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Tendonitis Lower Back - back tendonitis symptoms are most common in the lower back so we'll talk about that. But tendonitis can happen anywhere in the back. Back pain rarely gets the tendonitis diagnosis, but it's IMPORTANT to understand the tendonitis dynamic because that is THE cause of back pain.

Back tendonitis culminates in bulging and ruptured discs because it compresses everything down and the discs take the brunt of it.

If you have low back pain of any kind, the tendonitis dynamic is to blame. Whether it's ache from tight muscles or extreme muscle and nerve pain from a ruptured spinal disc, the symptoms happen for predictable reasons and doesn't just show up out of the blue.

Fix your back pain!

Back Tendonitis Lower Back

Back pain, whether it's low back pain, mid back pain, upper back pain, etc, doesn't just show up out of the blue for no reason.

Pain ANYWHERE -always- shows up for a reason (a variety of reasons, really).

Tendonitis in the back shows up for a very predictable set of reasons. We call it back pain, back ache, sore back, etc, and don't call it tendonitis. What we call it is really irrelevant...we want the pain to go away.

So what causes lower back pain?

Ultimately, it's the Pain Causing Dynamic that causes back tendonitis lower back pain, etc.

low back pain pink girl
Tendonitis Lower Back Pain
Is Not This Cute!

Sure you can do sports or have a job that's hard on the back, or be getting old or any number of other situations that doctors blame back pain on.

But none of those activities cause pain. Lots of people do those activities without any pain. Why? Because their body is working better than yours is.

Point being, it's not the activity, it's the level of ability of your body to perform work (muscle activity) that makes the difference.

Breaking that down some, back tendonitis lower back pain causes are:

1. Too Tight Muscles

2. Connective tissue that shrinkwraps those too tight muscles.

3. A Chronic Process of Inflammation that releases chemicals that enhance your sensitivity to pain.

4. Some nutritional insufficiency/deficiency that prevents your body from working optimally.

Sounds kind of simple, right? Well, it really is as simple as that. Of course, just because it's simple doesn't mean it can't significantly impact your life. Of course there's a lot going on in there underneath the surface of your skin.

Doctors, ergonomists, etc, will tell you to stop or change the activities you are doing that 'cause the pain'. But who wants to stop the sport, hobby, or job you're doing? I don't. I want to get my body back into working order.

Make you understand the Tendonitis dynamic. See: What Is Tendonitis

Back Tendonitis Lower Back

If you have lower back pain, you know what your symptoms are.

** Pain, mild to severe, constant or intermittent.

** Ache and/or soreness.

** Muscle twitch, spasm, cramp.

** Reduced strength/increased fatigue, reduced Range Of Motion

** Shooting pain.

** Nerve pain.

** Herniated Disc

Also notice that these are -symptoms-, not 'causes' of back tendonitis.

Back Tendonitis Lower Back

You have lots of treatment option for back tendonitis.

* Rest As always, Rest won't fix anything.

* Anti-inflammatory meds Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen are fine to get you through the day, but they don't fix anything.

Same with Corticosteroid Injections which at best dull the pain for a while and at worst increase pain levels and set you up for further pain and problem.

* Therapeutic Massage Therapeutic massage from a skilled practitioner is ideal. A good massage therapist can relax too tight muscles, open up constrictive connective tissue, and 'repair' any tendons that have scar tissue developing on them. Make sure they're skilled and experienced and know what they're doing.

* Nutrition No matter what you do, nutrition is super important and required. For instance, see: Magnesium For Tendonitis

* Stretching Regular yoga practice is IDEAL, depending on what you have going on. A regular practice to lengthen too tight structures is a smart thing to do.

When things progress past regular tendonitis to severe pain and/or herniated disc issues, there's really only one option for fast results and effective treatment, and that's The ARPwave System back pain machine.

The worse off your back is, the MORE you should check out the ARPwave System Back Pain Machine.

Tendonitis Lower Back Pain can be annoying, or entirely debilitating. Wherever it's at, don't let it get worse. Figure it out, get to work, and get rid of it!

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