Tendonitis Remedies
Top Picks and the Reasons Why

In the world of Tendonitis Remedies there is NO magic bullet.

True Tendonitis follows a very specific pattern of progression. No matter what body part is hurting from Tendonitis, the physical dynamic is essentially the same.

It gets confusing when a person has Tendonitis pain but doesn't actually have Tendonitis. But many of the same principles apply. Did you know that you can have pain, even physical irritation and tendon inflammation, without any actual tendon damage?

Reverse the dynamic. Eliminate the cause.

Any remedy for Tendonitis must reverse and eliminate the cause, or Tendonitis symptoms will continue to make you to suffer.

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Tendonitis Remedies That Work

Tendonitis pain can come from direct damage and inflammation to a tendon. It can come from many other sources and directions too.

I will describe how each of the following tendonitis remedies help, and what specifically they can help with.

These will all be natural remedies for Tendonitis, no pharmaceutical options. The body is a machine. And the more natural and healthy you keep it, the better you will feel.

In no particular order:

Tendonitis Remedies - Protein and Minerals to Heal Tendonitis

Most people don't eat enough protein. Most people don't eat enough mineral and vitamin nutrients.

Even if we think we do.

If you have tendon pain from wear and tear tendonitis, you're possibly one of them. Protein is vital for the upkeep and repair of tendons and ligaments. And everything else, really.

If you want to make sure you have all the building blocks that you need to withstand Tendinitis and repair tendon damage, increase your protein intake by a lot. Drop the processed foods and sugar, and replace it with protein.

Don't get me wrong. I'm NOT saying that if you have sufficient protein and mineral nutrients you WON'T or CAN'T get Tendonitis. You absolutely can.

With sufficient protein, connective tissue repair happens. Without it, it doesn't, or at a much slower rate. Possibly too slow to heal faster than continual damage.

I have worked with people with Tendonitis that just never healed...until they finally took my advice and increased how much protein they were eating. Within days their pain levels decreased because their bodies could finally heal.

If you don't have bricks, you can't build a wall.

Below is one protein supplement that I recommend that can be ordered online.

'Whey Protein' is pretty close to pure whey protein, and it's protein 'isolate' instead of 'concentrate'.

'Whey Protein' to help heal Tendonitis damage

There are LOTS of options out there.

Personally, I like to take protein first thing in the morning a while before breakfast (theoretically spikes your testosterone that way) and about an hour after a meal, so that the body doesn't need more fuel and so won't burn it away.

Modern medicine don't consider food to be Tendonitis remedies, but regular food is a powerful tool. You can also supplement your protein intake with regular food like egg whites, cottage cheese, white and red meats, raw milk (not regular store milk), and various other high-protein foods.

WARNING!! Look at the ingredients!

For instance, a company called MarketHealth sells a whey protein supplement called, surprisingly enough, 'Whey Protein'. I don't like their bodybuilding product 'Weight Gainer' because 3 of it's first 4 ingredients are sugar, and protein isn't the one in between.

You also need to look at your minerals intake (external and internal).

See: Magnesium for Tendonitis

And here's a Transdermal Magnesium Gel that you spread on your skin. This helps get more Magnesium into you, when you need more than you can take orally. And some people get great results from applying it over the painful area, whether it be elbow, jaw, or foot.

Tendonitis Remedies - Omega 3's

Omega 3's are vital to the body because they are an -essential- fatty acid that are the building blocks to every cell in our bodies, they are the precursors to every hormone in our body, they make our skin soft and young looking, good for your heart, etc.

Omega 6's and 9's are vital too, but we get enough of those in our diets, whereas Omega 3's aren't readily available in the modern western diet. So you don't need to supplement 6's and 9's, and don't want to because too much and they cause more oxidization than you want, so more is not better.

Flax oil (keep it refrigerated), some fish oils (not Cod Liver), Krill Oil, and a couple others.

Turns out there's something called 'Green Lipped Muscle' that is 158x higher in Omega 3's than fish oil, but I haven't found a good source for that yet. I do LOVE the name though.

How is Omega 3 good for Tendonitis?

If you don't have enough good fats in your body, your cells aren't as strong or resilient as they should be. This is a subtle, unmeasurable statement, but 'measurable' and 'duh, obviously' are two separate mindsets.

Tendonitis Remedies - Coconut Oil

There is a small amount of research that shows a limited benefit of coconut oil for treating Tendonitis.

There is anecdotal evidence that applying coconut oil to areas hurting from Tendonitis is helpful.

The real reason that I put Coconut Oil here as a remedy for Tendonitis is that Coconut Oil is great for overall health, and weight loss. Losing excess weight helps the body work better, and takes strain off tendons.

It supports proper thyroid function. A funky thyroid can cause various pain in the body, which can show up as tendonitis pain. Coconut fat skips the usual fat digestion process and is immediately available as fuel.

Coconut Oil is also good for your skin, heart health, and healthy metabolism. Plus it's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and a couple other anti's.

Tendonitis Remedies - Vitamin D

Do you know about Vitamin D? Wow.

This is vital, and I've added it to the small list that I STRONGLY suggest to everyone I come across.

The research overwhelmingly shows that Vitamin D deficiency is the cause of an incredible amount of pain, disease, and physical dysfunction that we just consider to be normal these days.

And we're all Vit D deficient. We cover our skin with clothes and sun block to keep the sun off our skins. And we're paying for it.

I can't stress that you make sure you have enough of the hormone that we call Vitamin D3. Whether through getting actual sunshine on your skin every day, or through a supplement, get it. Your health and even your life depend on it.

How is Vitamin D3 connected to Tendonitis?

One of the many possible symptoms of Vit D deficiency is random pain in the body. This can look exactly like Tendonitis...unless you know what you're looking for. Doctors don't know what to look for, plus, despite the research evidence, they will turn to pharmaceuticals before natural, common sense remedies.

You'd be surprised how much pain and problem go away when you get your vitamin d levels up to where they are supposed to be.

For extensive information on Vit D and home test kits, check out www.easy-immune-health.com

Tendonitis Remedies - Tendonitis DVDs

True Tendonitis consists of actual wear and tear damage to a tendon, Inflammation, and a Pain Causing Dynamic.

So far I have created DVD titles for the effective treatment of Carpal Tunnel, Plantar Fasciitis, and Tennis Elbow.

These DVDs show you how to directly reverse the physical dynamic and get your structure happy and healthy again.

The Tendonitis Treatment That Works DVDs

The Reversing Tendonitis Ebooks

Tendonitis Remedies - Anti Inflammatory

I generally don't recommend anti-inflammatory products at all. Mainly because when I work with people with Tendonitis issues like Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel, Wrist Tendonitis, etc, I help people get out of pain and end the Inflammation Process in a week or two.

And Kerri from www.easy-immune-health.com has been a voice of wisdom, getting me to see that we have so many sources constantly causing inflammation in our body that the use of a natural anti-inflammatory is a smart thing to help keep our bodies healthy.

I agree.

Now I recommend Omega 3's as a natural inflammation fighter.

And apparently Turmeric mimics glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

Tendonitis Remedies - Upgrade Your Daily Diet!

Clear your house, and your habits, of the crap food.

Drop the processed foods. Drop the wheat, the gluten. Drop the factory farmed meats. Drop the sugar. Drop the soda pops. Drop the sweets.

Drop the crap. If it's processed, and/or full of sugar, and you think it's good for you, look a little deeper.

There's lots of crappy vegetarian and vegan food and gluten free food that is really just junk food.

Eat organic as much as possible. Eat PASTURED meats and eggs.

Wild fish, wild salmon, not farmed.

Throw some fermented, cultured foods in there too. Probiotics make your whole body work better!

This book is a great way to go about all the above. Click Here To Find Out About The Healthy Urban Kitchen!

And now for something completely different.....

Tendonitis Remedies - EFT and Tapping

Just as Tendonitis can be from a purely physical dynamic, or a nutritional pain dynamic, it can also be from a purely mental/emotional dynamic.

The fun thing here is that the symptoms are the same, and the physical structure is negatively affected by the mental/emotional dynamic.

Body and mind, it's all connected, it's NOT 'just in your mind'.

And while it's a little woo woo, it's a fact. I've seen it over and over, and I've experienced physical pain from mental stresses. I should tell you my story about my ruptured disc pain......

EFT is a simple but powerful tool that quickly and drastically changes mental/emotional/physical patterns. It's really weird, but crazily effective.

Did you know you can 'fix' yourself at home from past emotional trauma big and small, repetitive thoughts, blocks, etc, just from tapping on your head, face, and fingers and talking to yourself?

I'm laughing to myself at the moment because unless you're into this kind of thing, or at least open to new stuff, it's gotta look really odd. But I like odd, so here we go.

Check out 'Tapping'. Heard of it?

The Tapping Solution

Get Your Tendonitis Remedies Today

Tendonitis remedies come in all different shapes and sizes. Some work, some don't. The trick is to use the RIGHT Tendonitis remedies for the specific cause of your Tendonitis.

I mean, if you have pain from Vitamin D deficiency, using an anti-inflammatory isn't going to help. It has to be a good match.

And ironically, sometimes the wrong one works.

It's a learning process. It's an experimental process. Look and ye shall find.

There are plenty of Tendonitis remedies out there. Use the best ones.

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