Myositis Ossificans and Anterior Compartment Syndrome symptoms, Kicked in the side of the calf and shin twice while playing soccer

by Danielle

Picture of injury leading to myositis Ossificans, swelling, bruising, and pain

Picture of injury leading to myositis Ossificans, swelling, bruising, and pain

A couple of weeks ago I was kicked in the side of the calf and a little on the shin in a soccer game... I got a huge goose egg immediately... The area swelled about 2-3 inches! It was insane. The trainers at school had me ice and elevate. So, 2 days later severe bruising and continued inflammation occurred.

My lower leg was painful to the touch. The trainers massaged the blood out of the affected area and after a week and a half the bruising had subsided.

I continued competition and got re-kicked in the leg, but this time it was much lower and on the front side of my shin. Goose-egg immediately formed again. Immediate bruising/bleeding was happening inside my leg and a lot of swelling. It was uncomfortable and tight feeling.

I was almost was to the point of tears just sitting down. My entire lower leg was black and blue for an entire week. The trainers made me sit out a day. Then, I returned to competition with my leg wrapped and padded up for protection. New bruising patterns would occur from the compression of my padding and my leg wouldn't really hurt after I was really warmed up and sweaty the pain kinda went numb.

The only time I would feel the pain was when I would take my shoes and padding off... my shin felt like it was going to explode with pressure and was PAINFUL for me to even tickle.

One game my foot went numb and I had to come out of the game because it my foot being numb was very uncomfortable and distracting.

The area where I took the first blow is now hard but it isn't raised (meaning it is not a hard goose egg that sticks out, but I can find it very easily because it is very hard with a bone-like density when you push on it.

Oh yeah, and sometimes when I am standing there is like a tickling feeling underneath my foot like something is crawling around in there (i know there is no critter in there, but that is what it feels like haha)

There is tenderness on the inside of my ankle and just behind the anklebone (right in between the ankle bone and where my heel starts to round off to the Achilles) I find this weird because I didn't get kicked there... my leg also hurts to flex that running muscle on your shin.

It also hurts to stand on my heel.

I have numerous pictures but I don't think that I can upload them all. I tried to take daily pictures, but I kinda forgot a couple of days but I think that they would be of some use.

But, I can only up load one right now so should I send some to you via email? Thank you so so so so much as this is a mystery to the trainers at my university and their main treatment has been ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, but that is their cure-all treatment for everything ;)


Joshua Answers:

Hi Danielle.


A few questions, and a more important one at the bottom of the page.

1. In general, do you bruise easily?

2. Any problems with anemia?

3. How old are you? I'm guessing college aged?

4. What has happened before when you've gotten kicked playing soccer?

So those would be good questions to answer for me.


I'm not at all worried about the bruising, per se. Discoloration, etc, is not a problem, however, you have described a couple things that conern me.

You said "..a bone-like density..."

So you're looking at myositis ossificans, or the very real possibility of it developing. What this means is that you have a hematoma (internal bleeding, bruising) that for some reason calcifies into bone.

This page on about myositis ossificans and this one on say just a tiny bit about it, and that's about as much as you're going to find on it on the net.

Point being, you've taken a couple hard blows and from what you describe, are a perfecte candidate for, and should get worried about, the development of a calcified hematoma.

In and of themselves, they're not intrinsically bad or dangerous, but imagine having a marble in your calf and getting kicked like you were again right on that spot....

So we'll need to talk about that.

Also, you got kicked on the front, on the shin. It sounds like you have some level of Anterior Compartment Syndrome.

I thought I had a page on this, but it seems I don't, so I'll make one for you. Until then, look at this MensHealth article for a first look. (I don't think it's the most accurate info, but it's the best I could find on short notice.) MensHealth Anterior Compartment Syndrome article

Basically, you can get swelling in the shins that gets 'locked' in, and pressure can build up so much that you will basically pop your connective tissue sheath...all the way out to the skin. A big, dangerous fissure. Bad bad news.

Bad news at that extreme, painful overpressure that can cause cell death on the medium end, and painful swelling that takes a long time to go down and is easily irritated and able to quickly progress to dangerous levels on the mild end.

So let's find out more about where you're at.

Tell me more about symptoms in the shin. How swollen, how tight, how painful, etc.

One way or another you need to get right to work on helping it out, I'll help you with that.

And, if it gets any worse faster than we can reduce it, it may be worth it to take a trip to the hospital and get tested to see how bad it is. Literally, when it's at a bad and dangerous point, they have to puncture the structure to let pressure out.

I don't know if it's that bad, and I don't want to scare you, and, I want you to be aware.

I'm a bit concerned your trainers haven't mentioned either of these possibilities. Maybe I'm reading it as worse than it is, but.....let's investigate.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Sep 24, 2009
PART 2 - Mysositis Ossificans and Anterior Compartment Syndrome symptoms
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Here is the page on Anterior Compartment Syndrome

Sep 25, 2009
PART 3 - Thank you for getting back to me!
by: Danielle

1. In general, do you bruise easily?

I have been asked this question before and I find it hard to answer since I really have no way of comparing how easily I bruise. I mean you can't punch me in a playful manner and I will bruise like a peach. I think that all of my bruises have been relative to the pain that caused them! Sometimes, I feel like I should have bruised on some painful soccer foul, but I don't...

2. Any problems with anemia?

Yes, I go in and out of being anemic, but on the most recent one (in July of this year) I was B-12 deficient. I have been taking multi-vitamins and b-12 supplements since then... so hopefully it is cleared up now!

3. How old are you? I'm guessing college aged?

I will be 24 in November.

4. What has happened before when you've gotten kicked playing soccer?

The only time I remember anything close to this happening was when I was about 12. I got kicked in the lower shin and it goose egged, but it never bruised the swelling just went down after a couple of days and was hard for a couple of weeks but that is about it. All of my other shin kicking incidents have been pretty mild.


Joshua Comments:

Hey Danielle.

Thanks for those answers. And the pictures you sent too.

A. Can I put all those pictures up? And, wow, they put you back on the field looking like that? Wowza? It's possible that it looks worse than it is, of course, but holy moly!

B. I'm busy all day Sat, so I'll respond and such on Sunday, possibly monday.

C. If you can, get an ultrasound test for DVT. I'll feel better if that possibility is taken off the board.

Have a great weekend. And keep icing :) Try an ice dip as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page. Use a 5 gallon bucket or some such. And I suspect you'll like this way more than the way you have been icing. (More effective too.)

Sep 26, 2009
PART 4 - Thanks Joshua.
by: Danielle

And yes, there is no problem you can definitely put all those pictures up!

My parents finally saw the pictures (they live in New Mexico so they haven't seen the damage in person) and they think it is crazy that they LET me play with my leg like that too.

I say "let" because my parents know that I have a pretty high pain tolerance and that I will play through anything at this point since I have had to medical redshirt 2 seasons due to 2 ACL tears. (And currently, I've been playing on a torn ACL the last 2 years to avoid a third surgery and have to sit out my last year of eligibility. Don't worry though, I know it is really bad for my knee but, I am getting surgery as soon as my season is over :o] )

I will get on that DVT ultrasound! And I will try the ice dipping right now! Thank you!


Joshua Comments:

Ahhh, I see, you're one of those kind of athletes;)

Let me know the results of the DVT, and then let's get to work getting that swelling down.

Apr 09, 2010
Deja vu!!...
by: Anonymous

Hey Danielle,
I am also a soccer player and just about the same thing happened to me. I got kicked on the side of my calf and it swelled to the point of a goose egg ( it looked as if someone shoved an softball under there!) I have visited my doctor and specialist multiple times now, because it wont heal. the blood wont absorb back into my body.

So here i am 6 weeks later and i still have a goose egg and bad bruising ( I have a traumatic hematoma and a calf muscle tear ) but since it isnt healing i will get surgery very soon to get it drained and removed. but it has gotten to the point where i have compromised skin, so the stitches may or may not hold... so get it looked at asap!!

i do not want you to have to go through surgery!

A fellow soccer lover


Joshua Comments:

Thanks for sharing!

Nov 11, 2010
SAME THING! Goose egg on lower leg and bruising after getting kicked
by: Anonymous

This exact same thing happened to me about 2 weeks ago! It was the craziest thing Ive ever seen! My name is Abby, I play soccer in college and am about 22 years old.

I was playing soccer and got kicked very hard in my lower leg (about the exact same spot as you) and developed a goose egg immediately. My foot was also very tingly for a little while afterwards. I have broken my fibula and my 4th metatarsal and I can say that this DEFINITELY hurt worse. But I knew it was a different kind of pain. When I took my gear off after the game I was expecting a major bruise because of how much pain I felt when I got kicked, but there was nothing. Just a nice goose egg with no bruise, but very painful. I had practice the next day and that spot was a bit red and still very painful. The trainers put a pad on it and sent me on my way.

During this practice the ball ended up bouncing off that spot of my leg and that's when the pain really set in. At the end of practice I took my gear off and man was my leg starting to bruise and swell. It was very painful. The rest of the night my pain and my bruising was getting worse and worse. I iced at least 5 times that night. The next morning I woke up and my lower leg was HUGE and completely black and purple. it was crazyy. It looked like I broke my ankle or did something really serious. I have pictures on my phone. The trainers were completely loss for words the next day about how bruised I had become. They put an ace wrap on it..I stemmed..and ice bucketed. It was just crazy how black and blue my leg was, but I only felt pain (ALOT of pain) at the site where I got kicked. I could walk, run, jump, and kick with a very minimal amount of pain

Well now about a week and a half later and my soccer season has ended.. my severe bruising is almost gone, but the lump is still there and is getting tough feeling. Its still pretty painful to touch, but its just a yellowish color. I dont know what to do. I don't want to rub it out if it going to cause my leg to turn into a huge bruise again?


Joshua Comments:

Hey Anonymous.

Well, that's a good thing if things aren't getting worse. If the swelling and bruising is going down, that's GOOD..........

Nov 15, 2010
Joshua Responds
by: The Tendonitis Expert

......I wouldn't worry so much about bruising if you start rubbing that knot. You NEED to get fluid out of the lower leg, and that may include some discoloration.

Like pushing water up a hose, rub your lower leg that way.

If that knot doesn't go away, if you don't help it go away, there's the danger of a calcification forming in there. Meaning, a lump of calcium rock will form. Then imagine getting kicked in the same spot again.....

Ice (Lots, repeatedly), push fluid up the leg (lots, repeatedly), massage (lots, repeatedly), dig into the knot and surrounding area some (lots, repeatedly, pay attention and don't hurt yourself), you may have to force fluid/tissue movement.

And, you may want to consider getting an ultrasound DVT test just to rule out blood clot (unlikely, but DANGEROUS).

Feb 13, 2011
bruising still months later after being kicked in the shin during a soccer game
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm Abby. I commented on here a few months ago after having the exact same injury. I had severe swelling in the ankle and foot after being kicked in a soccer game. I still have bruising at the sight where I got kicked and whenever I run the bruising gets more intense.

I wouldn't say I'm still in a ton of pain..only when the bruise is hit, but other than that it doesn't bother me. I would just really this the bruising and discoloration to go away.
Any Suggestions?



Joshua Comments:

Hi Abbey.

Other than time, the only way I know of to get rid of that bruising is to get to work.

1. Self Massage: Squeeze the sponge. Over and over and over throughout the day.

2. Ice Massage: Cold makes tissue contract, which squeezes the sponge.

3. Squeeze fluid up the hose: Start at the ankle and push fluid up your leg. Again, over and over throughout the day.

The only way to remove bruising is to increase circulation. Old stuff out, new stuff in.

I'm just going on the assumption that you still have bruising because you haven't been doing much of 1-3.

Mar 23, 2011
omg does this happen to every soccer kicked in shin above ankle
by: mikey

Hi my name is Mikey I am a soccer player and probably got the same injury as listed above. About 3 weeks ago I got kicked so hard in the inside part of my shin/calf. Its actually on my right lower leg side of the shin/calf, I was wearing shin guards but since the crack came from the side it kinda went under the shin guard which didn't protect. The hit was so hard that I felt it in my skull.

For the next week I gave it rest but didn't ice it to much. The bruising was minor on the shin went more towards the ankle/inside of heel. The next day my shin muscle was so tight it hurt to step or stretch out my leg and even walk but that only lasted a day or 2.

After a week I felt a little better almost no pain lil bruising not much swelling, but the part where I got kicked was still really hard and tender. I made the wrong decision and got back on the field a week later.

I got tapped in the same spot again and it was much worse this time, the swelling on the side/shin bone got much bigger instantly it was like a bump not to much bruising though.

Didn't ice it that much, thinking it would go away. And now 3 days later it keeps getting swollen, my ankle and foot got swollen and it feels kind of weird to walk or step on it, not really a lot of pain only I if I touch it.

My concern is whether or not it is dangerous and why my foot and leg is getting swollen away from the spot where I got hit. It feels hard and feel tender pain all around the calf down to the ankle.

The crazy thing is that I have a final game coming up in about 3 days and it hasn't seemed to get better for the past few days. I'm wondering if its dangerous to play, run, jump, kick the ball with such injury and what can happen if I get kicked in the spot again besides the pain?

Mar 24, 2011
Joshua Responds To MIkey - omg does this happen to every soccer kicked in shin above ankle
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Oh my...if you get kicked in the same spot again....that's gonna HURT something fierce.

Sounds like you have a bone bruise. Which is far worse than a regular muscle/flesh bruise.

Imagine: Hard bone. Wrapped tightly in connective tissue (the periostium). With connective tissue connected to that.

You get kicked in the bone. The bone literally swells some, but it's bound by the periostium covering. Ouch. And it goes downhill from there.

Why do you have swelling elsewhere? Probably because one of the factors of the Process of Inflammation is that it traps fluid in the area/turns of the return system.

That hardness is swelling, fluid trapped (and under pressure). That extra muscle tightness of the shin? Nervous system tightening to 'guard' you. Not very smart, but that's what it does.

Aside from the pain, is it safe to play? Probably. Here's the real danger: your brain feels the pain and thinks you're in danger, so it clamps things down. Said another way, your neurology/musculature may not be working correctly, and that's when injury happens.

A muscle doesn't fire like it should, and/or doesn't have enough potential to fire, and your structure can't withstand the load of running/jumping, so something breaks.

I certainly can't make the call to play or not from here.

So. Intense icing. 5 gallon bucket full of ice cubes. 10-15 second dips. As many as you can a day, for the next several days. I mean, like 100 dips. Maybe have a warm water dip next to it to get blood back in faster.

MIght not feel any benefit for a day or 3. Bone bruises are stubborn. But if you want to make a 3+ month recovery a 2-4 week recovery, you're going to have to work it.

Aug 28, 2011
bruise left bump too!
by: patty

wow! read all your comments... i too am a soccer player who got kicked and ended up w a huge "ball" under my skin. i got kicked right under my right knee, slightly to the left (between the front and the inner part of my leg. as soon as i got kicked, the bruising started and it became big immediately. it felt tingly but most of all, it looked like it was filled with liquid. i say this because when i walked, it jiggled :/. i remember telling the girls, "look, it jiggles... ewwwww" as i stomped my foot. well, it's been over a month and the bruise is gone but i'm left with a hard ball. it feels hard to the touch but there is no coloration. hmmmmmmm...


Joshua Comments:

Hi Patty.

How hard is it?

Long story short, the material in there can turn to bone, literally. Well, hard and calcified, anyway.

Sep 20, 2011
Suck it up
by: Jeff


Suck it up... I have been playing soccer since I was 3 years old. This happens on weekly basis. In soccer we wear tight cleats, tight socks with shin guards etc... When we get kicked there is not a lot of space for the blood to go so it pools in one area. If you keep playing without resting it, it is going to pool in one area again until it fully heals. My suggestion... Get in on your tackles better and the other person will be writing on this message board.


Joshua Comments:

I was tempted to delete this post, but it's worthy of a response.

Suck it up? Yes and no. It just depends.

There's a certain level of trauma the shins can take where you can just suck it up.

Past that level, there's a whole world of hurt and health risk.

Ever seen a kid whose shin has literally split/exploded open like a cracked watermelon? I have.

'Suck it up' is REALLY bad advise in those kind of situations.

If you get Anterior Compartment Syndrome, no amount of sucking it up is going to get your through a game, nor through a day. It's a medical issue. It's a go to the emergency room issue.

At the very least, you don't want to suck it up. You want to do some very specific self care to help your body, your lower leg, -effectively- deal with the trauma.

And that hard ball Patty mentioned? That can turn to bone. Imagine 'sucking it up', having the extra fluid basically turn to a ball of calcified tissue, and THEN get kicked in the shins again.

Suck it up? Sometimes good advise, but often horrible advice.

Oct 19, 2011
After kicked in soccer a couple times, inside of Shin lump has formed and calcified
by: Steve G

I have been reading everyone's comments and it's amazing to read everyone's stories. I am 42 years old and play soccer on a mens team. I was kicked on the inside of my left shin about 3 1/2 months ago and the pain was severe but not too much bruising. That evening the area I touched the area and it became very painful almost like it was hot and about to explode. It lasted only for about a minute and then went away. I cannot even remember if I iced it but it was slightly discolored and then the next week kicked again in the same spot (but not as hard). Stupidly (admittedly) , I really did not do too much about it thinking it would heal on its own. A few weeks later a lump formed and has been there ever since. No real pain to it but initially i would have some discomfort in the morning sleeping like it was pulsating. It seemed like it was a yellowish color for a while but now that is gone too and just the lump that is raised about 1/4 size of a golf ball. I see chiropractor and he told me it def looks like Myositis Ossificans. Today i asked him to take an x-ray and he did. There is nothing damaged on the shin and he said that looked perfectly normal. The lump seems to be calcified and he said rest is the best thing for it. Although, I trust him I am somewhat nervous reading these stories. Could i send you a picture for you to take a look at it? Would that help?


Joshua Comments:

A picture would be interesting but wouldn't help, per se.

Mostly because there's nothing I can do about it, really. If xray shows that tissue has calcified in there, you may or may not be able to break it up and have the body reabsorb it. Depends on how much/how big etc. Chances are it's too late for that.

Rest isn't going to help it. There is a mechanism in place and it's going to continue doing what it's programmed to do...which is more of what it's been doing.

If you want to help it, you need to How To Reduce Inflammation. Ice Dip, Ice Massage.

Help force inflammation out (retained fluid and chemical) and new blood and nutrients in.

Soften tissue that is currently hardening/tightening.

See Magnesium for Tendonitis as that may help the body reabsorb the calcium, all or partly.

Get to work. Leaving it alone is going to get you more of what you've gotten.

Jul 25, 2012
Massage the goose egg or the swelling around it
by: Anonymous

I have the same injury that everyone else here has. I see a lot about massaging. Are we talking about massaging the goose egg itself or the swelling below the goose egg the creeps all the way to the ankle?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Definitely massaging the whole area, pushing fluid up the leg.

As far as the goose kind of depends. Is it just a bruise with swelling, or has it turned to bone?

As far as the former, don't go digging at it, but do squeeze it gently, like a sponge, and continue to push fluid up the leg.

Jul 26, 2012
Massage the goose egg or the swelling around it (2)
by: Anonymous

The goose egg is still very much a bruise and is still soft with liquid. Nothing hard. Does that mean I massage or not massage the egg?

Thanks again for the help!


Joshua Comments:

Gentle massage. Don't grind away at it, there's no need for that, you just want to create circulation, squeeze the sponge, not 'break it up' as there's nothing to break up and you don't want to break anything up.

Dec 11, 2012
Got that same kick in training tonight
by: Anonymous

I have the "goose egg" and don't fancy massaging it as its quite painful and I just want to know if I should see a doctor in case of a blood clot forming?

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Thank you,

From Andy


Joshua Comments:

What's the doctor going to do about it, either way?

It's up to you whether to go see a doctor or not, I can't make that call.

If you want it to hurt less, get to creating circulation, with manual massage and repeated icing as described.

Pain is there for a certain set of reasons. You can deal with those reasons, or just let time do it's thing (not my favorite option) in this scenario.

Jan 14, 2013
I had the exact injury 5 years ago, starting to feel pain again.
by: Noelle

I just discovered this posting and found it very interesting. I had the same type of double blow to my fibula 5 years ago while playing soccer without shin guards (very very bad idea).

What I am wondering is now that I have started long distance running (having not been as active in the past few years) the exact area where I had the injury is now starting to hurt when I run and now even when I walk around.

Is it possible that it never healed correctly or could it just be a weak area in my bone? Possibly stress fracture? Any advice would be great. If the pain persists I will go to the doctor to get an x-ray.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Noelle.

If it's been 5 years any fractures would have healed (if they haven't, that's a big problem).

We assume that we heal back to 'as good as new'.

The problem -probably- isn't that it hasn't healed or that it's 'weak'. The problem is that the original impacts caused a mechanical chain reaction that caused the body to respond a certain way and stay that way.

Muscle and connective tissue got tight and stayed tight, inflammation set in and stayed in. And now you're getting active again and it's irritating an already irritated dynamic, and irritating a structure that isn't working as optimally as it ideally should be because of restriction and ecology.

Dry crunchy sponge doesn't operate as well as a soft, squishy sponge, basically.

And perhaps some bone formed there in the muscle, it just all depends.

Assuming that things are just tight and stuck and inflammed, it would be wise to rehab the area with something like the Reversing Shin Splints ebook. This will help with any residual bone bruising as well.

More questions, more answers.

Apr 20, 2013
Preventing future non-shinguard protected injuries
by: Melissa

Hi I'm Melissa and I'm a 32 yr old social sports league soccer player. Unfortunately, my story is similar to all the ones I've read here except I can't feel the spot where I got hit and some bruising remains. Soccer injury occurred in Sept. 2012 and I immediately got the ultrasound to rule out compartment syndrome calling for immediate surgery/draining procedure.

The region is highly sensitive (besides completely numb area),...can't imagine the pains that would result from trying massage like you've suggested (pumping the water up the hose)...any beginning steps to work up to that massaging technique that you would recommend I start with?

I miss playing soccer and can't believe the shinguards I've seen on the market don't protect more of our lower legs, I was wondering if you know of any high quality protection padding products (i.e. special enhanced shinguards or add'l leg pads I could wear to cover non-protected areas, etc.) I could find so I can get back to playing! I'm very afraid of getting kicked again in the same or a different spot, because as you've warned, it would HURT A LOT!! Hope you can help me as I have to believe there's something out there that will protect from injury!



Joshua Comments:

Hi Melissa.

Yeah, you wouldn't want to just jump in there and 'rub it'. That would hurt.

So start really light. Just stroke from ankle to knee/thigh, following different paths up the leg (meaning, ultimately, cover all the geography).

Then over time, work your way deeper and deeper.

You can also do that with a frozen water bottle.

Start superficial, eventually work your way deeper.

Makes sense?

I don't have any recommendations for better shin guards. But I'd definitely look for some were I you...

And yeah, get to work on this. The more work you do, the faster your recovery will be. And don't get kicked there again anytime soon, until you 'fix' would hurt.

Oct 09, 2013
Kick to side of leg
by: Sydney

I have the same problem. I was playing in a college game about 6 weeks ago, and it was swollen right off the bat. The bruising was all over from my ankle up to the spot I was kicked. The bruising is now gone, but the pain or swelling is still there. The swelling goes all the way around my leg.

I still have my trainer pad it up because if I do not wear that padding and it gets hit with the ball it is way too painful. When I do not wear the padding my leg also gets very swollen after practice.

I was curious as to see what was wrong. My trainer did mention for me to watch out for compartment syndrome and the other trainer said it could be a bone bruise. We just got another new trainer and she said that even though I'm still playing on it, it shouldn't be that swollen still.

I wanted to get it looked at but I didn't want to have to be done with soccer for two weeks. I have four games left so I was going to go after my last game.

Any advice?
Please help! Thanks!


Joshua Comments:

'Should' not still be swollen is clearly different than 'is' still swollen.

If you have a bone bruise, and/or a deep bruise/inflammation, and you continue to run around etc, then it's going to continue to get re-irritated and re-inflammed.

If you've got a couple weeks left that should be fine, as long as you REALLY pad it and pay attention to it and do self care (massage and ice dipping and ice massage draining up the leg).

Do try to avoid irritating it past a certain point, because if anterior compartment syndrome kicks in (ongoing swelling and that fluid trapped in) that's bad news. It's fine but manageable up to that point, at which it's bad news.

Jul 14, 2014
My inner leg just like the photo at the top of the page
by: Moto x rider

On July 4th, 2014.. We had the awesome idea to ride our bikes to BBQ and my bikes kick starter shot up and hit my inner leg. The bruise went from my heel to surrounding my ankle and bruising my entire lower leg.

Now I have been icing it and elevating it but my leg turned yellow after four days and there is this double lump on my inner calf, after reading all the post I almost feel the need to rub them out but it is pretty tender.

What would you suggest I do... I am walking and feel no numbness but like I said its tender, I have yet to do any major activities on it. This is now 11 days in and my leg looks a lot better with less swelling and I'm getting more color back into my leg but it still a yellowish color just not as severe... I just want to recover faster


Joshua Comments:

Hi Moto.

MOstly sounds like a bad bruise. If you did nothing the discoloration would eventually go away.

If the double lump isn't where the impact was, it's likely just swelling. If it is, it's still swelling causing the hardness.

I'd ice dip the crap out of it, as many 10-20 second dips as possible a day for the next couple days.

It may or may not be worth the effort at this point, it definitely was from the moment of impact and the days after.

Aug 21, 2014
Kicked in soccer, bruise and behavior exactly the same as described!!
by: Jonny

I had a severe impact on the inside of my calf at football (soccer) and it immediately got massive.

I elevated and iced and it went down unless I walked around on it.

Two weeks later I still have severe bruising.

Also my ankle and foot was very sore, from pooling I imagine. Its a lot better now however there is still a firm spot that feels odd.

Is it safe to continue exercising on my injury? There is still localized swelling on the site of impact.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jonny.

It's most likely safe to continue exercising.

However, if you get kicked there's going to hurt.....really really bad.

1. You need to ice more. A lot more. Or at least, if you want to return to normal faster than slower, you need to ice more. A lot more. Ice Dip. Ice Massage.

And just swipe your hand from ankle to knee to help push fluid up/out.

See: Process of Inflammation

See: How To Reduce Inflammation

The hardish lump is hopefully just tightly packed fluid/swollen tissue.

Hematoma's (big blood bruises in the tissue) can over time turn calcified, you want to avoid that.

Ice like crazy, and -gently- massage the area/lump. Don't push it hard, just go easy and over time increase pressure.

Your bruise/scenario will most likely return to normal over time (a long time, usually), so you can do nothing, or you can put in some time and effort and speed things along.

More questions, more answers.

Dec 18, 2014
Large knot on shin after two weeks getting red around it.
by: Anonyknot

I hit my shin so hard that it felt like it was burned. Like a knee scrape on cement. My shin has a knot and my foot and ankle have bruised.

Bruising is less but now there is redness on one side of the knot. It has been 2 weeks. Iced some but didnt hurt after a few days so stopped. My concern now is the redness. Blood clot?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonyknot.

1. Blood clots are serious business. Unfortunately I have NO idea what your scenario is other than your description.

So don't take anything I say as 'you're fine' or 'you're not fine'.

2. See: Anterior Compartment Syndrome

It makes total sense you have a knot and redness etc 2 weeks later.

3. Are you elevating, massaging it like trying to push water up a hose (towards your knee not your foot), or ice dipped? See: How To Reduce Inflammation

4. If you're worried about it go get it checked our for the blood clot thing (ultrasound test looking for a clot). Blood clot has some specific symptoms that you didn't seem to describe, but as it's life threatening, ya know, better safe than sorry.

Dec 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

I am seeing a doctor today. The reason i was worried is i have poor circulation and take plavix for that. The redness around the knot is not bruising. The color is bright red like it was a fresh bump. My leg swells all of the time as i am on my feet for 8 hours for my job. I know the plavix caused most of the bruising but i was concerned about the bright color redness around the knot. Thanks for responding.


Joshua Comments:

Plavix can be/is definitely a player in how that is behaving. 'Normally' it would turn to something other than bright/fresh red. It might be normal on Plavix, it might not. I don't know, so I'm curious what your doctor has to say.

Again, your symptoms (as I read your description) don't particularly match a blod clot, but it's definitely better to be safe than sorry.

For a lot of things I say 'It's probably no big deal keep an eye on it'. Anything even possibly remotely resembling a blod clot...the fact that you even asked....isn't the kind of thing I say 'probably no big deal'. It might be no big deal, but wouldn't we both feel dumb if I was wrong.

I think it's smart to get it checked out. As always, make sure you're happy with the doctor and their evaluation/response.

Dec 20, 2014
No guarantee.
by: Anonymous

Went to doc and he said not a clot. He also said no guarantee. I said there was no guarantee on anything with your health. He pushed on the back of my calf and said there should be pain for a clot. Thanks for talking me through my worry. I have hit my shins many times at work but it was never this bad. Looking better everyday.


Joshua Comments:

Ok. So what are you going to do now to speed up the recovery?

Mar 15, 2015
side of ankle broke shinguard
by: tony

Probably not going to wear that one anymore lol! I want to thank you for this you have helped me greatly.

I'm a goalkeeper. Got kicked and somebody used my ankle as a pivot point. I'm also a disabled veteran. I have a permanent puncher's fracture and torn acl pcl surgery failed.

Plus others.

Yes it hurts. But its what I do now for a bit.

I want my kids to remember me not injured and see me play. Plus its fun maybe I can meet a chic that'll go to the kids soccer practice for a date cause that's why I'm playing we are there anyways.

From the hot water and ice, massage, elevation helped greatly. I do have a question though why no nsaids they handed them out like candy in the marines for everything.



Joshua Comments:

Hi Tony.

NSAIDS are fine in the short term, to get you through the day. But they don't 'fix' anything, and Ibuprofen can damage one's intestinal tract and acetaminophen has it's own downsides.

So a little is fine to reduce pain, but as a long term strategy....not so great.

Doctors hand them out like candy because...well.....they don't really have much in their tool box that can help fix an issue like the one you describe. And seem to refuse to investigate to find a fix, for some mind boggling reason.

See: Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Like Ibuprofen

Jul 03, 2015
got kicked in lower part of the shin playing soccer
by: Adnan


A couple days ago I got kicked in the lower part of the shin while playing soccer.

It hurt a lot but there was no bruising or major swelling and it would hurt when I placed pressure on it, so I applied ice on it when I got home.

It still hurts now but 2 days ago I get pain going thru my leg, like from my foot to my calf and I am not sure what to do.

I am going to see the doctor tomorrow. if you could help me that would be much appreciated.

From Adnan


Joshua Comments:

Hi Adnan.

Read this entire thread. Follow the links.

Have the Dr. rule out anterior compartment syndrome.

Aug 04, 2015
Kicked on the shin over 17 years ago and never recovered
by: Vera

Hello all, I'm so glad that I've found this site!! For years I tried to Google my symptoms and never found anything closer to my own problem until now!

I've also sustained a football injury while at secondary school just playing around with friends, I wasn't wearing shin pads and I got kicked on the shin in my right leg. I ended up with a huge egg on my leg, someone massaged it for me ( no one qualified) the egg then disappeared but I ended up with a swollen foot till this day!

I've seen many specialists but X-rays scans and no one can actually tell me what the problem is. One specialist told me that the blow to my leg was so severe that the bone cracked and then flesh grew in between.

Reading all this comments I was wondering if my swollen foot is a result of the fluid from the goose egg as I don't remember it being massaged up the leg, I think it was pushed down to my foot instead of up the leg!

Today during the day I've started to feel pain behind my knee and now in the evening it's swollen and painful to bend or walk.

Will see doctors tomorrow but any advice will be grately appreciated,


Joshua Comments:

Hi Vera.

This is a recent thing?

If so, you'll need to elevate the foot. It's swollen because there's a huge inflammation process that is A. trapping fluid in the area and B. stopping the usual return/leave the leg process, and that fluid is falling down via gravity.

Read this entire thread, follow the links.

Then come back with questions, and clarify when the 'kick' happened.

Also answer....what did they mean? Flesh grew in between a bony fracture? That makes no sense.

Jun 02, 2016
Compartment Sydrome
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am glad I found this thread. I had an injury a year and half ago to my lower shin when a blocked filled radiator fell onto it. Anyway long story short, I had numerous tests and treatments carried out since then.

Starting with physical physio, MRI, then nerve studies, EMG and pressure tests. Finally,the pressure tests confirmed Compartment Syndrome on mild level at 23. Seemly over 30 requires surgery to release pressure.

I had Botilum injections 4 months ago to stop the anterior muscle cramping and seemly it would release pressure too and allow muscle to heal. However, all these tests and treatments were extremely painnful, and I would say I only got about 3 weeks relieve with injections, after the pain of getting them was gone in the first place went.

My question is: I'm still in a lot of pain, particularly in evening, first thing in morning, on rest. I can't walk stand on my feet all day without pain, I had to give up my light jogging which I needed for mind and body!!

I'm still experiencing tightening, aching, cramping pain in my shin and sting pain around my ankle if I stand all day in work. The consultant has told me that he is basically finished with me as the last EMG showed the muscle was not stressed, however that was after 3 months of sitting and doing nothing.

However, over the past 4 weeks my life has become very busy in work and home and the pain has returned just as I never had any treatment carried out. What do you think?

I am confused as I am told surgery is only for CS over 30 readings and I do not know what whether mild CS can be cured at this stage as I've been through physical physio etc.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Anonymous.

Physio hasn't done anything that would effectively reverse the compartment syndrome mechanism/dynamic. And/or what it did do, it didn't do enough of.

Surgery for anterior compartment syndrome is basically just to release pressure. Literally. Swelling is trapped in the compartment. Like a balloon blowing up, but it can only expand so far even if the swelling increases.

That's when big rips/fissure happen. Too much pressure.

You sound like you're stuck with chronic compartmet syndrome pressure.

Cramps etc are unsurprising due to the compressed nature of the structures and increasing nutritional lack.

See: Magnesium For Tendonitis

You also surely have some Bone Bruise

Which keeps pain and inflammation mechanisms active.

Jun 05, 2016
Reply to Joshua.
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshua,thank you for your reply. So do you think I this is permanent and nothing can resolve it? Would surgery be an option or not, or just more physio?

I am due for another MRI but I can't see how this will give answers to my problem as I had one done ;last year and it showed nothing. That is why I had a pressure test done.


Joshua Comments:

I don't know if it's permanent or not...

It's more likely permanent (or really really slow recovery) if you don't do anything effective to make it better.

I'm confident that it is reversible. Most things are if you apply the right tools and enough of them.

I suggest you get started with the Reversing Shin Splints program.

You essentially have really bad shin splints, sort of. By which I mean, you have all the factors of really bad shin splints (plus bone bruise factors if your bone was hit/hurt).

Inflammation process and swelling, too tight muscle and connective tissue, and nutritional lack.

And you need to work the entire lower leg front and back.

What you have going on looks and behaves a little differently, but the factors are all the same. If I had a 'reverse anterior compartment syndrome' program, it would be 95% the same.

It will take some time and effort and diligence. Not much time or effort, but definitely daily diligence.

Jun 06, 2016
Reply to Joshua.
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Joshua for your time. I have already began taking Magnesium and will talk to my consultant about a physical physio plan as well as beginning back exercising. As he advised against it for the past 5 months and I was told only to rest. However, with been a stone heavier and lack of confidence in myself. I need to get back out into the exercise world!!

kind regards.

Mar 02, 2017
Tiny goose egg- to soft lump and now SUDDEN change
by: Judy

Hi, I have found this very interesting. I have been looking online for answers as I am not sure what to do right now.

About 4 or 5 weeks ago I was sledding and caught a boulder directly on my shin about 4 inches below the knee.

I thought my leg was broken the pain was so intense.

But after ice and elevation and ibuprofen, I was surprised to see that there was NOT a giant bruise. In fact it never bruised at all. The only indication that I had had an injury at all was a tiny goose egg about the size of a nickel with a tiny bruise on the top of it.

It baffled me but I was pleased to see that I wasn't going to have a long recovery. I hardly even felt sore.

About 4 weeks went by and I noticed one day that there was still a lump on my shin. It was soft so I actually thought it was some sort of cyst. I had had one on my wrist years ago and it would go down if I pushed on it or rubbed it. So I sort of pushed on the lump. But it was tender, it was spongy but still soft.

I carefully pushed on it and it sort of went down and I didn't give it much thought. (still thinking it was a cyst). That was a week ago and I hadn't really done anything more with it, it wasn't bothering me or anything.

Today out of no where the whole thing drastically changed. I noticed the goose egg was bigger than about nickel size which it had been before, although I found it a little strange, I just thought it had more fluid in it but when I went to touch it hurt really terribly.

I told my family I thought it was getting bigger, but wasn't sure if I was just imagining it. So I took a marker and circled it on my leg where the edge of the bump was. (About the size of a quarter).

Over the course of the day it has continued to get bigger and bigger and bigger. It is fevered and not only painful to the touch but also causing so much internal pain in my leg! At some points in the day the circumference has been as big as a grapefruit.

I can't bend my leg because it pulls at it and when I sit with it up and then get up the bump throbs so hard it feels like it is going to explode. I now can't hardly put any weight on it and after ice and ibuprofen it only doesn't hurt when I sit completely still for a long time with ice on it and it elevated.

I don't know what to do. Do I massage it? Do I leave it alone? Maybe my pushing on it last week caused this? Why is it so sudden? I can't think of anything that I did that aggravated it. I just noticed it was aching and getting bigger.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!



Joshua Comments:

Hi Judy.

1. Sounds like you hit directly on the shin bone? So...rock --> skin --> connective tissue tightly wrapping the bone (periosteum) --> bone.

Depending on how hard the bone hit the rock, you:

A. definitely have a (big) bone bruise (see link in this thread)

B. skin bruise? (you didn't mention that it broke skin...)

C. possibly pulverized/mashed/softened/crushed some bone. This isn't a break or fracture per say, but imagine brick crumbling when you hit it with a hammer.

So... probably that nickle sized goose egg with bruise on top was 'the beginning' of the inflammatory process.

So there was no bruising , just some swelling, until you started poking it.

Did the poking cause the escalation of swelling? Incredibly unlikely.

I'ts more likely that the impact:

1. Impacted skin, periosteum, and bone, which caused

2. swelling of bone and periosteum

But, the periosteum is TIGHTLY wrapped around the bone. It's part of the bone, really. So if it's trying to swell, it kind of can't. And if the bone under it tries to swell, the tight periosteum keeps it compressed, sort of.

You were surprised there was no bruising. But the process was well underway, it was just kind of 'compressed' and thus delayed.

You poking may have escalated the timing a little, but it's a safe bet the big expansion of pain/swelling was inevitable.

Now you're hurting from the ton of pain enhancing chemical getting dumped into the tissue from the inflammation process.

So, what to do now?

Counter the inflammation response, get the pain enhancing chemical out, and prepare for the long haul.

There is unlikely to be a fast turn around. So your goal is to make a multi month thing into a less-than-multi-month thing.


Ice it like a crazy person. Meaning, as much as you can, intensively.

Big heavy ice packs, on for 1-2 minutes, off for 5-10 (or alternate with hot pack, always end on cold). As often as you are motivated to do. The more the merrier.

Stick the leg in a cold water shower. Repeatedly throughout the day.

Fill a bath with water and lots of ice. Stick the entire lower leg (toes to above the knee) in for 10-20 seconds. Repeat as often as you are motivated to do.

Just go after it like crazy for a week. Intensively. A lot.

Bone bruises aren't quick to recover on their own, and you have a doozy. So your job is to speed up the recovery as much as possible.

May 24, 2017
hit my chins (both legs) against rock while doing box jump
by: cedric

Hi Joshua,

I was training my jump yesterday so I decided to challenge myself by jumping a little higher than usually.

I eventually hit both shins (left and right shins) against the edge of the platform (rock) I was jumping over.

I now have a swollen shin on my left leg (a had a cut after the impact so blood was flowing out of it) but the right one is less swollen ( the impact was less but also had a cut).

I feel pain around the injured area and of my inner legs when I am standing on both legs .

I am going to start icing the crap of my shin for the next one week but any other advice?

How long should I wait before start exercising again?


Joshua Comments:

Ice more. More often. More.

Exercise up to the point it hurts. Don't hurt yourself.

Jul 01, 2018
Another soccer kick
by: Tracy

Danielle I’m so glad you started this thread. I too was kicked on the inside of my leg above my ankle by some hack. I finished game thinking it just hurt a little bit, but felt a swelling happening and realized I too had a huge goose egg. 2 days later my leg is enormous and black and blue. The pain has really kicked in. (I too have a high tolerance for pain but this seems to be getting worse and worse.

I’m curious if you did the massage therapy for your leg? If so did it work?

Leaving for Italy in three days desperate for relief :)


Jul 07, 2018
Don't Trust Trainers...SEE YOUR DOCTOR!!!
by: Anonymous

Trainers are not doctors and don't have the training to diagnose what's wrong with your body when you have a severe trauma like that. If they say they do, they're lying.

Trainers are not your friend. They are paid to get you back on the field regardless of the permanent damage it may cause. If a team starts losing players or exceeding its budget because the trainers send too many kids to real doctors, their job is in jeopardy.

If you get kicked or otherwise have blunt force trauma to any part of your body and the symptoms continue for more than a few days, go see a person who has M.D. after their name.

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