Guitar player with all the problems

by John

I found this page over the winter when I was dealing with horrible pain from my neck all the way down my arm and hand. I got 5 different diagnoses from one dr. and things just kept getting worse. It had seemed like the general problem started with playing guitar but it was all uncertain because I had symptoms of so many different problems with the worst being shoulder and neck pain starting behind my ear.

Eventually after a bunch of different physical PTs, doctors, MRI's, and X-Rays a Dr. at Dartmouth-Hitchock said it was a neck problem and said I needed to see a McKenzie certified PT.

That actually did help improve the neck problem right away and it mostly stopped after a few months.

But then in the spring I got plantar fasciitis and when I started playing guitar again the neck/shoulder/arm/hand problems started coming back.

It gets everywhere including irritable nerves under my armpit and side. So basically the whole left side of my body seems to hurt from head to toe with seemingly unrelated problems.

So I came back here to look at the guitar related thing and maybe get that program and realized that plantar fasciitis, neck etc is there as well and there is a common theme here.

The plantar fasciitis is at least in part related to my right left being a little shorter from an ankle injury and my left foot getting bigger and flatter.

So I have to do some work with a podiatrist. But still there is all kinds of irritation that seems the same as the rest of it.

So do you have any literature here that is a generic approach to improving nutrition and lessening inflammation? Do all of these things have specific approaches and stretches? I’ve spent a whole lot of money on various things for all of this and funds are getting low.


Joshua Comments:

Hi John.

Tendonitis is tendonitis no matter where it shows up.

Let me rephrase that. The Tendonitis Dynamic is the Tendonitis Dynamic no matter where it shows up.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

Three main factors are involved: Too tight muscle and connective tissue, process of inflammation (chronic), and lack of nutrition.

This causes all sorts of problems, it can look a little different. Yours looks little different than usual (no surprise it's a mystery to doctors, they're better with gunshots and broken bones).

But the underlying factors are the same.

Playing guitar leads to some tell tell problems (shoulder and wrist/hand/forearm). But so does race car driving
and baseball and knitting (symptoms look different, but the factors of the dynamic are the same).

Let me rephrase that. The tendonitis dynamic develops and looks a little different, depending on the activities you mostly do.

But as I say, playing guitar doesn't cause problems (it just looks like it does). Quitting guitar isn't going to fix anything, though pain might go away..but the structural factors remain so even if you were in a coma on the couch for 12 months, woke up with no pain, before too long symptoms would be back if you picked up the guitar again.

It breaks my heart when someone quits playing guitar due to 'pain from playing guitar'.

The Reversing Guitar Tendonitis shows you how to reverse all that. It's not rocket science, you just have to do enough of the right stuff.

Any amount of the wrong stuff just isn't going to cut it, as you've been experiencing.

Along those lines, the RGT program is for the 'normal' scenario of guitar players with shoulder/forearm/wrist/hand/finger symptoms.

But...your symptoms sound more neck/shoulder related.

I'd get the Reversing-Shoulder-Tendonitis program.

Or the Reversing-Whiplash-Tendonitis

(Probably you would benefit from both...there's a lot of overlap between the two because tendonitis is tendonitis no matter where it shows up, get one of them then let me know and I'll give you the other one.)

And have foot issues. Everything is the same...but it's happening in multiple areas.

The UNDERLYING factor common to your entire body is lack of nutrition. You were short, now various factors (pain, inflammation, tightness, etc) have been eating up even more nutrition and now you're more short and have higher nutritional requirements.

Lack of nutrition means the tendonitis dynamic can start causing symptoms elswere...somewhere new or just current areas 'spreading'.

You have to fix the nutrition to fix any of it. Much of what you've tried hasn't been able to help much (if it even could to begin with) because tissue won't respond correctly if there's not enough necessary nutrition available.

Running out of room, let me know ifyou have any questions.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Aug 24, 2018
burning, pain, disabled left hand and thumb
by: Matt K.

I've played guitar off and on for about fifty years. Until about three years ago I was unaware that there was such a problem. Were my strings generating the pain? Would it get better. It got worse and I've been laying off playing more than ever.

So I've come up with a little help. It's a form of acupressure massage. The gadget is a cutout of a hand, my hand in my case, with wood screws inserted through the cutout and secured. This, I place under my forearm and sometimes the palm of my hand, which is a more sensitive place. With gradual use I seem to gain a little edge on the problem of pain and disability in my thumb.

Thank you for this website as I have some bearing about the problem from another source now.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Matt.

1. Are you using the wood cutout hand thing as a massage tool? Or a support/brace while you're playing guitar?

2. 25 or 55, it's reversible. No good reason to still have this pain/limitation for your next 40 years.

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