Age 19 have been dealing with wrist tendonitis since 16.

by Austin Bangor
(Bethlehem,PA )

Hello, my name is Austin Bangor and i have been dealing with wrist tendonitis for quite a while now. It first started in my younger years of high school when i got my first weight bench and started lifting. i was lifting unsupervised because of family trouble and loss of a father figure through reasons i will not say.

Besides that i was lifting fine and alright for a while but then i liked the pump and started heavier more lifting that i probably should not have been doing.

i did one lifting exercise that i can very likely link to my pain, an upright barbell lift and im guessing i was going up to far because of the fact that my wrists would like pop and i thought it was normal tendon rubing over bone.. but now i know that was very stupid and much more worse.

A few weeks or months after i started developing very weak and sore and painful wrists, to the point if i fell on them or bent them the wrong way it would hurt so bad for so long.

i finally got an appointment to the doctors months later due to my mother being a single hardworking parent. The doctor basically told me a i have a case of wrist tendonitis and i should take Advil before i lift and ice after.

Because i told him i really missed lifting and besides i couldn't even play any other sports with this problem.. he then went on saying god determines your future and bunch of BS i did no appreciate nor quite understand.

So i really tried to take this serious as young teenager which is very hard. I tried to lift and completely gave up. The Advil and ice was just not cutting it. i even tried dumbbells instead of barbels. using very supportive wrist straps.. nothing seemed to help.

in turn i think it made my wrists weaker for they were not working. I knew to not even ask or try cortisone shots and definitely not surgery.. so i am stuck with researching and researching. and they all seem to say ice anti-inflam. and rest which have all not worked. I have seem improvements from them but the second i stress my wrist again due to being very active, all my pain starts up again..

I can feel thick like tendons bulging from my wrists the right hand being worse. They are restricting movement, strength, my everyday life and my future career as an
electrician.. i just hope to find someway to fix this or at least help.

It really hurts to think back and see that i did this to myself also because of being young and stupid. all i wanted was to gain muscle and release stress. but i guess it was too young of an age and not knowing exactly what i was doing.

Sorry for this being so long i just wanted to cover everything that came to mind. i can submit pictures and any other thing if needed.

Thanks ahead of time.
Austin Bangor


Joshua Answers:

Hey Austin.

Your doctor really said that??? Wow. That doesn't qualify for the "My Doctor's Smoking Crack" award, but the man deserves a serious rebuke.

If he was a faith healer and fixed your wrist that'd be one thing. But obviously he didn't.

So. Did you 'do this to yourself'? Technically, I guess so. But it's moot at this point, so don't beat yourself up about it. Learn from it.

What is there to learn from this?

Well, you already know that Rest doesn't fix Wrist Tendonitis.

Nor do Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen.

1. Nutrition is important.

It's incredibly likely that your nutritional status was not sufficient to support your body to be able to withstand the stress of a heavy weights regimen.

You MUST get your Vitamin D level up to between 50-80 ng/ml.

See: Magnesium for Tendonitis

That's not all, but that's a start.

2. The build up of inflammation.
See: Process of Inflammation

See: How To Reduce Inflammation

There's more, of course. I suggest that it will be worth it for you to get my Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook for a complete plan.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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