Multiple conditions like Plantar Fasciitis and Wrist Tendonitis - don't know what to do

by Amit

It all started one year ago. I was walking down the Chicago Transit Authority station to my home, and experienced debilitating pain on my right foot.

Just a day before, I had run seven miles on a treadmill without problems. The pain was so severe - I had to just stop walking. I couldn't pinpoint the exact pain source - it seemed the whole foot was breaking.

A week later, I felt better. But the pain stabilized to a dull chronic pain. My doctor told me it's probably tendonitis, and suggested some stretching exercises.

After that, the pain never completely vanished. It would randomly come on, sometimes so severe, I had to hail a cab back home if I was walking.

There was no pattern (as in it wasn't severe the first thing in the morning etc). The only consistency was it would go away as soon as I sat down. The orthopedic took an x-ray and found nothing abnormal. He thought it's a mild case of plantar fasciitis, and recommended physical therapy.

Completed eight sessions - it didn't really change my situation. I stopped running, and took to driving everywhere. I still dread the pain - I can be on my feet four to five miles a day, but beyond that troubles me.

A newer problem I encountered recently was a pain on my right wrist - if I have my palms down, the extreme right bone that connects the wrist to the forearm (I don't know what it's called) started paining. I thought it's been due to too much typing, and I went to the gym to get some exercise. Did some weight training, but the pain moved to my neck and shoulders. It pains to this day. Ibuprofen helps, heat helps, but it's all temporary. Have made positive changes in my lifestyle - more ergonomic computer, better sitting posture, daily stretching etc, but the pain's not going away.

ideas? It's been all on the right side of the body, and I recently also noticed my right shoulder is very slightly lower than the left. Could that cause a problem? My joints also crack while exercising (it's the noise that comes in when tendons slip against the bones). Could that be related?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Amit.

Well, ultimately, it's ALL related. The body works together as one amazing multifaceted unit.

Having said that, it's useful to start isolating various factors to see the role they're playing.

It could be Plantar Fasciitis, sure, but that doesn't necessarily help you as far as identification.

If you're a runner, that makes a lot of sense. You might have caused a little micro-fracture. Or stretched/strained/bruised a ligamint/joint/tendon connection.

As you're having pain all over (and becoming more accurately aware of how your body feels) that has me also look at nutritional factors.

Vitamin D deficiency (see the Vit D pages on can cause all sorts of pain, random pain, and pain that mimics Tendonitis.

See: What Is Tendonitis?

You MUST get some Magnesium into your body. See: Magnesium for Tendonitis

Especially as a runner, I'd suggest that you invest in my Reversing Achilles Tendonitis ebook. Tight structures in the lower leg VERY much affect the functionality of the foot and ankle. (And if you're clever, you can utilize that info for your wrist pain.)

Start with those three things.

More questions, more answers!

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And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Dec 23, 2017
Same problem
by: Anonymous


Please assist. I have the same problem. Started with Plantar Fasciitis in my foot, and now my wrist. Same description as person above. Started with me walking a lot since we moved from South Africa to Scotland. I never had any problems and feels otherwise very healthy.

I am a 40 year old female, bit overweight, but try to keep healthy. My wrist pain goes from my pinkie side of my right wrist and is moving up my arm. No swelling, no other signs of injury, just the pain and sometimes when run my fingers over it I can year a clicking sound. Baffled by these pains. Would appreciate some direction of what it could be.

Thank you


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

See my previous response to the same problem.

Pain doesn't require injury, in your scenario it's usually more of a 'dysfunction'. Meaning, multiple facotrs aren't working right and that makes those factors worse and that causes lack of proper function and....pain and related symptoms.

So the answer to 'what it could be' is that it's likely a tendonitis dynamic: too tight muscle and connective tissue, inflammation process, and nutritional lack.

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