Carpal Tunnel Relief
Made Easy

To get Carpal Tunnel Relief you just need to understand why you have pain, and how you got to this point.

Once you know the simple hows and whys of Carpal Tunnel, becoming pain free can be fast and if not easy, then relatively easy.

You could be pain free in a week without drugs or surgery, without taking time off work or hobby.

And regardless of how much you use your hands, you could stay pain free for the rest of your life by making your wrists HEALTHY, and keeping them that way.

It's not brain surgery..

It's a shame the medical system is so committed to methods that just don't work.

My name is Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.

Joshua Tucker the Tendonitis Expert picture

I have been successfully treating Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for a decade.

I specialize in the Elimination of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I'm a smart guy, I've been lucky enough to have the right education and experiences.

And I'm here to tell you, you DON'T have to be in Pain anymore!

I can show you how to get Carpal Tunnel Relief.

Carpal Tunnel Relief
Do you want all your pain to go away?
Do you want a 'fix'?

      * Make pain in your forearms, hands, and wrists disappear.

       * Stop worrying about having to stop working or playing.

       * Quickly make the numbness in your fingers vanish.

                               EVEN IN EXTREME CASES!

Carpal Tunnel Relief
Are you tired of being in pain?

Have you struggled through hand, wrist, and forearm pain to do "just a little more"?

Do numb fingers worry you?

Have you noticed that it's not going away, AND it seems to be getting worse?

Carpal Tunnel Relief
The bad news is...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome doesn’t get better on its own.

The Good News don't have to suffer any longer and you don't have to give up what you love.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms can be quickly decreased or even eliminated when you use the RIGHT tools.

If you are like most people, you've been failed by doctors, prescriptions, surgery, and unhelpful advice.

Now, I am offering you an actual solution to your problem.

Make Your Pain Disappear.....

Make your wrists HEALTHY again....

I’ve tried a lot of methods over the years, and had my clients try them too. I've experimented and watched the results.

I've created my own techniques and adapted others to make them more effective.

* I believe in getting the most benefit from the smallest amount of effort.

* I believe in working smart, not working hard.

* I believe in getting the best results.

In the interest of helping you work smart and getting fast results, I’ve put together the most effective activities for reducing Carpal Tunnel and Wrist Tendonitis symptoms.

When combined they work together to provide surprising, even amazing results.

And not just pain relief.

By doing these activities you will:

     * decrease or eliminate your pain.

     * make the numbness in your fingers go away.

     * stop, and then reverse the progression of your Carpal Tunnel               Syndrome.

What did you do to hurt yourself?

Do you work a computer job where you’re on the keyboard for hours and hours?

Maybe you use your hands intensively for some other job or hobby. Maybe you lift and hold small children.

Shhhh, Don’t tell anybody my secret but it really doesn’t matter what activity caused your wrist pain.

Carpal Tunnel is Carpal Tunnel, no matter how you got it.

Wrist Tendonitis is Wrist Tendonitis, no matter how you got it.

What you will learn on 'The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works'
or 'Carpal Tunnel Relief For Knitters' will work for you no matter HOW you’ve been over-using your hands.

Which brings up a good question...

How Are You Going To Heal Your Wrists?

You don't have many options that will help
and fewer that will actually work....

Corticosteroid Injections might temporarily decrease your pain, but in no way shape or form will it stop or reverse the physical dynamic that is causing your pain.

Plus they can cause serious side effects, like tendon and nerve damage.

Anti-Inflammatory medicine like Ibufrofen can decrease pain and inflammation to some degree, but neither stop nor reverse the physical dynamic that is causing your pain.

Wrist Splints or Braces are only good at helping you work longer hours with LESS irritation of your symptoms. If you need to use them for more than a week while you work or sleep, you're not using the right treatment methods.

If you want to prolong your suffering, I suggest continuing using wrist splints.

Pain Relief Creams?

If you find one that actually heals your Carpal Tunnel, I really want know about it. Good luck.

Stretches and Strengthening are for -after- you get yourself of pain. If you presently have pain, injury, and an over-protective nervous system, stretching and working your muscles will irritate you more than heal you.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery? I ask you....How does surgery reduce inflammation, relax tight muscles and connective tissue, or help you survive future repetitive strain injury?

It doesn't.

In ten years helping people eliminate their Carpal Tunnel, I've only ever met ONE person that had satisfactory results from the surgery.

Personally, I wouldn't want to risk surgery's possible nerve damage, infection, or a 'failure' when there is a viable, effective, natural, surgery-free option available.

How much will it cost me
to get Carpal Tunnel Relief?

It depends on how you go about it.

You could spend hundreds, even thousands, going the usual medical route. And it's likely you would still be in pain.

You could spend a bunch of money trying different things off the internet. (Just make sure that they will effectively deal with the SOURCE of your pain and 'injury'.)


For less than the price of a 'good' wrist support and a big bottle of Ibuprofen, you can get the information that you need to save yourself MANY trips to the doctor.

You can stop paying for ineffective and painful measures like corticosteroid shots, and no one will tell you to ‘rest’ because they have nothing better to offer.

You’ll never again even CONSIDER having surgery.

You get a natural, quick, and easy remedy that can make your pain go away and your wrists healthy again.

No more lost days of work or play.

If you're looking for a way to get Carpal Tunnel Relief you've found it!

If you purchase any of my DVDs, watch them, and follow the directions to the letter....


And it will work, no matter how old you are, no matter how long you have been typing, knitting, or otherwise being active with your hands.

No matter how severe your symptoms are.

Click on either of the DVD covers below to go to their respective pages, find out more, and to start getting Carpal Tunnel Relief right now.

Click on the DVD cover if you want to find out more about
'The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works'

Click on the DVD cover if you want to find out more about
Carpal Tunnel Relief For Knitters

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