Carpal Tunnel Surgery Complications

You desperately want to stay away from Carpal Tunnel Surgery complications.

It's bad enough that surgery won't reverse the dynamic that caused your pain and symptoms. It's bad enough that release surgery cuts skin and damages connective tissue.

It's bad enough that almost nobody gets back to 100% just from the surgery

But it's even worse when surgery makes things worse.

Are you contemplating getting Carpal Tunnel Release surgery, or any variation of it?

Then I suggest that you educate yourself about it as much as you can.

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Look Out For Carpal Tunnel
Surgery Complications

Complications from Carpal Tunnel Surgery basically fall into the following four categories.

1. Increased Pain

Surgery cuts into flesh and connective tissue. The nervous system does not like this.

If you have any kind of Tendonitis, or CTS then you already have a Pain Causing Dynamic and a very defensive nervous system, both of which are causing pain and problem.

Surgery has a tendency to make the body respond to pain and injury. This can often result in a much higher pain response from the body.

Surgery is marketed as a cure, but in cases of Carpal Tunnel, it often just irritates the unhappy structure and makes things worse.

Remember, sharp objects and the human body don't generally go well together.

2. Infection

Due to several variables, it is possible for the incisions from surgery open you up to getting infection.

Should I say anything more about that? Infection can be mild, or life threatening, it just all depends.   Poor post-surgery self care, the non-sterile environment of the hospital, etc.

3. Injured Median Nerve

Wouldn't you feel silly if you went in for surgery for carpal tunnel, and left with a partially or completely severed Median nerve? Oops.

The ligament that surgeons must cut to 'release' the nerve sits -right- against the nerve. So surgeons try to be very careful as they use a frighteningly sharp tool right up against the nerve as they slice and pick away at tough connective tissue.

You think your symptoms are bad now? Try going through life with the main nerve to your hand nicked or sliced or cut in half.

That's bad news.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is totally fixable through natural methods. A cut nerve is not fixable by -any- method.

4. Surgery Failure

It is entirely common for a person to get surgery for Carpal Tunnel but later return to the doctor, still in pain, only to have the doctor declare that a second surgery is needed.

Which always makes me wonder why if the first one didn't work, why would the second one work? Especially from the same doctor.

Why would you get a second surgery from a doctor that failed the first time?

Anyway, surgery failure can happen for two reasons.

The first reason is that the surgeon did not successfully free up the median nerve. Which means that s/he didn't cut the connective tissue enough to create space.

The second reason is that the Carpal Tunnel wasn't the problem in the first place. Carpal Tunnel is a dynamic. There is a larger picture and a larger area of the body involved than just a single tiny spot.

But your doctor should know that right? Well, that's a good question to ask your doctor.

This second reason is not really a Carpal Tunnel surgery complication. It is a basic fact about CTS that surgeons seem to consistently disregard.

The way the body works, pain doesn't just show up out of the blue for no reason, and it is rarely isolated to a single, specific spot.

How To Avoid Carpal Tunnel
Surgery Complications

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Complications are easy to avoid if you avoid surgery and get rid of your Carpal Tunnel with ways that actually work.

If you get surgery and stick with the usual methods of Carpal Tunnel treatment, there's not a lot you can do about it. When you go under the knife, you just have to roll your dice and take your chances.

Good luck.

If you do get the surgery, make sure you know everything that there is to know about CTS Surgery Recovery.

How Can You Avoid 
Surgery -And- Complications?

The easy answer is to just not get the surgery.

That's easy to say, but if you do that, and don't do anything else to fix the problem, it's probably just not going to go away by itself.  It hasn't yet, right?

So what can you do to make the pain and numbness go away?

I suggest that you get The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works.

It really works. It is simple and effective. It works because it reverses the Carpal Tunnel Dynamic.   If you have serious CTS, no tip or trick is going to give you the results you want.  You need a complete plan of action.

What a perfect combination! No Carpal Tunnel Surgery Complications, -and- no Carpal Tunnel.

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