deQuervain's problem in a new mother

by khong

Hi, I wish you could help me on my thumb & wrist pain problem.

I am a new mummy to my 3 months plus baby. I am sufferring wrist pain for my both hands since 2 months plus ago. Initially i feel both my hands wrist are pain but when time past, i started to feel both my thumbs are pain too. There are swelling on the part above wrist.

i do not know what is the actual cause to this problem. I am doing accounts job, not so much of typing work. I would suspect the cause of my problem is caring my new born baby. he is only 2.8kg upon delivered, not so heavy but i was facing problem in breastfeeding. my baby did not suck well and everytime i carry him for 1-2 hours everytime try to breastfeed. My hands started to feel pain on the 11 days after delivery.

i have taken anti-inflammation drugs & kertosen plaster but it does not helps at all. I went to hand specialist, the doctor diagnosed me as having deQuervain's & has arranged me to go for ultra sound for about 2-3months.

I am wearing hand splint during day time. At the moment, i have undergo 4 times ultrasound (2 times a week). Besides, i also go for chinese alcupuncture, once a week.

So far, i does not see any improvement yet.

Every morning when i wake up, my hands feel very pain.The pain is last for about an hour, then gone. When i start using my hands, a little movement has cause me feel pain already.

The hand specialist advice me to continue ultrasound for 2-3 months. If no improvement thereafter, he will do steroid injection for me.

my question here are:

1. am i really suffer from deQuervain's?

2. is there any x-ray/mri or any way could be done to see inside "how injured is my tendon" or it only could be judge by "my own feeling of the pain"?

3. shall i started to take vitamins/ supplement such as Vit D, vit C & Magnesium to improve my tendon?

4.i heard many says
bad side effect of steroid injection, i should not take it right?

5.does your "reversing wrist tendonitis" helps my problem?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Khong.

Congratulations on the new baby!

But yes, sometimes there are some physical downsides to being a new mother....

It sounds like you have some usual Tendonitis factors in your thumb and forearm (tight muscles, irritated tissue, etc).

I'll jump right to your questions.

1. Maybe. I don't know and can't tell from here. Regardless of the name or label, you're in pain, and there are reasons for that.

But as there are There Are Two Types Of Tendonitis, it's safe to say that you have one of them.

You absolutely have some kind of Pain Causing Dynamic in place.

2. No.

And, you're probably not actually injured. You're just undernourished and your body is creating pain sensation.

3. Vitamin D, absolutely (depending on how much actual sunshine hits your skin every day.

Magnesium for Tendonitis ABSOLUTELY!

And, more protein. And, more good fat.

The more good nutrition you can get into your body, the better. Regardless of how 'healthy' you were before pregnancy, being pregnant and giving birth takes a lot out of your body, literally.

4. My personal and professional opinion is a big thumbs down (no) to corticosteroid injections.

They don't fix the problem. They don't make your weak muscles stronger, they don't get rid of nutritional deficiencies, etc.

5. Yes, I very much suggest that you get my Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook.

It will give you a complete plan, and the reasons for each part of it. I suspect you need to focus more on the nutrition side of things, which are included.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Reversing DeQuervain’s ebook cover

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Dec 06, 2012
Just got your ebook! Specific Massage for DeQuervain's
by: Natalie

Hi Joshua,

As suggested above I just now got your ebook for Wrist Tendonitis (I am a new mama with Thumb Tendonitis too)! The book looks awesome, and I am going to start ice-dipping tomorrow! I am very excited about getting this sorted (as I have been in a Brace for a month with No Improvement!)

I am just wondering about the Specific Massage you recommend, should I just focus on the thumb, or go everywhere like you talk about (and show photos of) in the e-book?

Not sure if this is the right place to post this - I hope so.

Thanks so much,

Natalie in Australia


Joshua Comments:

Everywhere, including the thumb, thumb pad, etc.

Use the contact button/form if you need more specifics.

May 29, 2017
Mommy thumb
by: Kathleen


I too was diagnosed with DeQuervains as I'm a new mommy too...from holding my breast every time I breastfed for 2 months.

Now I have pain in my thumb, wrist and tingling in fingers and arms..but the doctor also said that I may have a pinched nerve in both elbows because the outside of my hand and pinky fingers go numb.

Which e-book do you suggest for both of these issues? I see that you have a dequervain's ebook, a wrist one, an elbow they all contain the same basic info?

Which one should I get?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Kathleen.

Happy new momhood! Short of the pain etc, of course.

I wouldn't worry about 'pinched nerve', for a variety of reasons. Chances are high that dealing with the 'pain' will get rid of the factors causing the numbness/tingling.

I'd go with the Reversing DeQuervains Tendonitis program.

Wrist,'s really all from the forearm...and in the case of thumb area pain that can include muscle/structures in the thumb itself (but even thumb problems stem from the forearm overall).

Plus lack of nutrition (little humans take a lot out of you literally), so your body can't work correctly in the first place, and can't recover as it should.

Plus you're likely getting crappy sleep, and that's it own kind of stress and downside (which eats up nutrition, etc).

Let me know if you have any questions.

Jun 05, 2017
Breastfeeding Mother
by: Kathleen Latlip


Thank you for your response. So I told you I was diagnosed with DeQuervains but after looking at your information now I'm wondering if it's carpal because on top of all the pain and tingling in the forearm, I can't seem to find a hot spot but just feel pain and tingling in the thumb, almost like it's sprained, esp when I move it a certain direction.

And I feel like the doctor I saw heard that I was a new mom and just diagnosed it based on that which is frustrating because I feel like I'm trying to self diagnose.

I have tenderness along the thumb tendon but nothing like a hot spot of pain. However maybe I'm pressing in the wrong area and I'm not sure how hard I should press to find this hot spot....and maybe it really is Mommy Thumb.

My pain and tingling radiates into my forearms and equally my issues are on the pinky side of the hands down the wrist as well which I think is from the angle I've had my arm, wrist and thump bent holding my breast to keep my baby latched on.

Also from the way my wrist is bent in from holding my baby in front of me. Do you still say to get the DeQuervains book?

Also all the nutritional info you give in the book as a way to get your body healed, is it safe for breastfeeding?

Thanks Josh!


Joshua COmments:

"And I feel like the doctor I saw heard that I was a new mom and just diagnosed it based on that"


"Also all the nutritional info you give in the book as a way to get your body healed, is it safe for breastfeeding?"

Yes, with one think to keep an eye out for (see magnesium below).

B6 is fine (and good) for the amounts you'd take.

B12 methycobalamin is fine (and good) for the amounts you'd take.

Vitamin D is IMPORTANT to take (for you and baby). And you have to take at least 5,000i.u.'s per day for the baby to get any via breastmilk. (Do you know your level? Probably should...Vit D is super imporant for your health and baby's health/development/etc/etc/etc.)

Magnesium is super important for you (and baby). One aspect of magnesium is that is is relaxing (literally). Very rarely (research and anecdotal evidence says) is a baby CAN become lethargic if getting too much magnesium.

Nothing to worry about/not harmful (though obviously would not want to continue if it happened), but absolutely something you'd want to keep an eye out for (and obviously stop/reduce the amount you're intaking if baby gets unusually lethargic).

Again, rare, but something to be aware of.

"Do you still say to get the DeQuervains book? "

Yes. I wouldn't worry about the name of the 'diagnosis' so much as the factors that cause the symtoms: too tight muscle and connective tissue (that eats up nutrition), nutritional insufficiency, and inflammation process (that eats up nutrition).

-Maybe- you have carpal tunnel from up at the neck causing nervy symptoms down in the arm, but let's see what happens when you focus on the forearms and nutrition.

And, focus on the forearms and nutrition -and- bend backwards over a couch arm or one of those big blue blow up exercise balls with your arms outspread and neck falling back (so, the reverse of hunched forward) to help counter any upper body cause of 'carpal tunnel symptoms'.

Jun 06, 2017
Link needed
by: Kathleen Latlip


I'd like to take advantage of the back to normal deal you're giving but the link I have is for the wrist e-book not the DeQuervain's one. My acupuncturist thinks the numbness is from my neck too....from slouching over. I'm seeing a chiropractor tomorrow to help my neck.
Can you send me a new link for the deal?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Kathleen.

No worries. I add people manually with that purchase so go ahead and get the wrist tendonitis back to normal club and I'll send you the DeQuervains' program and add you to the DeQuervains Support Email Series.

Jun 28, 2017
Finally starting
by: Kathleen


So I finally started your program today. I ended up just reading the wrist e-book. My question is about icing. I started yesterday and tonight my hands hurts worse than they did before I started icing. Any ideas why? Should I stop?



Joshua Comments:

Yes, keep going.

If you're feeling 'more', it's because you're stirring the pot, so to speak, and you're more accurately feeling what's already going on in there.

DO THE NUTRITION. (that allows your body to work better and to get more results from the self care)

Ice dip a lot (that lowers pain).

Start the Specific Massage conservatively (more on the muscles than the tendons).

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