating and scary. But the good news is, it's TOTALLY reversible. You just have to apply the right stuff to it.

Don't panic. You're doing the right things and looking for answers, and that's the only way to find answers.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Jul 21, 2011
1st time mom with bruising and tendonitis
by: Anonymous

Thanks Joshua for your response.

The black and blue comes and goes. Sometimes it's at the top of my forearm, sometimes it's more towards my wrist.

If I take off the wrist guard the black and blue goes away from near my elbow and further down my forearm becomes black and blue.

The bruise towards my elbow was about 5 in long and 3 in wide, near my wrist it was only about 2x2in. Both have gone away since I wrote my initial message but I can feel another bruise forming in a different spot on my wrist.

A quick 3-4 minute deep tissue massage by the chiro helped the pain and numbness go away for almost a week- that was relieving, but now it's back in full force again.

How long does tendonitis usually last?


Joshua Comments:

Tendonitis lasts until you fix it, basically. It may come and go, but it's always getting a little worse under the surface of the skin.

I wonder if you're some degree of anemic. Especially since that bruising moves around. Not surprising what with the whole pregnancy thing.

I URGE you to focus on filling your body up with good nutrition - magnesium, Vitamin D (affects the lifetime health of the baby), B6, B12, good fats and more protein (no, you do not eat enough protein).

I'm not an expert on the anemia thing, but magnesium and Vit D play a role, and if you have anemia Iron would be HIGHLY advisable, as for women anemia is (usually) simply a matter of not enough magneisum intake (unless you have any amount of internal bleeding or other medical issue).

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