When trying to rid your self of inflammation through icing is it safe to exercise?

by Joe
(Saint Louis)

I have Tennis Elbow and I am currently icing it to rid it of inflamation. During this stage is it okay to exercise? Such as a elliptical machine or an exercise bike?


Joshua Answers:

Hi Joe.

If you have Tennis Elbow and are using any form of icing, it's perfectly fine to do any kind of running activity.

More specifically, it's totally fine to do anything that doesn't irritate the Pain Causing Dynamic in the forearm.

In general, Tendonitis of any kind does not mean you have to stop doing activity -IF- you are doing effective self care.

Activity irritates the dynamic, which is only a problem if you don't do effective self care to counter the side effects of that.

Pain isn't necessarily a problem if there's not actual injury, but you do want to be aware and pay attention and do the work to make things better.

Rest certainly isn't going to help anything.

So if you want to run on the elliptical machine or ride an exercise bike, that's not a problem. Do keep your hand grip relaxed and gentle though, that's important so you don't unconsciously grip hard the entire time and flex those constantly TOO TIGHT muscles
and connective tissue in your forearms.

Also, YES, you DO want to exercise. Always. This creates circulation and keeps the body healthy. And the healthier the body is, the better it can perform all it's functions, including compensating for your arm pain dynamic, etc.

So definitely continue to Ice Dip as described on the How To Reduce Inflammation page and keep exercising.

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Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

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