Not sure what I'm dealing with, wrist tendonitis and/or neck tendonitis and/or shoulder tendonitis

by Nicole Acker

About a year ago I started having pain in the front of my shoulder on the part closer to my neck. It would hurt when i held my arm up out to the side or overhead. It was also tender to the touch and sometimes hurt during sleep. I sleep on my right side and this is where the pain is.

I didn't do anything or see a doctor i just dealt with it and didn't blow dry my hair as much.

This year in January i began having a small pain sensation on the pinky side of my right wrist. It has steadily gotten worse.. it is on the thumb side now and i have a bump on top of the wrist.

The bump didn't hurt at first but now it does. I can pull on my wrist and the bones pop and crack. My thumb also pops a lot.

I went to a chiropractor and he took xrays of my back and neck only. He discovered that i have the top two vertebrae and bottom two of my neck fused congenitally. I have always felt like my neck was kinda short and have trouble turning my head all the way. Usually my shoulders want to move with it unless i consciously turn my neck.

He did some therapy and some trigger point stuff on my forearm. He said that i have severe trigger point in my shoulders and neck. I have stopped going because it was not getting better but worse.

My right elbow became inflamed and so now I have pain in my shoulder neck and wrist. I can't straighten the elbow. It feels like it wants to pop but cant. Sometimes it does and it's loud and kind of painful. I have been doing the self massage on the arm.

I can feel all sorts of knots and ropes in my biceps and forearms. there is one spot on my bicep that i push and i can feel it in my thumb.

I have days where the pain is almost gone and then i will wake up with pain all over again. I am taking Aleve and that seems to help some.

I have had some massages too. Thinking i need to see an registered massage therapist regularly. I cant see living like this! Any ideas would be helpful.

I have had a computer/ desk job for 11 plus years and am just now trying to work ergonomically. One thing i remembered that the weekend this wrist started i had a massage, the first in several years and the therapist noted the very bad knots in my shoulders upper back and really worked on them being released. It hurt!

I bought your ebook and have been doing
the things you recommend. Also when my husband massages my neck the wrist pain diminishes immediately.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Nicole.

1. That's why I'm not necessarily a fan of painfully deep massage. Your body was trying to keep your pain dynamic down and was slowly losing but successfully keeping you from feeling pain.

Then the massage therapist jumped in there and forced things, effectively frightening your nervous system that turned up the Pain Causing Dynamic to heightened levels.

2. One of the major factors of Tendonitis is progressive muscle tightness. Tighter and tighter, more and more tense. This does a variety of bad things.

See: What Is Tendonitis

3. Congenital vertebral fusion is certainly a possibility. It happens. Let's go with that.

Unfortunately your body isn't perfectly adapted to that. Your whole system is not mutated to match those fused bones.

So you don't have the range of motion you should, so muscles get stuck too tight and short. Which = less circulation --> waste product and irritant build up --> more pain signal to the brain --> more action by the nervous system to protect you --> more tightness and more Process of Inflammation.

And as you should be very aware of by now TOO TIGHT muscles eat up A LOT of Magnesium, leaving you insufficient/deficient and locking your muscles even tighter. Then tighter.

Tightness spreads. It sounds like it started at the neck, and is spreading down the arm/affecting down the arm. No surprises there.

Tightness spreads. Pain enhancing chemical spreads. Etc. Repeat.

3. Regular massage would be great. -Relaxing- massage (literally), as opposed to painful, tense-you-up work.

4. Ergonomics are good, but NO ergonomics is better. See: New Ergonomics Definition

5. Mare SURE to heed the Nutrition suggestions in the ebook.

6. It's a REALLY good clue that raising/lowering your arm and getting massage on the neck has such a A. big effect and B. immediate effect and C. affects the arm.

Structures are too tight at the neck/shoulder, and that's affecting everything from neck to fingertips (and the entire body, in fact).

Focus on the neck.

Can you apply what you've learned in the Reversing Wrist Tendonitis ebook to your neck, or would you like me to email you some pointers?

More questions, more answers.

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Feb 22, 2012
by: Nicole

Thanks Joshua. Yes I will definitely keep practicing the pointers I learned in the ebook, and will re-read it a LOT to make sure I do. I cant do ice dips at work, but will at home after work and weekends.

So-In your opinion this does sound like tendonitis? Of course one reads all over the net and sees RA or OA... yikes! But it makes sense what you said about the first massage I had, and then when the chiro went even deeper then my elbow started firing. I will look at the no ergonomics article.

Now- My left wrist has started hurting, the exact same as when my right wrist did in January. So I ma going to attack this with the external/internal tools you suggest and start having regular massage. Do you think one per week is enough?

I am only 41 and not ready to feel 80 lol. In your opinion should I wait till I'm pain free to work out? Silly question but i thought maybe if I strength train with LIGHT weight may help?


Joshua Comments:

Hi Nicole.

1. Yes, it sounds like a Tendonitis dynamic.

2. If you're worried about Rheumatoid Arthritis, then stop eating ALL gluten for 2 months, and see what happens. Gluten Intolerance causes all sorts of problems.

3. The more massage the better (depending on the skill level of your massage therapist), but once a week is probably fine, though you may want to do a couple per week for a couple weeks just to get 'more' to help break the dynamic.

4. Movement and exercise is good. Light weights would be a good thing, yes.

Feb 22, 2012
Thanks again
by: Nicole

Thanks for your site and for all the info and quick responses. Much appreciated. I will update this page with my progress.

Mar 06, 2012
by: Nicole

Just an update! I had a blood test for Celiac..Negative! Thanks goodness. Also tested for RA factor, negative. The doc gave me ibruprofen 800mg. I went to an online pharmacy and got prednisone and had immediate relief the same day I started. I know this is not recommended but I was so desperate. I just copied a week-long Rx that my friend got after her pregnancy/tendonitis. She had such great results as well-It really is amazing that its 98% gone, in shoulder elbow and pain! I can turn doorknobs and start my car and on and on! I plan to keep on with all the nutrition advise and all the other great info on this site though- don't want it coming back! Thanks for listening!


Joshua Comments:


Feb 14, 2017
5 months shoulder tendonitis still not healing
by: Mark

Supposedly I had tendinitis, physical therapist says that I would should have healed by nov it is now feb and my shoulder is still not 100 % healed .

Is there anything else that this could possibly be or can it just be a slow healing process.

I want to start going back to the gym!

Thank you.


Joshua Comments:

Hi Mark.

1. Do you have a rip or tear? Then there is nothing to 'heal'.

2. Pain can result even without an actual injury.

3. Your physical therapist seems to think that 'it should have healed', meaning, he thinks that you have a small injury, in isolation, that would/should heal.

4. Most tendonitis doesn't involve any actual injury. Multiple factors are involved.

If your car is out of oil and running poorly, is giving it a couple weeks off going to 'heal' it?

Of course not. Same goes for the human body.

So, if you want to get your shoulder back into working order, you need to reverse the multiple factors causing the lack of function.

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