Malnutrition and chronic tendinitis and bursitis life long in hips, shoulders elbows, knees now carpal tunnel, plantar faciitis.

by MSB

I am 54. Since I was a teen, I have had chronic tendinitis and or bursitis in my joints off and on.

As a teen, they called it Arthralgia, in my 20's it was bursitis of the shoulders and plantar fasciitis in my feet, tedonitis in my hips, where the affected leg has been found to be significantly shorter than the other one.

I have also been diagnosed with tendonitis in my right knee, probably the other end of the IlioTibial Band. I have also suffered more than once with "tennis elbow". I have had multiple flare ups throughout my life, and now I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome as well (recent).

I have had one ITB release on my left hip, and now my right hip is so bad that I can not sleep without taking way too many painkillers. I take 1000 mg of naproxen a day, plus other painkillers. I have tried acupuncture - waste of money.

I am waiting to see a surgeon regarding an ITB release on my right hip. In the mean time, I can not exercise - I can barely get through the day just with minimal walking, so I am gaining lots of weight, which I believe is exacerbating the problem. My right shoulder is starting to hurt as well.

I do not engage in a sport or activity that would cause this amount of injury, I do not have lupus, RA or anything else that would be an underlying cause, apparently.

I find this difficult to believe. I also have bipolar disorder type 2, and there have been some studies that have shown a possible correlation between chronic inflammation and the mood disorder, but nothing has been proven, nor has the mechanism of such a link been discovered.

Through many searches on the internet I have not found any one disorder that would underly my symptoms. I have been tested for diabetes as well - that is not it either. I do not exhibit any other symptoms of allergies of foods. The doctors (all of them, over a
course of 40 yrs.) say there is no connection between the flare ups. The flare ups can last from weeks to months - very LONG months. The last time my shoulder became inflamed it lasted 8 months, and nothing worked to alleviate the pain.

I am searching for some kind of explanation as to why I continue the suffer from painful inflammation in my joints and to find an underlying issue that may be addressed.


Joshua Comments:


I'm pretty sure of my answer already, but let's get some more information.

1. Did anything particular happen in your youth that would have set you up for this?

Physical or emotional trauma?
Injury or illness
Were you given antibiotics as a child? If so, how much/how often/what kind?

2. Do you actually have Bipolar disorder type 2, or are doctors just reaching for a diagnosis because you've been chronically depressed etc?

3. (This is not a question). Personally I would not get another ITB release. That's craziness. Or medical barbarism, or something.

Why did they do an ITB release as opposed to any other kind of surgical intervention?

4. There is a correlation between inflammation and 'mental disorder'. It's not that inflammation causes mental disorder or vice versa, it's that certain factors and mechanisms that cause inflammation also can cause 'mental disorders'. Modern medicine doesn't look at things that way, so they haven't seen any connection (more medical barbarism).

5. Where in the world do you live?

6. What does a day in the life of your food/drink intake look like?

7. Male or Female?

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Jun 11, 2017
VitaminD at 48 nmol/L equals 19ng/ml
by: Anonymous

Yes, 48 nmol/L. As I just started the high supplement, I imagine it will take another month or two to get back to normal, then I will have to take maintenance supplements after that.

Apparently there is some research that suggests the anti seizure medicine, which is also a mood stabilizer, which I take, can cause a problem with the vit. D absorption.

That and being housebound, except for work, all winter up here and never seeing the sun would contribute to the deficiency.

Hopefully the summer light will help now that it has finally arrived.


Joshua Comments:

Yep. 48nmol/L is a 19ng/ml. That's bad low.

Not like you're going to die tomorrow or anything, but 19 means your body isn't functioning correctly and that's going to catch up to you/show up in physical and/or mental issues at some point.

So depending on how long it's been that low....

You don't need to take a month to raise levels.

You can take 20k/day, or 40k/day, or more. Said another way, you can take a day's worth at once, or a week's worth at once, or a month's worth at once, or three month's worth at once.

Said another way, you can take as much as you need to to raise your levels.

Do know that vit D pulls magnesium in the conversion mechanism. So depending on how much magnesium you have available in you....

I'd do 15,000iu.'s/day for a month and then get retested.

Last I saw, Vit D researchers recommend 5,000i.u.'s per day as a maintenance dose (with some variation for bodyweight etc). But that may, or may not, raise levels.

And if you're at a 48nmol/L, there's 0 reason no to bring your levels up fast.

I don't know how/why you broke your neck, but a Vit D level of 19ng/ml can/will send you down the low bone density direction (totally reversible).

And I'm curious what your historical vit d levels are, and if that plays any role in the seizures etc.

Jun 09, 2017
Inflammation and D
by: Anonymous

Well, Vitamin D is at a 48. Normal range 75 to 250. I have been researching treatment, as my Doc. just told me to take "more", not how much more, and the standard seems to be around 6 000 iu/day. SO, I have upped that a LOT. I was only taking 1000 extra a day along with the bit that is included with the Mag., Calcium and D multi. As I spent most of the winter inside (I had broken my neck in the fall, it makes sense that I would have a D deficiency.

I will ask him about the magnesium in a couple of weeks.

Regarding the ITB release, the procedure that I had done previously on my left hip was not a complete severance of the band, but a tiny X cut just below the trochanter. It did work for me, but it was with a different doctor who has now moved away.


Joshua Comments:

You mean a 48nmol/L I presume (as opposed to ng/ml)? Yep, that's low and can/does contribute to all sorts of negatives.

May 26, 2017
chronic tendinitis/bursitis
by: Anonymous

Interestingly, since our last convo., I have developed peripheral neuropathy in my toes and my lips and tongue, so the carpal tunnel is related to that.

have had a full blood test done and yes, I have low vitamin D(which could be causing the PN) and high B12 and folate!

I am at risk now for diabetes with a HbA1C percentage of 5.9%, probably due to lack of exercise. I have a high triglyceride count. Also, there is a high RDW count with a normal MCV.

The surgeon I went to will not perform an ITB release, so stretches(don't work), physio, (Im not covered), yoga(maybe soon, but when I've tried it really hurts)) and possibly cannabis therapy was suggested(hmmmm, not sure on this one)and that it is "just the way" I am.

My GP prescribed T2s and I still take the naproxen and sometimes when it is really bad at night, I take a couple of Toradol. I only take pain killers at night so that I can sleep, only naproxen in the morning, as I am a teacher, so....

As far as the BP 2, I started manifesting symptoms in high school, but it was put down as "angst" back in the 70s. After consulting old journals from that period, the was a definite BP symptom pattern.

Plus, the meds I am on for that work pretty well - I am considered "high functioning" with treatment. I have tried probiotics in capsule form but they actually made me nauseous! Weird, eh? I gave them to my daughter as she was having digestive issues.

SO. I am hoping that by upping my vit.D and lowering my triglycerides they may be some relief in sight. Oh, I do not know if I mentioned that I wear orthotics.

I REALLY want to exercise, but it hurts while I do it and it REALLY hurts afterwards - stretches or not.


Joshua Comments:

1. What is/was your Vitamin D level?

2. It's a good thing your doctor won't cut your ITB (iliotibial band) in half. That's crazy barbarian medicine right there if he would.

The IT band is controlled by the TFL muscle. Relax that, and the ITB relaxes.

3. I bet you a dollar that you are REALLY hurting/lacking in Magnesium. Not enough magnesium and muscles literally can't relax, you stay stuck, etc.

If you can, get a intracellular (they swab the inside of your cheek) magnesium test, as the magnesium blood serum levels will always deliver a result that is in range....and what we want to see is how much magnesium is in your actual cells.

Apr 18, 2017
Underlying disorder?
by: MsB

Hi there, Thank you for responding.

Answers to your Qs
1. Youth: Childhood bronchitis (severe),measles, Mono., pericarditis, pleurisy,(those three all at once)The 60s and 70s were rough.

-no major physical or emotional trauma

- presented with symptoms of BP2 while in secondary school - then diagnosed as "teenage angst".

-very physically active: track (until grade9), team sports, rode my bike everywhere, horseback riding, dance, ballet (had to quit that - instructor was a monster), downhill skiing etc. Normal 60s kid.

I started not doing as much when the pains began to really affect my life in my 40's. In my 20's and 30's I could deal with it easier I guess.

- antibiotics - all the rage back then - probably had lots every time I was sick, whether or not it was viral.

-smoking from age 13 until 42 (now I'm 54)

2. Yes, I have BiPolar2. Meds are working quite well - I am considered "high functioning" as opposed to hardly functioning, until I was finally diagnosed in 2007.

Not being able to DO things like hike and horseback ride and dance and being in pain that also interrupts my sleep send me backsliding into the depressive phase.

3. What other surgical interventions would there have been? I was never told there were choices. At the time I wasn't as proactive in my health and just did whatever the doctors said.

4. Medical science takes too long. Yes, there are a lot of correlations, few explanations.

5. I live near North Bay, Ontario, Canada. We still have a few snow banks and it may snow tonight. North Bay is about halfway up the province. "Gateway to the North"

6. I eat normal food. Not much fresh vegis - REALLY expensive here- usually frozen, except for lettuce and tomatoes. I do eat white bread ('my bad) but otherwise a pretty balanced diet.

I don't eat as much meat protein as I used to because it is getting WAY too expensive! I drink 2 coffee with sweetener or sugar (not much)and then water, sometimes a tea. Very seldom do I have a root beer.

I eat yogurt with lunch and fruit of some type and a large mug of hot milk every night. Apparently my bones are still doing well :) I am a bit of a fast food lover - but I do not eat it more that twice or three times a month and only when I'm tired and feel like splurging. Most the time I go for the healthier wraps, but sometimes a juicy burger and fries is required. LOL.

7. Oh, yah, I am female.


Joshua Comments:

Hi MsB.

1. What is your Vitamin D level? If not, find out asap.

2. Aside from the little bit of yogurt, do you intake anything with probiotics? Homemade or equivalent sauerkraut, kefir, beet kavass, etc?

If not, I highly suggest you do so. You've taken lots of antibiotics and chances are high your gut has never recovered.

I wonder if you have BP2, or just a lifetime of poor gut function and nutritional insufficiency.

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