Wedding Photographer with Tendonitis in my feet - must recover because I can't stop working

by Issa
(los angeles)

i am a 55 year old wedding photographer. I've developed painful tendonitis in my feet (right foot mostly).

it is painful to work and my podiatrist has prescribed a boot which is impossible to wear for the photojournalistic way i work.

i am 50 pounds overweight. i am taking some time off work to rest my foot and recover. i cannot afford to stop working altogether.

i am also a vegetarian so cannot make the bone broth. this is my second round with the boot. i had recovered enough to work and re-injured my foot in a day's work.

any advice appreciated.


Joshua Answers:

Hello Issa.

So let's see here...

1. It's doubtful that you reinjured your foot after one day back on it. It's more likely that you irritated a dynamic/mechanism that was just waiting to start hurting again.

2. What exactly was that podiatrist hoping the boot would do? (In general, I'm not a fan of the boot) You still have to put weight on the foot, and if the boot was the only form of treatment offered....I'm not surprised that pain returned.

3. The 50 pounds overweight, as you already know, is not a plus for helping your feet heal.

4. I get the whole thing around not wanting to eat Bone Broth, and while I usually urge people to suck it up for a few months and make and eat bone broth to support your body, there are non-animal options out there.

So do your research and get to ingesting things with Magnesium, Calcium, protein, etc. It's a wee bit tougher to find vege sources of things like glucosamine and chondroitin..

So I have some questions, and then I have a primary suggestion to at least lower your pain levels so you can manage working.

so I know more of what's going on

A. How long has this been going on, from the very beginning.

B. Please describe the pain. The more detail the better. Where, when, how bad, etc.

C. Please describe the location. The more detail the better.

D. Any past foot injury?

E. Why do you think it's Tendonitis as opposed to anything else, like Plantar Faciitis (which, granted, is really just Tendonitis)?

F. What have you done for it other than Das Boot?

G. What helps, what makes it worse?

H. Are you a healthy good-choices of food kind of vegetarian, or one of those vegetarians that eat a variety of bad foods that just happen to not contain meat?

(Not judgemental, just curious what your diet does actually consist of, nutrition wise.

Lower Your Foot Pain Levels

Whether your foot pain is officially from Tendonitis or Plantar Fasciitis, you need to get the inflammation out of your feet to lower your pain levels.

Until I hear or see otherwise, I'm going with that you have tendonitis of the foot or Plantar Fasciits, as opposed to anything else.

VITAL: Learn about Inflammation and the Pain Causing Dynamic.

Then learn How To Reduce Inflammation.

It's all explained on those pages.

Start doing that, and then come back for more questions and answers.

Let's get you out of pain and back to work.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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