Hip Flexor Tendinitis In A Runner With Questions

by Heather
(Dallas, TX)

I would like some information on of hip flexor tendinitis.

First about symptoms... Is it likely to be sore first thing in the morning and lessen as the day goes on? Is it likely to be more sore with prolonged sitting? Is it likely to be sore immediately following exercise (running) and not as much during? What other information can you provide about symptoms?

Also, I hear different views on treatment. Most I hear say that it is relatively minor and that if it is inflammation-based that NSAID treatment or a cortisone injection together with stretches and strengthening exercises should keep the person pretty mobile and even continuing to run (especially with the cortisone).

One report I saw talked about it as a devastating injury requiring weeks off from running and considerable rehab. But that was one - which is right? Should I be able to continue to run if I get anti-inflammatory treatment and other therapy?

I'm scheduled for an MRI arthrogram tomorrow but won't get results until next week. Can I continue to run while I await results or would I do more damage? I have a half marathon in over 4 weeks and while I don't want to do more damage, if I can continue to run in hopes of running the race, I would like to.

Thank you.


Joshua Answers:

Hello Heather. You didn't leave your email address on the notification part so I hope you find this response....

Likely to be sore first thing and then warm up? Yes.

Likely to hurt after prolonged sitting? Yes.

Sore after/during
exercise? Depends. Can be one or the other or both. During, there is more blood flow and circulation, and the tissue is more mobile and limber, so it makes sense that after working out, as things tighten up and pain enhancing chemicals from the chronic Process of Inflammation settle in and the nervous system starts noticing them more and more.

Hip Tendonitis can be minor, it can be major. It just depends on where you are on the spectrum of the Pain Causing Dynamic

I WOULD NOT run with a Corticosteroid Injection. Crazy to exercise on top of a masked pain. CRAZY!

NSAIDS mask the pain but don't do anything to heal Tendonitis of any kind.

Rest is unlikely to heal Tendonitis.

Once you understand what Tendonitis is, it gets easier to find effective treatment.

The hip is a little tough just due to geography and location. But absolutely, correct stretching is a necessesity. Muscle and connective tissue structures are too tight, and this leads to Tendonitis.

More questions, more answers.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Apr 09, 2014
My Hip is Sore Too
by: Melanie

It is good to read that rest probably won't help the tendinitis go away. I haven't been out for a run the last few mornings and I am starting to climb the walls. I have been researching all kinds of information on how to effectively stretch that area, I have been trying to be nice to it and am going to step up the cold-pack treatment even more, and at least I seem to have caught it before it got so bad I had to beg for help from a doctor. I hope, anyway.


Joshua Comments:

I hope so too!

Rest in and of itself doesn't cure anything, it just reduces new irritation to an already irritated dynamic.

Hint: Magnesium For Tendonitis

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