Whiplash Recovery

Whiplash Recovery can happen faster than you might expect if you do the RIGHT activities.

And it's smart to actually DO those activities and fix your neck, because if you don't, it's entirely predictable that ten, twenty, thirty years down the line, whiplash symptoms won't be very far away from you.

Granted, there is minor whiplash and major whiplash, but what I just said holds true for both. It would be wise not to expect your whiplash symptoms to go away and leave your neck as good as new.

That's just not how whiplash works.  That's just not how the whiplash tendonitis dynamic works.

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Whiplash Recovery
Why Doesn't Whiplash Just Go Away?

Whiplash is a form of tendonitis. Tendonitis of the neck, one might say (although nobody does).

Whiplash starts out as an acute injury. It ends up as a chronic tightness and pain dynamic. That's why it lasts a lifetime if not effectively dealt with.

To understand Whiplash you must understand the Tendonitis dynamic.

What Is Tendonitis? It's a combination of factors that all conspire to keep you in neck pain.

Overall, Whiplash consists of a Pain Causing Dynamic, a Process of Inflammation and pain enhancing chemical, too much muscle tightness, and too much connective tissue constriction.

If you don't make those things go away, then your whiplash isn't going to go away.  Left to it's own devices and 'the healing power of time'....pain might go away, but the mechanism of tightness and inflammation stays in place, and slowly gets worse over time.

Thus over time, you slowly get reduced range of motion, reduced structural function, and then one day you do something sudden with your head/neck and 'out of the blue' your neck hurts bad, for days or weeks or months.

Somethings the body can heal back to almost good as new. Whiplash injuries are not in that category.

Whiplash Recovery
What Is Required For Whiplash Rehabilitation?

As you'll see on the Whiplash Neck Injury page, after the immediate pain and 'recovery' of a whiplash injury, whiplash IS tendonitis.

Rest doesn't cure or fix anything, though it does reduce new irritation to the already irritated dynamic.

Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen can help get your through the day, but don't fix or cure anything.

Immobilization is ok for a few days, but not, in my professional opinion, the best thing in the world.  Immobilization causes tight muscles to become stuck tight.

So, what does Whiplash Recovery demand to successfully get whiplash rehabilitation?

Well it certainly wouldn't hurt to understand the exact cause of Whiplash Symptoms. (Knowing the cause of each different symptom will help you understand how to get rid of whiplash.)

How To Get Rid Of Whiplash Symptoms

FIRST, you must dial down the inflammation response.

Inflammation traps fluid in the area and releases chemical which enhances your sensitivity to pain. Injured tissue doesn't actually hurt...it's the pain enhancing chemical that is released that sets your neuroreceptors on edge that is the cause of pain with every small move.

SECOND, you must relax tight muscles and open up constrictive connective tissue. Easier said that done, granted, but it's not rocket science. It's pretty easy, really, it just takes some diligence, time, and effort.

THIRD, you must correct any spots of actual damage and scar tissue build up. Scar tissue in and of itself isn't necessarily bad, but in a Whiplash ecology, it continually rips and tears (microscopically) and continues to inform the nervous system that you have an injury.

FOURTH, you must make sure your body has all the necessary nutrition so that it CAN heal, so that it CAN dial down the inflammation response, so that your muscles CAN relax and tone down.

Depending on your particular situation, if you don't give your body the building blocks it needs, then none of the other stuff is going to make a lasting difference. Maybe you're short on nutrition, maybe not.

But if you're in pain, if your muscles are too tight (they are), then you NEED the right nutrition, and enough of it.

Whiplash Recovery
You Can Do It, You Just Need A Plan

So if you've had a whiplash injury of any kind whether from a car accident, boxing, falling down the stairs on your head, whatever, whiplash recovery is totally doable.

Even if you have BAD whiplash.

The above four factors must be successfully dealt with. Injury and injury recovery isn't about isolating one factor. The body doesn't work that way, it's all the factors working together at the same time.

Many people see their doctors, follow their doctor's prescriptions, and don't get the results they want.  There is reason for this (those prescriptions didn't address all the necessary factors, and the factors they did address, they didn't address adequately).

Your job is to REVERSE the whiplash tendonitis dynamic.

So you need to EFFECTIVELY deal with ALL the factors involved.

That's why all the usual methods prescribed by doctors generally fail to work, because they're too few, too little, they don't target the right factors, and even when they do the don't target the right factors effectively.

If you want to fix your own neck, if you want to get out of pain sooner than later, if you want to save lots of money on doctors' visits etc, then I highly suggest you get Reversing Whiplash ebook.

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