Cracking and popping inner left ankle above foot. Severe achilles pain that comes and goes in left posterior ankle.

by Jess

For about 6 months I have experienced constant cracking/popping in my left inner ankle area at times causeing pain.

In the past two months have been experiencing severe pain in the outside posterior region of my left ankle that comes and goes.

When the pain occurs I have minimal to no movement of my foot, its like it just locks up. It is extremely painful to stand, walk, or attempt to stretch out.

It is somewhat relieved if I squeeze the achilles tendant. Ice and oral NSAID' have little to no affect. I am a nurse and on my feet constantly.

Any suggestions?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Jess. Thanks for all the details.

Some Questions.

1. How did you ice it, that had no effect. How, and how much?

2. What does if feel like when it's hard to stretch out the ankle.

3. Describe the pain in greater detail. Who, how, what, when, where.

4. 10 hour shifts, yes? How is it on your feet all day? Hurt during, hurt after?

5. Say more about comes and goes.

6. Describe 'severe' pain.

7. Any previous injury to the area, etc?

8. Age?

9. Overall health?

10. Does anything specific start a bout of severe pain? And, how long does it last? Does it just go away on it's own?

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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