Once was enough with the nerve conduction test

by Stephanie
(Joliet, IL)

It's been about 7 years since I had a nerve conduction test so I don't remember all the details.

I went to the doctor complaining about a patch of numbness on my shoulder blade. I have since learned to say a lack of sensation because I had a neurologist give me lidocaine patches to take away the sensation I had. Clearly, he didn't understand/wasn't listening. I never went back to him after that.

Before the lidocaine, he sent me for a nerve conduction test. I recall that they measured the time it took for my muscles in my arm/hand to react to the signal sent from ??? either my neck or upper back. I recall strong contractions of the muscles. I didn't cry, it wasn't as bad as some other's descriptions but it absolutely sucked. I can sympathize with anyone getting shock treatment or tazed.

My results said there was nothing wrong with my nerves. When the fascial release therapist suggested retesting a different spot, I refused.

In hind sight, I don't understand how the reaction of my fingers and arm would indicate a problem in the nerve endings on my back. Again, clearly, the doctor wasn't listening.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Stephanie.

Thanks for sharing.

Yeah...doctors only know what they know, and they're very much creatures of habit. Or at least, creatures of
'standard of care' practices.

And, every practitioner is created a little differently, some better than others.

I see it all the time with Tendonitis sufferers. They get the -same- routine from the doctors, no matter what, whether it works or not.

I will say that it's all connected, nerve/body wise. An electrical disruption on the back can affect the arms, and vice versa, but I nerve impulse test isn't going to find that.

And yikes, really! Can you imagine getting tazed??

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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