Thank God If You've Never Had a Nerve Conduction Test

by Elena

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009. One thing the rheumatologist wanted was a nerve conduction test. I was still working and had great insurance which is one of the only criteria to getting this torture done to you, rest assured.

Since it was an arm-involved fibromyalgia pain, they stuck me with needles that stung worse than acupuncture needles. Then they proceeded to add electrodes to conduct electricity (or some electrical pulse) at different points on my arms. Well, already having arm pain and then being shocked for varying intervals in different spots hurt like expletive.

This idiot of a doctor asked me, "did that hurt?" "it's not supposed to hurt?".

I asked him, after he said he's been doing these tests for 20 years (on dear soles who suffered from MS b/c that was a main clientele of the practice), if he had ever experienced this test he knew did not hurt. He said, "no". So, of course, I told him "then you really cannot say it does not hurt, can you?". I left the appointment with him still mystified that the procedure hurt.

Insult to injury, for all the pain and the tears I shed from the pain the test caused, his report showed no nerve damage. That process exacerbated my pain significantly and shed NO light on my condition.


Joshua Answers:

Hi Elena.

Fibromyalgia is a label doctors use that means "We have no idea what's wrong with you."

That's the bad news.

The good news is that most 'fibromyalgia' is due to nutritional deficiency and the negative factors of being short on various nutrients over time.

Gluten intolerance is a major factor, that leads to inflammation and nutritional deficiency.

Gluten in an inflammatory agent, it irritates your guts, and gives you Process of
and Leaky Gut.

Lack of nutrients and inflammation due to poor intake and Leaky Gut causes the body to perform poorly: poor detoxification, lowered immune response, adrenal fatigue, high cortisol levels and inability to deal with stress (literally), poor healing, increased pain response, increased inflammation, etc.

For a more in depth conversation, go see Kerri's

In short:

Get your Vitamin D level checked and then get it to between 50-80 ASAP.

Get as much Magnesium into you and onto you as possible. Hot Epsom Salt baths, and see: Magnesium Dosage.

Vitamin B12 is required for your detoxification pathways, and plays a role in nerve pain/problems.

Go ENTIRELY off of ALL gluten for 60 days. This is an easy and healthy food habit anyway.

Tendonitis doesn't need a nerve conduction test. Neither does fibromyalgia.

They can be good to rule out some medical issues,granted. But as you say, if insurance didn't pay for them.....

Please reply using the comment link below. Do not submit a new submission to answer/reply, it's too hard for me to find where it's supposed to go.

And, comments have a 3,000 character limit so you may have to comment twice.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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Comments for Thank God If You've Never Had a Nerve Conduction Test

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May 30, 2011
Thank You (Both)
by: Elena

Hello Joshua:

Thank you (and Kerri both) for your insight and help. I found your website by way of hers from a very distressing fibromyalgia post that you helped out on. I have taken your advice to heart and am trying very hard to fix my nutritional deficits just like you (both) have rightly suggested.

I firmly believe I have a systemic pain problem due to deficiencies (B12 was @478 in Dec 2010) which I consider low normal but the docs say is just fine. A Vit D of 19 (only a "little" low they say - it was all of 4 when I got the 2009 fibromyalgia diagnosis).

Beyond the systemic pain, I was diagnosed with a left shoulder tendonitis, bursitis, sprain (all 3) by different doctors since Sept 2010 to just last week. I've also had significant to severe chest wall and rib pain since July 2010 - costochondritis - the doctors said would clear in 6 weeks. I can't sleep because I have pain in my chest and the back of my shoulder into my chest. Nothing I've done (analgesics like menthol, herbals like Arnica, light rotations) have worked.

Which of your resources do you think might(prayerfully) improve my condition in addition to doing the supplementation? I am following Kerri's suggestions: Methyl B12, fat - I'm using krill oil, and the 5000 iu Vit D which really increases my bone-rib-chest wall pain along with my best pain reliever: Aleve. The shoulder pain affects my neck, jaw, and often (IMO) puts pressure into my chest cavity around the heart chamber. That with the costo can feel as bad as what I imagine a heart attack feels like. I also get breastbone squeezing pain. ER and private doctors are annoyed with my requests for help because the cardiac work ups have been negative (and I don't have the great insurance anymore).

Many continued thanks - I welcome your recommendation of the proper resource to purchase from you to maybe effect a result in these areas. I did have my sister rub ice into the shoulder (great treatment). Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, I get a pain increase in what feels like the heart chamber of my chest wall. Maybe it's something that will pass? We tried this 2 times/day for this past couple of days. THANK YOU (BOTH) ONE MILLION TIMES.


Joshua replies in next comment:

Jun 14, 2011
Joshua Replies - Thank God If You've Never Had a Nerve Conduction Test
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Joshua Comments:

Hi Elena.

You're more in Kerri's arena more than mine, but I'll add the following.

1. 19 is too low for a Vitamin D level. Current and plentiful research clearly indicates a desired level of between 50-80.

2. Irregardless of 'normal' B12 levels, research overwhelmingly shows that people benefit from increased dosages of B12 methylcobalamin intake. In other words, even if one's level is fine, one can benefit from increased levels.

3. When people have increased pain when taking Vitamin D, it's because of 1 or both of 2 things:

A. Vit D supplementation pulls Magnesium, so can create Magnesium deficiency symptoms of muscle pain etc.

B. Vit D (and Magnesium) are required for Calcium utilization. When people take Vit D and have bone pain, it's because the bones are absorbing Calcium, and essentially 'swelling' back to the fullness they should be at. But, connective tissue has compressed down as the bone shrank, so when it swells back to normal size, it stretches the connective tissue shrinkwrapping and can be painful.

The bad news is, it's painful. The good news is, your bones are becoming healthy again.

Just because something hurts doesn't necessarily mean that there's something bad at play. That may or may not help you live with the temporary pain as your body becomes healthy again.

Remember, with a Vit D level of 4 (for how many years/decades?) your weren't utilizing Calcium, and your bones were shrinking and getting weak. Now you're intaking Vit D and Magnesium (You're taking Mag aren't you?? You better be!) and your body is literally becoming strong and healthy again.

You've lived years and decades with nutritional deficiency, and it's wreaked havoc on your body. You're on the mend now, and sometimes you feel worse as you get better.

So do this first. Get as much Magnesium into and onto you as possible, and get your Vitamin D level up to between 60-80. You -may- want to do that slowly, depending on how your bones feel.

Kerri would tell you to do that too, and to have some patience as your body adapts and does all the things it's now doing as it integrates the nutrition it's been suffering without for so long.

Then we'll check in again and re-evaluate.

And again, that bone pain is very likely a GOOD thing, even though it hurts.

Let me know what you hear in this message from me.

Jun 14, 2011
I'm hearing, listening, and believing
by: Elena

Hello Joshua:

First of all, I offer my sincerest appreciation for your comprehensive response. I hear you saying what my best judgment based on this continued experience suggested: that the increase in pain is due to the nutrients being absorbed / used into my very deficient, weak bones. To be sure, I'm not that logical when I'm writhing in pain thinking I need medical attention. By nature, I have a high tolerance for physical pain; and, unfortunately, I don't have descriptive enough words to share how much more painful this bone pain, costochondritis, shoulder tendonitis, plus all over body soreness and pain "flaring" at one time actually feels than what I thought I could bear.

However, it means everything to me to hear you (and Kerri) say what I hoped was true: "Just because something hurts doesn't necessarily mean that there's something bad at play". No one knows how painful this will get or for how long this will last but just having a sense that my entire body or my organs in my body are not necessarily exploding (despite how it feels) is a blessing. ER doctors, my regular GI/family doctors just never said anything either way.

I am grateful for your suggestion to slow down because I really do need to give my body a chance to adjust. Even though I am taking a measured approach, I am developing detoxification side effects like neck pain, headaches, more body and muscle soreness, and gastro-intestinal distress into the chest wall as waste is eliminated. This is much worse than my normal GERD, reflux, burning that I have suffered for those same decades of unrecognized nutrient deficiency. My body is really struggling despite improving my diet and trying to re-build these nutrients.

Absolutely yes, I am using magnesium (just switched from internet choride to pharmacy brand sulfate due to cost) through foot baths. I literally cannot get in and out of the tub on account of the chest wall/shoulder pain acting together. In this in-between stage, with what I also think is detoxification causing tough, new symptons, I'm struggling in a new way. But, I need to be healthy. Professionals like you and Kerri give me hope that I can actually recover. I just need to endure the transition. I'm fully working both of your suggestions including getting minerals through organically-derived bone broth.

I've also been putting magnesium oil onto the shoulders/neck directly because they tense and burn so often. I'm not courageous enough to put it on my chest wall though. Since (after 11 months) I don't remember what it feels like not to be in debilitating body and bone pain, unable to perform normal functions, I really need other people's guidance to help get me there. Thank you both for doing that. I scour through both your sites, read your RSS feeds daily to educate, remind, and sometimes comfort myself.

Jun 16, 2014
excrutiating pain, felt like bone was electrocuted
by: Anonymous

Not sure the person was qualified to do this. For reasons unknown to me it was torture and I am not a wimp. Never again did not even get past first base felt like the bone was electrocuted.

Nov 30, 2014
Nerve conduction test on both hands and arms after car accident
by: Jackie

I was in a car accident that was not my fault and I was sent for a nerve test and I would advise that you fully prepare yourself for excruciating pain with those needles no joke.

The needles were put into the pads on my hands and that pain was the worse and then the needles were put in various places along ,up and down the arm in muscles one week later and my arms still ache but my wrist on my left arm is so sore still that

I'm using a tens unit to take away the pain I presume from the nerve test as I had no problems with the wrist before the test but the good news was it was detected I have two trapped nerves on either side of the neck so now I can get the help I need.

Good luck to anyone having this test it seriously does indeed hurt and my test took around one hour ouch...


Joshua Comments:

Hi Jackie.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

See Related: Can A Car Wreck Cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Jul 19, 2017
Never again!
by: Anonymous

I had to have the nerves tested for damage from a longtime herniated disc that was compressing them. It wasn't so bad until she got to ntge Fibromyalgia pain point, and then I thought she had changed to an electric hammer or something. I cried and begged her to stop but she wouldn't.

Just kept on and telling me "We are almost done and the Doctor needs these results." Almost done? Then why do you keep shocking my ankles and my knees repeatedly? You know already that I definitely have feeling in them. And my legs were strapped down to keep me from moving. And from running away I would bet.

This test is ridiculous. There has to be an easier way to test your nerves. For God's sake, they are nerves. Unless they are totally numb or dead, YES, they are going to hurt!

Recently my Neurologist mentioned that test. I stopped him immediately and said "NO" I refuse to have that test." He scheduled an MRI that showed three areas of spinal stenosis and a herniated disc. In surgery since they would know that, they should be able to see how compromised a nerve is and operate accordingly.

Then because insurance requires it, his nurse called and wanted to know if I wanted to schedule cortisone shots in my spine.

I said "NO I do not. You know the extent of my problem. They are not going to help me and I now know how bad they are for me, unfortunately after enduring many of them years ago.

The Doctor should be able to assure my insurance that surgery is the only repair."

I never heard back from them. They simply dismissed me knowing the problems I was having.

He never even had me come in to show me and to discuss my MRI results with me himself. Just had his nurse call to set up an appt for cortisone shots.

I will find another Neurologist who cares.

Jul 15, 2018
Fibromyalgia pain
by: Anonymous

Hello Elena

I have all the same symptoms that you mentioned. Even I was scared of the terrible chest pain, left shoulder pain and also the jaw pain which started from my left jaw and over the period of time moved to even right jaw. After being rushed to hospital several times because of chest pain .

All that the doctor could do was an ECG and then tell it's all normal and that I am depressed and feeling all these pains. Almost 5 doctors asked me to consult a psychiatrist. But deep inside I couldn't believe them that I am making up this pain. And I have gone through some horribly painful days.

After two years of pain one Neurologist diagnosed it to be fibromyalgia and even asked me to do nerve conduction test. But after reading your experience I don't have courage to go for this test. But I am so confused how to move forward after the diagnosis.

If I don't do that test then doctor won't prescribe anything further as he already told me he needs report. Even now after 2 years I have severe pain which is further spreading. Now my lower back, hip and full left leg feels numb sometimes and most of the time it's painful.

Also I got my vitamin level checked and it's 6. Even after seeing such low level of vitD my doctor didn't take it seriously and asked me to just be out more in sun. And my vitB12 is 299. I don't know how to deal with this and to consult whom. As all the doctors seem to give painkillers and nerve relaxant.

I hope you are doing good and your pain has gone and body has repaired completely. I wish no body ever gets this so called syndrome which is not even qualified to be a disease but still gives more suffering than a disease.


Joshua Comments:

You Vitamin D3 level is 6ng/ml???????????

And your doctor didn't panic and get you on Vitamin D3???? Wow. That should be criminal, and that doctor should get his license stripped (but that's not going to happen). Unfortunately, such medical ignorance is far too common.

A Vit D level of 6ng/ml is BAD BAD BAD. Use the contact form (button over on the left) and I'll help you out.

Seriously, 6ng/ml is BAD BAD BAD but cheap and fast and easy to fix.

Sep 13, 2018
by: Gretchen Guest

A shocking experience. Traumatised this 81 year old.

Sep 26, 2018
hurt me too
by: Anonymous

Hi. The testing hurt me too. And I have a very high pain tolerance. It was like a hot knife running up and down my arm.

Here is the weird thing that no one (including my doctor and hand/wrist specialist who is the surgeon) believed that painful sensation lasted for 2 weeks.

I could literally follow the pain up and down my arm. It made all the symptoms worse and they stayed worsened. The feeling up and down my right arm stayed for 2 weeks before fading slowly away.

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