Prescribed Levaquin AND Cipro, severe debilitating tendon damage

by Tim

Hi Joshua.

Thanks for making so much information available on your site.

A few weeks ago I was prescribed Levaquin and Cipro and I've developed severe, debilitating tendon damage as a result.

Thankfully I've had no major ruptures as of yet.

I'm scrambling to do everything I can find to heal this problem and I'm following your advice regarding the bone broth. One bit I couldn't find on your site was how much to take per day. Some guidance would be helpful.

Also, I'd like to know your telephone consultation fees as I may, after I've finished my own research, like to talk with you.

Hoping this finds you well,

Tim J.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Tim.

You got both at once. What was going on that the doctors thought that was a good idea?


Regarding Bone Broth, you will want to experiment with this.

Ultimately, it's just food, so you can intake as much as you want. I would eat it every day were I you, as your body can probably use as much of those nutrients as you can get in you.

In the short term you could even drink a big cup in the am, and one in the pm. You could probably do that in the long term too, if you made it tasty enough.

This will be a support for your overall health, and the healthier you and your structure is, the better you can survive/deal with the potentially long term side effects of Levaquin.

As you start making it regularly, you will start to get a feel for how nutrient dense it is. The longer you let it simmer (48-72 hours simmering or in a crock pot), the more nutrients will leech out of the bones.

You can pressure cook it too. This takes just an hour or two or three (and you can REALLY condense it down to a thick....I don't know the term for it. A lot like cheese, even an almost hard cheese, when you take it out of the fridge. Just keep adding water and letting it steam out).

My point is, there is some variety available. Cooking times will make it more or less rich/dense. To me, chicken doesn't seem as nutrient rich as beef bone/joint does.

Click here for information on Phone Consultations with me. I'd be happy to talk with you.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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