Heel Tendonitis
Is That What It Is?

Is your heel pain really Heel Tendonitis?

Technically, no.

You might have ankle tendonitis with heel pain, or a heel spur, or plantar fasciitis, or all of the above.  But technically there is no tendonitis of the heel.

But if you have pain in the heel area, let's get that figured out and dealt with.

First, you have to know what the problem is.

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What Is Heel Tendonitis?

The term 'heel tendonitis' is a misnomer.

Heel pain can come from a variety of directions.

To be heel tendinitis, there has to be a tendon involved.  

There is ankle tendonitis...as the tendons from the lower leg come down around the the ankle to attach to the foot and toes.  

But the heel itself doesn't really have tendons.

Ligaments and cartilage and connective tissue, yes, but no tendons.

So no tendonitis.

Having said that, heel pain is a real thing, and can be caused by any number of things, including tendonitis.

Any one of those (and any combination of those) can cause what feels like heel tendonitis.

Heel Tendonitis Symptoms

Heel pain symptoms include (but are not limited to):

  • pain (throbbing or constant, dull or stabbing)
  • ache (superficial or deep)
  • burning sensation (warm to -burning-)
  • unable to bear weight

Heel Tendinitis, like Tendonitis found anywhere in the body, is caused by a -dynamic-.

Specifically, the Pain Causing Dynamic.

See:  What Is Tendonitis?

Having said that, keep in mind that there aren't any heel tendons.  But there are other, nearby tendons that are part of the problem.

So any symptoms you feel in the heel itself, aren't directly from 'tendon'-itis.

But the symptoms are caused by something.

  • A heel spur will feel like stabbing pain if it is under the heel (you step on the bony growth with each step).
  • A heel spur at the back of the heel will hurt the achilles tendon which can hurt the heel bone/area.
  • Achilles tendonitis puts too much pull on the achilles tendon, which can irritate the heel bone/area.
  • Plantar Fasciitis can affect the foot in a variety of ways, including undue tension on the heel.
  • The tendons involved in ankle tendonitis are very close to the heel.  The Inflammation Process releases chemical which enhances one's sensitivity to pain, and that chemical can drift into the heel area (and thus hurt).

Remember, symptoms have causes.

Ok, Heel Tendonitis Treatment,
What Do I Do?

First, you have to identify what's really causing the pain.

If a doctor tells you that you have tendonitis of the heel, you need to find another doctor.  You need more specific information.

You should definitely Quiz Your Doctor.

You need to know some specific things:

  • What exactly is causing my heel pain?
  • What exactly is causing the inflammation?
  • Is there a bone spur on the heel?
  • Is the Achilles Tendon, that attaches to the heel, the problem?
  • If the Achilles tendon is the problem, WHY is it a problem?  What is causing it to be a problem?
  • Is some other tendonitis dynamic causing my heel pain

Every step you take involves the heel.  But the heel bone is just a bone.  It is controlled by muscle, and stabilized (or not) by connnective tissue.

The achilles can pull on it in one direction, and the plantar fascia can pull on it in the other.

Point being, it's rare that the heel itself is actually the problem.

Identify the cause of the symptom.

That gives you access to the treatment.

Inflammation pain?  Learn How To Reduce Inflammation

Bone Spur?  See:  Heel Spur Treatment

Achilles Tendonitis?  See:  Reversing Achilles Tendonitis

Plantar Fasciitis?  See:  The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment That Works

Heel tendonitis?  Nope.   tendon, no tendonitis.

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