Remaining inflammation and forearms and pain in fingers occurs even with a very little bit of typing

Hello, the Tendinitis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome DVD has helped me tremendously.

I ignored the pain in my arms and kept typing and so I have had this tendinitis for about two years.

Although the DVD has helped a great great great deal I still have painful inflammation in my forearms whenever I type.

Even a minute of typing will cause this pain to recur.

Also a resistance band exercise that a physical therapist told me to do seems to have injured my neck. So bad I feel shooting pain down into my fingers.

Most of the time that pain is in the right last fingers that is the pinky and the first finger from the right.

But when I have this pain shooting down my neck it will go into the middle finger in the last two fingers mostly along the top.

I have also been going to deep tissue massage, and that seems to have helped also. But your DVD has been an extreme help, and has enabled me to walk again.

I had been unable to go for a walk for about a month, because even normal swinging of my arm caused excruciating pain to come down from the right side of my neck all down my arm.

Would you have any other suggestions for me?


Joshua Answers:

Yikes. Sounds like an acute pain dynamic.

So you definitely still have an Inflammation Process on high alert in your forearms.

Without asking any questions of you, I suggest that you continue to follow the Healthy Wrist Protocol that is found on The Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works.

You have gotten a lot of benefit from following what's on the DVD. You will continue to get that much benefit if you continue to follow it.

You need to overwhelm the Inflammation Process and help the body back into an Upward Spiral.

Follow the Protocol until the pain is gone, then continue to follow it to support your structure shift into a more healthy/happy ecology.

Most people stop too soon, and/or feel better
so they stop.

If you keep at it, your body will become pain free again. If you stop too soon, that's like stopping a race before you hit the finish line.

Moving onto the neck pain.

Keep doing all the activities of the Healthy Wrist Protocol. Activity #2 will continue to help the neck. Start rolling/stretching your neck from side to side and a little back as you di it. Carefully, play with the stretch that you will feel at the front of the neck.

It's likely that your exercise just scared the nervous system enough that it clamped down and put your muscles into spasm, basically. To protect you, your nervous system often goes overboard and just locks you down and makes you hurt.

Now you move, and the spastic muscles feel movement and 'danger', so there is MORE spasm and the sensation of pain.

I doubt you're injured, but your muscles are constantly holding up a 50 pound barbell, and they aren't happy about it.

Too tight = pain.

I'll make you a little video of what to do about that, if you answer these three questions.

1. How long did you do the activities on the DVD?

2. How close did you do it to exactly as suggested?

(There is no -right- answer, I just want to know what you actually did so I can accurately compare that to the results you got.)

3. What is your name, or a nick name to call you by on the video?

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Jun 16, 2009
PART 2 - Remaining inflammation and forearms and pain in fingers occurs even with a very little bit of typing
by: Frank

Hello, thank you for the quick response to my first posting.

I used the DVD for seven days straight. Since then I've been using it every couple of days. Activity number two really helps, and I've never seen it anywhere else. I believe I followed all the directions exactly.

While I was doing the resistance band exercises a physical therapist gave me, I felt a muscle or cord or something sort of snap and shoot up with pain all along the top of my neck.

I was unable to walk for a long time, because of the horrible neck pain as well as forearm pain. but after using your DVD, I've been able to walk and not have forearm pain. I've also been having some deep tissue massage which has started to help the neck as well. But typing even a little bit or writing for awhile brings the inflammation back.

Sometimes my right arm just doesn't feel right, and sometimes I have the shooting pain down through the tops of the fingers. The doctor gave me some Prednisone a few weeks ago, but I don't think it helped, and it made me feel sick. I only took it for a few days before I stopped. The doctor agreed I should stop because of the side effects I experienced.

My case may be severe, since I ignored the pain for so long while typing endlessly. At the time I was also sleeping very little -- 2-4 hours per night, and drinking lots and lots of coffee. I got a master's degree, but I'm not sure it was worth it.

I am tremendously pleased with the results I've gotten from your DVD so far, and look forward to the video with the other exercises you mentioned. thank you very much.

Also, I had been unable to write, but I resumed writing soon after I started the first seven days with the DVD.

Also, my pain is mostly with the last two or sometimes three fingers. This seems to be somewhat different from the usual carpal tunnel that others experience.

Joshua Answers:

Thanks Frank. Perfect.

Response coming later today, tomorrow at the latest.


Jun 23, 2009
Wow I'm a week behind.
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Sorry Frank. I'm a week behind when I said I would respond.

I'm going to shoot a couple little video's tomorrow morning, one of which will be showing you something that you can do for your neck thing.

My brain has been making it really difficult to get going on that filming.....

1. Continue the Healthy Wrist Protocol. Even increase the numbers. The more the merrier.

Your body has gotten into a very acute, stubborn pain dynamic. You need to overwhelm this dynamic with the self-care activities. THese activities hit all the factors that lead to you not being able to type for a minute without pain.

You got benefit from following it for a week. You will continue to get benefit.

And good news/bad news, you just have to keep at it diligently until the pain is gone. But it WILL work if you keep at it. If you don't, your body is going to continue down the Downward Spiral.

It really can hurt more than it has, so get to work! :)

2. Have you taken any antibiotics in the last year or two, like Levaquin, Cipro, Floxin, or anything else in the quinolone family?

3. If you're not already, run out and get a good calcium and Magnesium for Tendonitis supplement.

It's a safe bet that you're highly Magnesium deficient, which results in spasm, cramp, Tendonitis pain, Tendonitis dynamic, etc.

You might be very surprised by the results of getting your Magnesium levels up.

(You have to take calcium and magnesium together.)

4. By hell or high water, I'm going to film you a little something to do for your neck tomorrow am. And hopefully get it up online for you to see too.

Sorry for the delay.


Aug 20, 2009
Neck pain, video
by: Frank

hi, I was just checking to see if you have had a chance to make that video for the neck. I have a new job which requires me to use a computer. Thankfully, I don't have to use it too much. I have to use a pen tablet and virtual keyboard to do anything. I am also having pains in my biceps. My neck pain has increased, and I sometimes feel a tingling in my neck and of course pain radiating down my right arm.


Joshua Comments:

I'll do it today Frank. It may not be the prettiest thing in the world, but apparently if I continue to not do it at all, it won't get done.

Also, did you see the response to your other question? You didn't put your email addy in (I'm assuming it's the same frank...)

Your other neck pain question

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